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  1. my surface tablet/laptop-ish thing is stuck on Windows Update every time I attempt to power it off it goes into hibernation mode. needless to say it is still sitting in my to fix pile
  2. is it really a hybrid if your still running Linux in a virtual machine?
  3. The other day I installed Windows 10 on my old gaming PC just to see and wow I forgotten how the W10 interface is! I have been using a tamed version of W8.1 for so long it was a shock to land on a Metro screen or in an "app". Also I think i'm getting old I have no interest in battling the beast know as Windows 10.
  4. is IE still supported under W7? It has been so long since I last used it & my system has not been updated since just before the Windows update experience (i think that is what it was called lol)
  5. I booted my W10 partition on my main PC today to be greeted with a Windows update screen. At that moment I immediately and instinctually pressed the reset button on my tower and booted back into my W8.1 partition. I think I am getting old lol!
  6. not sure if this will help with an upgrade license link product key to MS account.
  7. im getting hit by that light on Monday my terminal is getting the upgrade at work. I have "ghosted" my system just in case all goes wrong. It will all be fine I will assimilate with the borg and be as one.
  8. W10 bad, but everyone knew that lol. Still on my quest for classic Windows, it is not going well. I have a machine that runs with classic theme (oddly well) using rocket dock (explorer can't handle running the mod anything metro is useless) and a semi-functioning program called vfind (looks like mac/linux top menu), but I still have my hopes! (they are unreasonable I know, but I am still gonna try)Vfind is not working hopefully will find a workaround, however, I think I need to start from scratch on my vm.
  9. Found this today it most defiantly breaks the system, but it kinda brings back the classic theme Gunna play with it in a VM see if I can tweak some settings to make it work for a basic workstation, however, at the moment the taskbar dies anything remotely "metro" is unusable and most control panel items fail to load
  10. it is awful, but I wanted to get screenshots of the different elements of Windows 98 and attempt to recreate them in W10/8.1 make it feel more like home lol.
  11. my work around (not a very good one) installed Win XP in VM Ware Player and then installed Windows Virtual PC 2007 inside the XP VM with Windows 98 inside it is slow and clunky, but it works.
  12. for me it is Windows 98 SE it was my first windows experience and it supports most of the games I want to play (older ones of course from my childhood)
  13. dose the linux subsystem come in other flavors or is it just Ubuntu?
  14. my surface is still sitting on the shelf. one day ill get to it probably maybe. -helpdesk98
  15. "might be useful for school" was my first thought before reading the whole article. after reading the article my thoughts were "why?"
  16. When I first here about this my thought was this might be useful for school/businesses that use remote applications ie. citrix remote desktop applications, but then I read the part about The Windows Store. All hope faded right then and their.
  17. even new computers with Windows 10 have had issues with network adapters. I have a Surface thing (got it cheep) and after receiving the blob of updates I could no longer access the internet. Needless to say it was about a month before I had the will to go and fix it lol.
  18. agreed I have an old netgear adapter and I have to have their software to use wifi. It was not programmed for the average user and confuses anyone who has to use it "user interface" once the software loads you can use the native Windows wifi utility to connect, but you have to do it manually every time. I will be happy to see that system go! on another note got hit with Windows updates and decided that it was in my best interest to crash the computer I may never turn it back on. -helpdesk98
  19. i will be looking into this new development! -helpdesk98
  20. random Windows 10 question are you able to link your windows activation to your MS account I don't recall what screen I was looking at that game me this thought, but if it is possible this may in some cases may be a benefit especially in the case of lost product key.
  21. I am not greatly interested in the touch features for the most part I don't care for touch it has its places ie: POS and My amazon fire tablet for book reading/remote and smart phone to a point. I am interested in seeing if Windows 10 on a Microsoft produced device is any better then say on my gaming rig (I feel like I am a bit too old to use that word). It is just curiosity.
  22. I would rate my self at a 5 ill get to it eventually maybe if I mess with the current stable-ish build. I am officially running a W10 machine now it is a surface so I will see what that is like compared to my VM. Have not done anything with it yet got to get a keyboard and a touch pen.
  23. since the topic of DNS servers popped up any thoughts on pi-hole? (looks like it would be a good cheep basic dns server) have not had a chance to mess with it yet.
  24. I think it will be hard to replace windows than most people think I have clients (i mostly do extremely small business owners/ home clients) and they ultimately will put up with the BS Microsoft shoves out even against my advisement. Most don't have the money for Mac and absolutely no tolerance for learning Linux it took me over two years to explain the difference between open Office (now Libra Office ugh) vs MS Office / rent office (2016). I am not sure what to do at this point I am winging it giving my customers what I belive to be their best option at the time. If it happens to be Windows 10 or a monthy sub then so be it. They say this what I want and I say Yes sir/mam
  25. I am using Fedora with mate it works well for the most part, but It dose have some issues (i think my problem may be hardware related too) were administrative tools work one day then fail the next.
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