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On Branding RoyTam1's Browsers

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I don't wish to get everyone riled up yet again over all this, but I have some thoughts on the matter that might be worth considering....

These names might have been suggested already (too lazy to look), but what about something like Retro Moon (for the PM27/PM28XP builds), RetroFox (for FF45ESR, Basilisk 55 and so on), and RetroZilla XP Browser/RetroZilla XP Mail (for the SeaMonkey-derived Borealis Navigator and Interlink Mail & News, respectively)?

There already exists the Mozilla-derived RetroZilla for Windows 9x, so why not continue with that branding scheme for these other inter-related, 2000 and XP compatible browsers?

As for icons, I'm OK with whatever anyone comes up with, but maybe someone can come up with something IE-like, to continue yet further on this "Retro" theme?  Of course, for the Retrozilla XP-branded things, some derivative of the old Mozilla icon would probably be appropriate (or something like a modernized, more XP-era like version of the Retrozilla icon, maybe).


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Over on the poll, I just cast my vote for New Moon...  only because, to my ear, it was the most euphonious one in the selection.

I'm here too late :D, but I prefer a name that's melodious and rolls off the tongue...     like 'Moon Shadow' for NM28...   'Little Star' for basilisk

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I love the Neptune Navigator name!

Especially since mine already looks and works like Netscape, and it's the name of a program which was never released to the mainstream (just like these Web browsers and other UXP programs)  :)

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@dencorso <--
This BRANDING notion with RT's Browsers seems 'Dead On Arrival' now.
As Mr. TOBIN has been BANNED from this MSFN website now (pretty sure, it was said).
I do understand here why Mr. TOBIN ended up in that BANNED situation.
There seems to be now rather movement to look at the COPYRIGHT issues
in terms of figuring RT's options, with Mr. TOBIN being more adversarial (?) in the future.
Personally, my best contribution would be staying out of it. Other than to say that
the COPYRIGHT discussion might be better located in another NEW THREAD (Title).
As COPYRIGHT issues seem not quite the same as BRANDING issues , although related.
Finally, not telling anyone what to think or do here. Just offering an update as I see it for now.

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On 8/28/2020 at 7:54 AM, delphi367 said:

What about a name like "Charon Navigator"?


It's kind of interesting because Charon is the name of one of Pluto's moons. Plus Charon's mythological role seems to fit the concept of a browser that brings the living Internet to old computers that many would think of as dead.

Charon could be the rebrand name of New Moon in that case, while my previously proposed name in June would work for BOC-UXP/"Navigator" IMO.

(Yeah, me and Cosmo are the same person: I thought I'd highlight that before any eyebrows are raised)

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On 12/17/2019 at 2:58 AM, Matt A. Tobin said:

OH just call Basilisk 55, call it the codename for the repo.. Moebius/Mobius. Good name at any rate.

This immediately just reminded me of this and given we're targeting Windows XP it's amusingly fitting


(plus right after was the infamous 'PINGAS' scene...)


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