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  1. While I don't like the tone he took here at all and think there's no excuse for it, I kinda feel like I have to point out... he probably views himself as an artist. I had an artist lady named Lambda or something (not here, somewhere else) once get really angry at me because I just changed the colors on a logo she provided as a logo candidate for my website rather than asking her to do it. I thought I was just saving her some hassle, but she took it as an insult to her work and started talking about me behind my back and giving me the silent treatment. That's how I learned that artists can be v
  2. What about a name like "Charon Navigator"? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charon_(mythology) It's kind of interesting because Charon is the name of one of Pluto's moons. Plus Charon's mythological role seems to fit the concept of a browser that brings the living Internet to old computers that many would think of as dead.
  3. Yeah, I think the Rust compiler is the big sticking point. I suspect if it weren't for that, then you could just tweak the Windows code paths and switch out the non-XP compatible APIs, because the majority of the code isn't OS-specific at all. Actually, Rust has been a big sticking point for alternative operating systems in general, because Rust only properly supports modern Windows, Linux, and macOS, and I believe ESR 52 was the last one that could be built without Rust. :/ I'm guessing it probably wouldn't be easy to backport the Rust compiler to XP?
  4. You guys know Tobin is banned, right? He won't be able to reply. Also, congratulations on getting a newer PC. How much RAM does it have?
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