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  1. I don't think I can thank you enough for keeping the unloved but adorable Vista alive with a project like this! <3 You could consider putting up a separate message board for Vista stuff tbh, it might be worth it given how much of a niche it is even in the MS dev community heh (heck there's an Aero-esque theme for phpBB 3.2.x, lol)
  2. Maybe it would do Microsoft wonders if they looked back on their current stable OS at the time in the year that the build number happens to share and took a lesson from that time's book
  3. Not to mention Vista adding the whole thing of not running by default applications with the same privileges as the user unless told to explicitly.
  4. Hi! You also had these two: Boris Blank is a musical god, heh. Literally the Swiss version of Kraftwerk and just as important to electronic music imo Your writing style is actually quite bouncy and fun from what i have seen! I'm really uncertain how that's been the case... >.< Have fun, don't hit the pace car on licence IA-15 (if you get what I mean!), and oh - Vista is my favourite OS too, I had it at SP1's release
  5. Even MS with the whole update throttling after Windows 10 release was just an attempt to kill it off and make less technical people move to 10 IMO. Rest of your post equally on point.
  6. This is what's holding back things overall, and generally speaking people are far more tolerant of corporate BS than they were say, 20 years ago: try blocking any of the big five's IPs, you'll find next to no websites will work correctly due to having some assets loaded, usually Google Ads/Fonts or Twitter Bootstrap CDN, or AWS/Azure/GCP hosting facilities being used in some form or another. I get the feeling there will be almost zero choice by the next twenty years, especially given the little faith the many one sided political people out there there are now. The middle ground/balance has been completely eradicated since 2012, leaving no choice anymore unless you're one of the ever-decreasing few who won't give in to it all. It's a shame about Ray how everything has gone over time. (I knew I'd have that song in my head by writing that sentence lol...)
  7. Both posts above sum it up for me really. Q4OS is cool, as is the Trinity DE. (And funny enough I'm also a fan of Xfce, probably because it's functional and customisable enough but not stupidly heavy like GNOME 3 is - I also love the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix' attitude the Xfce developers take, which explains the slow update scheduling they use). Though yeah, GNU+Linux will never hit it for the average PC user unless various BIG companies were to sell their own distributions or something along the lines of that (similarly to how MacOS builds from FreeBSD). Maybe MS should think about this instead of bothering with the 15-year-old underinvested NT 6 kernel.
  8. Incredible how SourceForge has managed to not shut down after all these years, looks like them getting a new CEO didn't exactly do much on their part other than kill some of the more stupid shenanigans the previous owners did. Always has been infested with advertising though, wish people would just switch to FossHub+GitLab. (Even if the name 'Fosshub' is inaccurate since not everything they offer is open source... but it beats SourceForge by a million miles)
  9. I second this statement. It's also based on the ESR 60.* platform with backported security updates etc. - feel free to try either the stables or the nightly builds
  10. Too young, somehow. I know how it feels, sorta, too... my mum was affected by a heart attack around the same time last year, too. She's recovered mostly but isn't particularly in a good way either, there's still chances of it happening again... she's only 45, and I'd never want to lose her - my condolences go to Rudy's family, and everyone who had the chance to come across him some time in their lives. Even now, nine months late, and I just... I can't help but feel the need to say something, knowing how much he done for the community, and reading people's memoirs of him - not gonna lie, I'm dropping a few tears myself now... There's people who are dedicated in keeping the spirit of things alive, then he took it even further. And that's what will keep going on, we'll take it onwards and keep his legacy preserved until the end of time (or at least hopefully until the maximum year Windows 9x will be able to handle...) <3
  11. I mean, Otter is actually a cool project. Wish it was taken further, it reminds me of the likes of SeaMonkey or Devuan - giving choice back to the user
  12. I genuinely miss Presto, makes me think of how every other browser followed Opera that could have used their own rendering engine, pretty much. Shame they are adamant on their views about that leaked source code, they should just put it under a MIT licence at this point or something.
  13. Also because Vista was just too ahead of its time, and had a far too damaged reputation by the time SP1/2 had ironed out most of the early launch issues. Doesn't help there was crap like the NVIDIA 8600M (which I'd had the displeasure of dealing with) and Pentium Dual-Cores.
  14. 'Navigator' as 'Neptune Navigator' just sounds perfect IMO. Reminds me of Netscape, Neps, and it rolls off the tongue very nicely.
  15. The EXE for Office 2007 SP3 is office2007sp3-kb2526086-fullfile-en-us.exe (change the language to whatever your region code is, if you need to). Bing surprisingly tends to be quite good for open directories, compared to Google, from time to time. You can install this from a base 2007 install with no service packs and then update over MS Update. An older version of WSUS Offline works with XP and I don't remember what version it was, I think it was 9.2? Been a long time, but yeah, a collection of post-SP3 updates for Office '07 might be handy.
  16. https://www.touslesdrivers.com/index.php?v_page=23&v_code=32826 HDMI Audio portion won't start (err10), graphics installed fine from devmgmt.msc (devid 0046). Tested the display driver on a ThinkPad X201 (i7-620M on GM55 chipset), and it seems to work fine - I looked for about 2 days for this, says a lot. Intel took it down long ago, no exe's existed on Google, but I found this on the last page when searching the filename on Bing. Feel free to take a look though, it may be of use to somebody somewhere. I have nowhere to archive it so just posting the link where I found it.
  17. My reply is a 2 month old bump... but this, necessarily, is what caused the problem. Laziness, ease of throwing things together, slapping a bunch of ads together, internet becoming more of a profitable means of distribution = easy money for people. The modern internet doesn't seem to stick out individually anymore though, it's all bland, and I guess it's down to ease of just throwing together things that way. I guess that also partly influenced (or vice versa) why a lot of big websites have over the past eight years or so removed many 'custom profiles' (making them more generic), and overall deprecating things that give a sense of community unless it is somehow profitable to do so for businesses as well. My biggest concern is accessibility, which is essentially thrown out of the window for slower-developing countries with lesser access to fast-speed/always-on Internet; oh, and small-screen devices, due to the more-than-useless cookie consent banners the EU imposed on the world in 2012, that can't even dismiss the stupid prompts without messing with the zoom settings.

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