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  1. I tried your advice Andrey, and what I got was this runtime error when trying to run the installer. My PC has a lot of weird errors (I fear hardware issues) so I wonder if this is reproducible for other people. This is the case for multiple unzipped downloaded installers from multiple servers, on Windows XP SP3.
  2. Hello all, Today I got back on my ThinkPad to visit Twitter. When they changed to their new interface, I had been getting pop-ups telling me that my Web browser wasn't supported, and while annoying, I could easily dismiss them. Attached to this message is what I was greeted with today: a hard block. Has anyone else gotten this? I was already sending the Firefox 52.9 user agent string; I tried others, and got the same result. Thanks, Thomas
  3. Has anyone gotten the YouTube live chat to work with any of these Windows NT 5.x-compatible user agents or strings?
  4. Does anyone here use the IceApe Suite with a synchronization server? There seem to be a few different types of servers for Mozilla suites, so I'm pretty confused. Any pointers appreciated!
  5. Hi there, No need to use old Firefox! Try Roytam's Basilisk! https://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/
  6. I'm intrigued by this hardware firewall thing — I just use the standard Windows Firewall, and I'm curious what the benefit of a physical one is!
  7. Indeed — the dental offices I've been to all do similarly — use software written for Windows (running in some Citrix program) on Mac OS X. The dental school I go to now apparently spends all their money on buying everyone brand new top-of-the-line Intel Macintoshes capable of the latest 3-D graphics so they can run dental and scheduling software written in 1995 for Windows 95. (The Citrix program they use provides the Windows 95 interface btw; not Windows XP)
  8. While I still don't understand why something known as a "Site-Specific-User-Agent-Override (SSUAO)" begins with "general.useragent.override", as of now, I am happy to confirm that this trick also works in Feodor2's Centaury! (build of Basilisk Web browser for Windows XP) Also, to be more specific, Discord (at least at this moment in time) is not at all bothered by reporting "Windows NT 5.1" as part of the user agent, and it will happily note that I'm using Windows XP! Feodor2 intelligently uses the "%OS_SLICE%" variable instead of pretending to be Windows 7 or something like the others seem to do for all the overrides (I wish they'd all follow his lead!) The full currently-working user agent string for those wondering: Mozilla/5.0 (%OS_SLICE% rv:61.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/61.0 Btw; I set that for both <discord.com> and <discordapp.com> since the old domain name is still used internally. Just reporting what worked for me; I haven't yet tested enough to know exactly what is strictly necessary!
  9. Hello to all! I have gotten a new 4 TB WD external USB HDD and have read this thread and whatever else I could find to figure out how to get it working. I found the WD Quick Formatter, and was glad to see the Windows XP compatibility option and I thought that would solve all my problems by doing what it does, I assume with the Master File Table and NTFS with its special sector size trickery. The next day, I found that besides using this for backups and general storage, my sister had all the home videos digitized which I wanted — on her MacBook. As many here likely know, the Macintosh OS X is capable of reading NTFS, and it does have built-in writing support, but it's disabled by default because it's apparently not good enough to be considered reliable. There are third-party programs for this which have free trials, but I don't think my sister would be willing to mess with all that for (what she would consider) a simple file transfer. All this said, it appears that my only option is the extended FAT! I have read that Windows XP supports this with a Windows Update. It just sounds so simple — a file system supported both by Windows XP+ and the Macintosh OS X, supports large volumes and files over 4 GB (which I know I have to deal with because of all these years of video footage) — I feel like I must be missing something here, because otherwise why wouldn't everyone do it? Also, if Windows XP will support exFAT with this Windows Update, does that mean it will properly format my new HDD to work with all systems by itself, and I won't need a Windows 7 system or the WD formatting utility program at all? Any clarification is much appreciated! Thanks, Thomas
  10. Oh definitely! I was just pointing out that SNI is another very common reason which seems much less discussed! I like what I see on your Website from my main Web browser; some really compelling copy, though it's blocking me from Internet Explorer — are you blocking all visitors over HTTP as well?! D: Seems rather contrary to the copy on your site! 🙃
  11. Unfortunately,I think it's often the lack of SNI perhaps even more than the TLS version that makes Websites deny Internet Explorer. It's the unfortunate difficulty of dealing with software that wasn't up to par even when it came out eleven years ago!
  12. @siria if it wasn't clear, I would think that the YouTube-dl program would work pretty well for your use case since it sounds like you're just looking to extract the videos from the page at this point. To find the available formats, use: "youtube-dl --list-formats %VideoURL%", or "-F"! [case sensitive] and then pick the one you want, e.g.: "youtube-dl -f 18 %VideoURL%" Did none of the alternative Invidious instances work for you? (that seems a lot nicer to me for casual viewing since it's a Website rather than a downloader program) The good thing about youtube-dl though is that it works not just on YouTube, but on practically any Website (unless they've seriously tried to obfuscate operations through tons of crazy JavaScript)
  13. Wow that's awesome ED_Sln — excited to try that once I get my system backed up properly!
  14. I don't think you really have to "force" anything — it's a very common way to set up Windows XP (and as you pointed out, in Windows Server 2003, it's actually the default! You can just switch to "Windows Classic Style" in Display Properties (and then make sure to switch color scheme from to "Windows Classic" or something else of your choosing [anything other than that cold, awful, grey "Windows Standard scheme"]!) For the login, you just go to the standard Webby Windows XP User Accounts control panel applet, click "Change the way users log on or off", and uncheck "Use the Welcome screen". Now you don't need to disable the theming service, but if you're using the classic theme, it makes sense to disable it in order save the bit of memory and maybe startup time since you won't be using it for anything! That's how I've run for years (and nothing of value was lost! The best and easiest way is to use the Services management console (in Programs > Accessories > Administrative Tools if it's not found in the Control Panel) Now if you really want to run classic Windows and obliterate the Fisher Price Luna theme, then you have to use the ineXPerience patcher. (Which is much less common, but absolutely essential on any of my systems! Clever solution with the blue login background elimination though if that works for you! I'm pretty sure I read of a more elegant solution somewhere before (a fairly simple registry entry I think) but I haven't yet dealt with that myself either. Good luck!
  15. Wow that's a good point; I remember those live previews working in version 1 now back one of the first times they switched me to it, probably in 2017! I just checked out Invidious, the alternative YouTube GUI, as suggested earlier, and was surprised to discover that it's shutting down in a month and the original/main developer is giving it up! Fortunately, since it's open source, even though the main/original instance is shutting down, there are a number of others. While there is a lot I like about it (it's *so* much faster and lighter than the new YouTube interface, probably even moreso for those with slower systems), it's unfeasible for me personally since you can't edit YouTube playlists, add comments, or upvote/downvote, quite like the NewPipe application for the Android OS.
  16. Isn't the only version of Google Chrome for Windows XP incredibly old and outdated by now? I'm honestly surprised that works at all if you're on XP!
  17. I just looked up Proxomitron — I'm sure I've heard the name before but never looked into it. It looks amazing! Like a potentially more powerful version of the Redirector Web browser extension! (the latter of which no longer works in my browser unfortunately) My only concern is about the security stuff — I see it hasn't been updated in many years and uses some out-of-date version of OpenSSL — does that matter for regular use with Websites using SSL/TLS (like practically all of them these days), or is that just for doing fancy security manipulation that I wouldn't be doing anyway? I was thinking about something like this myself, though it seems likely too complicated to work for a site like YouTube. the Wayback Machine might be good for retrieving files, but I hope no one makes the mistake of using it as a standard access server! 😅 (they're overloaded as it is, so don't look kindly on that. It has been tried before!)
  18. I think the simplest answer is usually "use hardware that is designed for the OS you're using". For instance, I got a Samsung EVO 840 (when that was the latest) and the Magician worked fine with my computer AFAIR! (It was also an IBM ThinkPad, co-incidentally)
  19. I love the Neptune Navigator name! Especially since mine already looks and works like Netscape, and it's the name of a program which was never released to the mainstream (just like these Web browsers and other UXP programs)
  20. Do they not just work? My question is whether it's possible to disable CSS scrollbars in the Web browser!
  21. I use Geoff Lankow's "Open With" extension all the time but that's a clever idea to add media players — I wouldn't have thought of that myself! I am now trying to access https://myaccount.google.com/ and I'm just getting redirected to https://myaccount.google.com/not-supported. I have tried various user agent strings but can't get access in either New Moon nor Serpent. Please let me know if you have any ideas! Edit: So I go back to the https://myaccount.google.com/ tab and it's actually loaded with the latest fully-featured version of the page?! I then tried reloading the page with my usual New Moon string, and it also gave me an actual page; namely https://myaccount.google.com/general-light ! I thought it was pretty awful to completely deny us service, so apparently Google must have read my post here on MSFN and implemented a classic version for us immediately after reading my post — gotta love that concern for users! 🙃 Edit 2: So it appears that the light/classic version doesn't actually work completely, so I am using the following string to get the full version which isn't as nice looking but works quite fine! "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:69) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/69"
  22. My goodness; I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with this audio distortion issue! (and it's very severe!) I thought the new headset I'd bought had somehow messed up audio on my system.... Anyway, I tried the user agent string posted by TechnoRelic above (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko) and I get the same old Twitter UI as I get with the default string, and with the same audio distortion. Twitter is not the only Website affected by this severe distortion, though it strangely isn't universal! (YouTube, Vimeo, Vidlii, and BitView are completely unaffected, for instance)
  23. Hello friends! I know I haven't been too active here lately; I would just like to chime in to second @siria (greetings, my old K-Meleonaire comrade! 😊 ) and others in voting for the Lunaris/Draconis naming scheme, as conceived by @LoneCrusader They sound the nicest and are most cohesive (in my opinion) They surprisingly doesn't seem to be in use by any other similar software programs! They seem to be proper Latin as far as I can tell I think that they (along with Möbius) clearly communicate the programs' lineage (at least to those who would be interested), and Perhaps most surprisingly, they are not only already approved, but favoured by Mr. Tobin! I would really like to see these programs named and branded properly; I almost certainly won't have time to fabricate artwork from scratch for this, though I can likely fine tune whatever is submitted, if desired. In particular, I can imagine a wonderful icon, similar to Firefox's, but with a dragon breathing fire over the earth (I don't think I currently have the skills to make that fire look really nice, nor do I even know what canvas size(s) are required, but I'm always awed and inspired by the Mozilla splash screen which I've often used for various Mozilla family programs! Lastly but not leastly, I just would like to say that while I understand why some here might feel hostility toward Mr. Tobin due to his past stances (and possibly actions) against these sorts of endeavours, I think that everyone here ought to understand that people can change, he has made quite a generous offer here in my opinion, and I think we should go ahead and do our part regarding it as soon as is possible! While of course I appreciate and respect (and am honestly awed) by all of roytam's hard work to make these Windows XP and 2000-compatible program builds possible (and so frequent and regularly too!), there seems to be an overall lack of understanding and/or appreciation for the work of Mr. Tobin who in very large part made these programs possible in the first place! Some people here seem to treat him like a random bully from outside, as though he's contributed nothing, so I would highly recommend that anyone who wants some understanding to read over the development history of Pale Moon and its derivatives, especially the most recent half, in order to gain some perspective and understanding perhaps. Of course, a lot of this great technology was originally built by people for Mosaic/Netscape/Mozilla, and....all I can say about that is...just go put about:mozilla into your location bar!
  24. I would suggest that you try New Moon 28. I did recently for the first time, and am very impressed! Alternatively, if you want Google to be *really* fast, just use the user agent string from an older browser, and get Google classic (I hope to God that still works because my computer died, so I haven't tried it lately)
  25. Hi Everyone! I just got around to trying New Moon, and unfortunately, my fear of not being able to run with Pale Moon was realized. (Latest version 26.5 for Windows XP, my main browser) This makes it impossible to use as a secondary browser, I assume because they have the same process name (palemoon.exe). What I didn't expect is for it to use my user profile and extensions from Pale Moon! When I closed it to go back to Pale Moon, it broke my theme (which was fixed with another restart) and my bookmarks bar is now broken and appears blank (not fixed with any restarts). Should I try reinstalling Pale Moon (or re-running the installer) or will that ruin things more? The reason I tested today is because I am trying to get this bug in the Mozilla codebase fixed! I was hoping they would fix it in Firefox 52.x ESR, but they are not being very co-operative, despite how prominent and severe it is! (dropdown menus are broken). I was tempted to reply on Bugzilla again today since they have demoted the bug from P1 to P5 for no apparent reason and marked as "nofix" which is very concerning, but I didn't want to annoy anyone there more and thought I'd check to see what people here thought first. As expected, the bug exists in New Moon as well, so I thought I would just bring it to the attention of @roytam1 and you other fine folks here who may be able to assist in either submitting a patch to Mozilla and/or fixing it in New Moon. Thanks, Thomas

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