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  1. https://msfn.org/board/topic/182647-my-browser-builds-part-3/?do=findComment&comment=1200309 User @rereser did post (next message) below (URL above) with SOLUTION to the situation. I just BLOCKED in uBlock Origin (UBO Extension) that 'Adobe' website ... adobedtm.com And the problem is SOLVED ... THANKS so much , I would never have known ... (Leaving in place most of what I originally said in this message, as 'record' of sorts) @IXOYE , @VistaLover , @RainyShadow , @XPerceniol <-- THANKS to Reply to me here on this ODD WinXP OS situation. To 'IXOYE' especially , I say 'Misery Loves Company' ... NOT quite thankfully , I am 'pleased' to know that someone ELSE ('IXOYE') WAS (is) 'suffering' too ...
  2. https://msfn.org/board/topic/182647-my-browser-builds-part-3/?do=findComment&comment=1200309 User @rereser did post below (URL above) with SOLUTION to the situation. I just BLOCKED in uBlock Origin (UBO Extension) that 'Adobe' website ... adobedtm.com And the problem is SOLVED ... THANKS so much , I would never have known ... (My Original Message Content, left in place below, to describe situation) I am having strong problems to load pages (articles) on these two major USA News websites. Which, they would be: https://www.nbcnews.com ... (and) ... https://www.msnbc.com (Note: I should have said 'Error with a NON-RT Browser too' -- as more accurate) So, this happens with ALL RT Browsers, in fact ALL Browsers for WinXP OS: (1) The HOMEPAGE does NOT load on the first try. ... I have to REFRESH(s) reload it, then I see it. (2) IF I then try to open a URL from the HOMEPAGE ... For an ARTICLE, it only shows a BLANK PAGE. ... But, the HTML CODE is there inside of the ... 'VIEW SOURCE CODE' if I open that via Browser. Is ANYONE ELSE seeing this as I am ???
  3. THANKS to fix the 'Save Link Target As' (download) and 'Download Manager' features, works perfectly now.
  4. Also, with RT BNavigator, does (Right Click menu) 'Save Link Target As' work (download) for you? Here, that feature has also been dead (nothing happens) for awhile now.
  5. @dencorso <-- This BRANDING notion with RT's Browsers seems 'Dead On Arrival' now. As Mr. TOBIN has been BANNED from this MSFN website now (pretty sure, it was said). I do understand here why Mr. TOBIN ended up in that BANNED situation. There seems to be now rather movement to look at the COPYRIGHT issues in terms of figuring RT's options, with Mr. TOBIN being more adversarial (?) in the future. Personally, my best contribution would be staying out of it. Other than to say that the COPYRIGHT discussion might be better located in another NEW THREAD (Title). As COPYRIGHT issues seem not quite the same as BRANDING issues , although related. Finally, not telling anyone what to think or do here. Just offering an update as I see it for now.
  6. @dencorso<-- This COPYRIGHT discussion could get fairly complex and lengthy (my guess) ??? Maybe a NEW THREAD that RT participates in it would be a preferred situation ??? On the other hand , whatever RT wants (and others , 'VistaLover' , 'LoneCrusader' , etc) ... is fine with me. Not attempting to tell anyone what to do , just a suggestion here. Added Later: I see where 'VistaLover' (message below) said that my suggestion here was of some merit. So, high praise from 'VL' in my experience.
  7. RT <-- The Default Browser 'Pop Up Box' Dialog, and also under Preferences = Default Web Client box settings, has returned now for me, and is working properly. THANKS to fix this so promptly.
  8. @roytam1 <-- With your RT BNAVIGATOR Browser, I am now using the most recent version, 20200829 one, and my situation is now changed with the Right Click Context Menu. It has become MUCH longer with more choices, ones that include MEDIA PLAYER choices and more. Added Later: Apparently, this problem (Right Click Context Menu 'overload') happens often because of EXTENSIONS (ADDONS) that one has them installed. Added Still Later: The 20200829 BNAVIGATOR Browser, after I did a FULL reinstall of it, along with EXTENSIONS, did finally FIX itself somehow. It is now working as before. Count me as pleased. My problems may have been sourced from transferring PROFILE data from the old version to the current revised version. I ended up creating completely new PROFILE information too.
  9. @roytam1 -- @siria https://www.winhelponline.com/xp/defaultbrowser.htm DefaultBrowser (Utility) allows you to set the default web browser for your user profile in Windows XP, without affecting the other users. This above UTILITY solved my RT BNAVIGATOR Browser problem where it would not become the Default Browser for WinXP OS. I used the 'Drill Down' option of it, and worked like a charm here. I still do not see the 'Pop Up Box' dialog that asks about making RT BNAVIGATOR the Default Browser. Instead, this UTILITY does a 'Registry Tweak' (apparently) where it forces the RT BNAVIGATOR Browser to automatically become the Default Browser upon opening it. Which is perfect. Exactly what I needed it. THANKS very much. Added Later: It also has an 'UNINSTALL the CHANGES' option that worked here. You just 'Drill Down' to where the Browser (*.exe) is. Same way as when you INSTALLED it, then use "X" button choice to REMOVE the (Registry ???) changes. Again, worked here. Obviously, as the author says, "no promises" on 'Drill Down' option.
  10. Thanks to suggest this above URL utility. As added information, very recently, another MSFN user shared a 'quick and dirty' fix for RT BNAVIGATOR Browser with me. That involved replacing the OMNI.JA file with one that had been modified to make the DEFAULT Browser prompt 'Pop Up BOX' to be active again. So, for now, I am using this 'quick and dirty' fix situation successfully here with BNAVIGATOR Browser. But, rather than say of this 'quick and dirty' fix, I plan to wait patiently now, until RT does his 'Official Full Fix' for RT BNAVIGATOR Browser. And again, here, not looking to "push" anyone to do anything. In particular related to RT and his limited time that he has to maintain a lot of RT Browsers. So, until RT does his 'Official Full Fix' related to BNAVIGATOR Browser, I plan to be patient here. That RT maintains all these WinXP OS Browsers, to me, is rather amazing on his part. Count me as grateful.
  11. @RainyShadow -- @siria -- @VistaLover -- @roytam1 <-- Not looking to "push" anyone, in particular RT here. I only replied to messages for me, as to not seem to ignore them. Regrets here on any message content from me that seemed confusing. I only mentioned ICEAPE-UXP Browser, to say that I have (for me) a good alternative RT Browser to use it. Again, regrets on any confusion that I may have created it.
  12. Thanks, I took a look at this NIRSOFT Utility, very good one. Ideally though, I would like the BNAVIGATOR Browser to 'pop open' that dialog where it ASKS you if you want to SET it as the DEFAULT Browser ... Which, that I can figure it out, changing the FILE ASSOCIATIONS is not going to really solve it in a full manner. Still hoping that RT might have more to say on the situation. Meanwhile, ICEAPE-UXP Browser is working well here for me. GOOD that RT decided to pick up ICEAPE Browser and keep it current.
  13. Yes, what you suggest it has good logic. Unfortunately, it is not happening with RT BNAVIGATOR as you would want to see it. I have the RT ICEAPE-UXP Browser installed and working here. And currently now, the ICEAPE Browser is set as Default Browser (for WIN XP OS). Unfortunately, when I close ICEAPE Browser, and then open BNAVIGATOR Browser, the 'prompt box' where it should ask if you want BNAVIGATOR to be made Default Browser, does not happen (not visible). So, hopefully, RT will suggest another 'work around' for RT BNAVIGATOR Browser that does not include using IE Browser. My personal WIN XP OS circumstance is a bit not usual in that I do not have IE Browser installed.
  14. First, thanks for your prompt reply, always amazed here by your (RT) level of support. I did locate and RESET the appropriate 'about:config' entry as described. However, here, I actually have IE Browser (WinXP) as NOT INSTALLED. So, I tried to install IE Browser from my WinXP OS disk, and it did install. BUT, the IE Browser then would NOT open, gave some kind of ERROR message. So, I did then UNINSTALL the IE Browser via the WinXP OS disk, so return to original status. Is there another 'work around' that does NOT involve using IE Browser (Win XP OS) ??? And REGRETS here that this is turning into a nuisance for you. As added information, I have RT ICEAPE Browser installed and working here. But, the BNAVIGATOR Browser seems to like my Old Laptop Hardware a bit better.
  15. Yes, I just looked around in about:config -- and no luck ... But your suggestion surely seems a valid one.
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