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  1. @Mathwiz <-- https://o.rths.cf/boc-uxp/ Here, using the RT BnavXP (BOC) Browser with WinXP SP3. So far, it handles (streaming) INSTAGRAM Video with no problem. Also does well mostly with 'custom' streaming Video that is Website specific. I am NOT that wonderful a tester though. Your experience may vary. RT did explain (elsewhere, messages here) how to install the SEAMONKEY LANGUAGE PACKS for it too. NOT a FULL FIX, but it would mostly get the job done enough (my view) for usage. However, JETPACK style LEGACY Extensions do NOT install for it. But you can get LEGACY Extension versions of uBlock Origin (UBO) and/or uMatrix (GORHILL) working via INSTALL.RDF file modification. See other messages here for INSTALL.RDF file modification requirements. NOT that difficult if I can figure it out (thanks to 'VistaLover' and 'RT' Users MSFN.org).
  2. @roytam1 <-- https://o.rths.cf/boc-uxp/ With RT BnavXP Browser ; (Changed from 'BinOC' on original posting here) (1) ACTIVE TAB is NOT a 'different color' from 'non-active' TABS. (2) ADDRESS BAR 'Icons' for 'Use Small Icons' are slightly LARGER than they used to be. Figuring you were doing some 'Cosmetic Tweaks' for VISUAL aspects. The ACTIVE TAB situation seems one to definitely fix it, next time around. So, enjoying this RT *BLUE BALL* Browser ; The Way *COOL* Browser! (Added AFTER reading the Message below from Matt A. Tobin, Borealis Browser coder) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7n9YX1Xfw4 "Well, YOU can call me RAY ; Or YOU can call me JAY" I think that it is GOOD that Matt A. Tobin is posting here (MSFN).
  3. @roytam1<-- https://o.rths.cf/boc-uxp/ Is your (RT WinXP compatible) version of (Tobin) 'BinOC' Browser going to return again? Maybe this is a "Yet to be Decided" situation?
  4. https://msfn.org/board/topic/177125-my-build-of-new-moon-temp-name-aka-pale-moon-for-xp/?do=findComment&comment=1160018 @roytam1 <-- Did make (URL above) the following (Borealis) 'BOC/UXP for XP' Browser Change (restoration) "My changes since my last build: - restored GOOGLE "Translate Page" menu item" THANKS!!! Hope this was NOT difficult in terms of YOUR time. I did not notice it in (Menu: TOOLS) at first. It is CONVENIENT to use 'ALT-T' then 'T' (keyboard) for full page GOOGLE Translation. It is working fine with (occasional prompt) RECAPTCHA here.
  5. @roytam1 <-- borealis.win32-20190126-d31e5ac-uxp-322d0be58-xpmod.7z This above seems the last version that has the "Translate Page" option (Menu ; TOOLS - 2nd Choice Down) With following newer versions of RT BorXP Browser, it is missing. Was wondering IF that something 'odd' happened, and IF that "Translate Page" option could return? Added: RT did promptly REPLY to me, next message below. Added More: RT did eventually decide to 'Fix Restore' the "Translate Page" (TOOLS) Menu option. And has gone ahead and 'cleaned up' the BorXP Browser MENU in general. RT already did spend time to figure out how to get SeaMonkey LANGPACKS to install at a reasonable level. MORE than I did expect it. I could never have figured it out. The URL for that would be here --> https://msfn.org/board/topic/177125-my-build-of-new-moon-temp-name-aka-pale-moon-for-xp/?page=101&tab=comments#comment-1158936
  6. (Non NM Browser related content removed)
  7. GORHILL FIGHTING !!! (Raymond Hill ; uBO ; uMATRIX)
  8. THANKS to tip me to this (Jan 20, 2019) new Firefox LEGACY version of uBO EXTENSION. I thought GORHILL was finished doing any Firefox LEGACY extension updates. IF that GORHILL would soon do a Firefox LEGACY update to his uMATRIX extension, that would be VERY appreciated here too. I got the new uBO Firefox LEGACY extension working quickly in the RT Borealis Browser too. After modifying the INSTALL.RDF file as needed (no problem, see RT message, this thread on it).
  9. @roytam1 ==> To use SM-2.49 LangPack in Borealis, some changes have to be done in SM LangPack <== Okay, this RT modification WORKS (THANKS!) for (SeaMonkey) SM-2.49 LANGPACK with RT Borealis Browser: https://o.rths.cf/boc-uxp/ I have repeated and 'enhanced' the RT initial message posting, for intended clarity. The SM-2.49 LANGUAGE PACKS are located here: https://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/#langpacks *** RT Message (Below) *** (Note: Using 7-Zip and Notepad++ free softwares) If you really want to use SM-2.49 LANGPACK in RT Borealis, these changes (SM LANGPACK) have to be done: - Add this in install.rdf (file ; adding 'code' appropriately 'nested' at bottom) <em:targetApplication> <Description> <em:id>{a3210b97-8e8a-4737-9aa0-aa0e607640b9}</em:id> <em:minVersion>1.0.0a1</em:minVersion> <em:maxVersion>*</em:maxVersion> </Description> </em:targetApplication> - Copy (sm langpack) chrome\<langcode>\locale\<langcode>\communicator\console\console.* (2 Files) to (sm langpack) chrome\<langcode>\locale\<langcode>\global\ - Copy datetimebox.dtd (file) from (RT Borealis Browser) omni.ja ; omni.ja = decompress file (7-Zip) to (sm langpack) chrome\<langcode>\locale\<langcode>\global\ (and translate) - Copy communicator\consoleOverlay.dtd (file) from (RT Borealis) omni.ja ; omni.ja = decompress file (7-Zip) to (sm langpack) chrome\<langcode>\locale\<langcode>\communicator\ (and translate) - Modify (sm langpack) chrome\<langcode>\locale\<langcode>\global\findbar.dtd (file), adding (and translate) these: <!ENTITY next.label "Next"> <!ENTITY next.accesskey "N"> <!ENTITY previous.label "Previous"> <!ENTITY previous.accesskey "P"> - modify (sm langpack) chrome\<langcode>\locale\<langcode>\navigator\tabbrowser.dtd (file), adding (and translate) these: <!ENTITY bookmarkTab.label "Bookmark This Tab"> <!ENTITY bookmarkTab.accesskey "B"> Then at least it won't stop working after applying sm langpack. (Note: RT by "and translate" means "Next" becomes "Siguiente" (Spanish) ; do for all 'label' entries) *** RT Message (Above) *** *** 'about:config' ; Changes for LANGUAGE PACK activation (Below) *** URL Reference: http://addons.palemoon.org/language-packs/ "general.useragent.locale" Which is set to "en-US" by default. Change to say "es-ES" for SPAIN (Spanish Language) "intl.accept_languages" Which is set to "en-US, en" by default. Change to say "es-ES, es" for SPAIN (Spanish Language) *** 'about:config' ; Changes for LANGUAGE PACK activation (Above) *** (Note: Borealis "omni.ja" is a compressed file. Use 7-Zip to decompress and access RT referenced files)
  10. It did NOT play in Firefox 52.9 ESR Browser either. However, it did PLAY okay in CHROME 49 (ver.) Browser. It is a bit 'odd size' video (640x800), but unclear that it matters. It is not corrupt -- it did play in CHROME .
  11. https://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/#langpacks For 'RT' Borealis XP Browser, have been able to successfully install two language packs from the above URL. Specifically, the "English (British)" and "Spanish (Spain)" ones. I used tips from (users here) 'RT' and 'VISTALOVER' in order to modify the INSTALL.RDF file to get this accomplished. They show (list) as installed in BOREALIS Browser here: ADD ONS MANAGER (Menu: Tools, Add Ons Manager) for LANGUAGES (Tab). But I am NOT able to 'activate' either of them. (Added a few days later) ==> https://msfn.org/board/topic/177125-my-build-of-new-moon-temp-name-aka-pale-moon-for-xp/?do=findComment&comment=1158936 Okay, I got QUALITY feedback from RT (URL above, THANKS!). Who supplied a successful manner to install the SM-2.49 LANGPACKS in an apparently 'minimal' acceptable manner. The MENU Headings looked GOOD overall, when I did the install of the SPANISH Language PACK into the BorXP Browser.
  12. https://www.ghacks.net/2015/07/28/scrolling-in-firefox-to-get-a-lot-better-thanks-to-apz/ I found the above URL related to this 'APZ' issue. The part that seems to matter most in the URL above is this part --> "Please note that APZ is only enabled if you run Firefox (Browser) with E10s enabled. The preference that determines whether APZ is enabled or not is 'layers.async-pan-zoom.enabled' (in the 'about:config' settings)." So, to DISABLE this under WinXP with an old 'single core' CPU would seem a good choice. In the end, one can try DISABLE, then ENABLE, and see if any difference. GOOD suggestion overall, THANKS to post your message here. Two more added 'about:config' tweaks that were suggested this Thread are: (1) canvas.poisondata ; TRUE (change to that) (2) "To disable 'e10s/multiprocess' (CPU) -- Go to 'about:config' by typing it in your URL bar. Search for 'browser.tabs.remote.autostart' using the search box on 'about:config' ... There may be multiple (similar named) results. Set them ALL to FALSE and restart the Browser." browser.tabs.remote.* ; FALSE A certain 'RT' Browser may or may NOT have a 'setting' (listing) for these entries.
  13. @roytam1 <-- I was wondering as to how many downloads (installs) that you get say PER WEEK of your 'RT' XP compatible Browsers (so, BK52XP, NM28XP, BorXP, etc). So, wondering if that you have access to 'RT' SERVER 'Stats' for that and would share. Added: 'RT' did REPLY in a message below and said --> "Never have a look on it since this is just "private" build to myself, download count is irrelevant to me." Okay, was just curious as to some kind of popularity measure on it, THANKS to reply. Having GOOD performance here with the 'RT' BorXP Browser, THANKS !!!
  14. https://addons.palemoon.org/search-plugins/ Above URL is for SEARCH PLUGINS (works for 'RT' NM28XP and BorXP Browsers) So, is there a way to SAVE these SEARCH PLUGIN 'click installs' as like a (EXTENSION) *.XPI file? So, it would be like a say *.HTML file for GOOGLE SEARCH that I could 'click install' it from my computer? I am NOT at all that 'techie' -- so maybe this is an easy answer that I just do not see it. Hope it is clear what I am asking it. Any help is appreciated. Added: @Flame. <-- THANKS for your REPLY below. I now have two more options than I had them before. And a better idea of how that this SEARCH situation works with the 'RT' Browsers.
  15. Here, on my very old WinXP Laptop, I have had BETTER luck with using RT BorealisXP Browser. But I have also had a usable positive result with the RT NM28XP Browser too. And also with the Basilisk55 (not 52) Browser. The additional comment that I would make about the RT BorXP Browser, is that I am not clear on a source for EXTENSIONS for it. However, with RT BorXP Browser, I was able (see earlier messages here, this thread, from me, thanks to 'VistaLover' user help) to get ENTENSIONS for uBLOCK and uMATRIX installed and working (GORHILL = Author, from his GITHUB site, slightly edited for install) with RT BorXP Browser. So, that seems to give me a decent level of browsing protection (via uMATRIX) overall. So, I do APPRECIATE that RT has decided to have this BorXP Browser available as RT is doing it. @Sampei.Nihira <-- Saw your message below mine. Again, NO IDEA here on a website that has EXTENSIONS that would install into the RT BorXP Browser. Again, I did get, via slight customizing, the (GORHILL from his GITHUB site), uBLOCK Origin and uMATRIX (both Extensions) to install into RT BorXP Browser. The other aspect of BOREALIS Browser, is that it is that TOBIN person's coding (he authored it). And since some (many?) do not like TOBIN, because of certain actions that he did it to make his coding NOT work well under WinXP, I am not sure that you would see much support in terms of solving any problems related to EXTENSIONS for RT BorXP Browser. And, I respect that some users would feel negatively about TOBIN. I have been using the RT BorXP Browser because my particular old laptop hardware and software seems to 'like it' (the TOBIN coding) pretty well overall. 'Sampei.Nihira' <-- RT (himself) did REPLY to you (message below), so THAT would be GOOD advise!