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Thank You Big Muscle For New Aero Glass beta Build for 1903

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Confirm, that Outlook 2019 causes dwm.exe to crash while changing active posts in it by mouse. And after that crash Chromium became black till restart.

If it's still need, I can upload crashdump...

In modern apps didn't work button "back" at the left top corner...

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1 hour ago, bigmuscle said:

Could you test with this build: http://glass8.eu/out/19h1_18362_1607_x64dbg.7z

Thanks! Looks like Outlook 2019 now works fine!

What about "back" button on modern apps? It didn't work... Maybe it not AG bug... I'm registered DWMGlass.dll through regsvr32.exe

And it's still exists bug with black screen on chromium browser after dwm.exe restart with AG hook. Without AG after dwm restart browser works fine.

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6 hours ago, netguru said:

Hello CKyHC,

Back button worked fine for me in the Microsoft News app.

Powerpoint presentation here:  https://1drv.ms/u/s!Akc22i6YzEXigP2IeqqF-qGlpPHisYE?e=YNwTRL


But you didn't use Glass frame on modern apps through regsvr32... So your modern apps frames are not changed at all.

With AG on modern apps they looks like this:

Microsoft News.jpg

And in this case button didn't work.

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