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  1. Can I ask why different threads are created with regard to this? IMHO all these questions and requests should be put together in a single thread, one that has already been created for some time: aero glass for version 1803
  2. That looks awful!!! definitely everyone has their tastes, what horror!!! The "creator" confirmed it: Obviously, if you apply the workaround, it's compatible.
  3. Yes, it still seems absolutely fair, nothing you write will change my mind and nothing you write will change the fact that you are offering a cracked version of Aeroglass ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Yes, free, but with a watermark if you don't donate... which seems completely fair to the developer. Racist? I only mentioned the country where the page in which you uploaded the cracked version comes from, If the word "Russian" is racist, I apologize, I had no idea, English is not my first language.
  5. Really? You offer a cracked version of Aeroglass on a Russian page and have the nerve to come and criticize @bigmuscle work? come on men
  6. Thank you very much, it worked, I've noticed that when the blur is activated half of the taskbar looks different, maybe it's Acrylic that is interfering with that blur?
  7. Starlsback is not compatible with build 17063
  8. Just Aeroglass, nothing else, and if you mean the transparency in the app that appears in the image, that is called "Acrylic" and is one of the 4 components of Fluent Design, modern apps of Microsoft such as Calculator, Groove, People etc have such transparency.
  9. This problem was solved with the new version 1.5.6, at least in my case, Aeroglass no longer interferes with those applications that use Acrylic like People or Calculator.
  10. In my case, version 1.5.5 of Aeroglass was interfering with the transparency of those applications that use Acrylic, even when it was disabled in modern apps, this problem was solved with the new version 1.5.6. Aeroglass can now be used for traditional programs without interfering with applications using Fluent Design elements 1.5.6: 1.5.5:
  11. This topic is about Aeroglass, you can express your opinions about Windows 10 in either of these two topics, both are practically the same:
  12. This is the version I have: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AhDT-WcKG-ai-VatVZZ7TYOITe4v
  13. Download Applicationframe.pdb with this method: It seems that this method has worked for several people, I used another method that involves using a third-party tool to activate Aeroglass on those apps. P.S. I tried downloading Aplicationframe.dll and it also works.
  14. I managed to make version 1.5.5 work on those applications that use Acrylic in its titlebar like Calculator, Photos, Paint 3D etc, also on others like Edge and Onenote, I sent a message to Bigmuscle informing him how I did it.
  15. This new version doesn't work in modern apps that use Acrylic (one of the components of Fluent Design) in its title bar like Paint 3D, Photos, Movies and TV, The Store, Calculator, Alarms and clock, Maps etc, in some of those applications you can not move the window from the titlebar, it also doesn't work on Microsoft Edge or Onenote. Works well in apps that don't use Acrylic in their titlebar like Settings, Groove, Mail, Calendar, Skype, Weather, Deezer etc.
  16. These bugs come from version 904, nothing has changed with this version: There are also other bugs that only appear in modern applications that use Acrylic in the title bar:
  17. Who knows, suddenly instead of adding things to the traditional explorer maybe they get serious about the (so far) useless and totally basic UWP file explorer, after all in the most recent insider builds this UWP explorer received its first changes since its inception, and it was precisely elements of Fluent Design, with Microsoft you never know ...
  18. Not just performance and stability tweaks, as I said in my previous comment, they will also add small things, I think they will add more elements of Fluent Design to the system, especially to the Settings app.
  19. I think that build 16232 is still very far from the final build, it is true that there will be no "big features", but they will still add small things, in addition, this version of Aeroglass does not work in modern apps in this build and, despite what many here believe or want, these apps are part of the system, if this were not so, Bigmuscle would not care that his program worked in such apps, it's a bit illogical to release a version of Aeroglass for FCU when there is not even one version that works fully on CU.
  20. I didn't remember that this bug happened in build 15063.413 but to check it I uninstalled the cumulative update KB4022716 (aka 15063.447) and yes, the double text bug in the titlebar on some modern apps also happens in this build, I don't know why I had not noticed it before.
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