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  1. Looks like new build fix also my problem, without need to enabling classic menus, Thanks.
  2. OK, thanks, this worked, at least as workaround. Good to know there is some solution. After enabling I need to restart. After disabling not.
  3. Sorry for quoting my self, but I need some confirmation, or any info about this. Like on screen, I marked OneNote, clicked with RMB and nothing happen, I can't pin programs, since there is no menu...
  4. I'm still facing potential bug with right click menu STR: Enable Start Menu in SAB options. Restart OS Go to "more programs" Try to click with right mouse button on some program/app Nothing happen. Anyone or just me?
  5. I see some problem with latest Win 11 Beta (22598.200) Classic Start menu -> go to More Programs -> right click not working, no right click menu popup. Any one?
  6. It's possible to keep Windows 11 original Taskbar and turn on Win 10 panels? I think original taskbar looks OK, but I miss volume control option out of flayout.
  7. Got it, 1$ is fair deal. More for Us than for You, but thanks!
  8. I've question about upgrade, would be our license upgradable or we need new one?
  9. AWESOME. Thanks, working fine, at least since 10 minutes
  10. Not for me, was disabled after second OS restart after update from 10 to 11
  11. Thanks, but I like to keep icons centered on taskbar and i like Windows 7 like menu start Poza tym śwat jest mniejszy niż nam się wydaje Pozdrawiam.
  12. @Tihiy HI, simply question, do You have plans to update for Windows 11? This Win 11 Start Menu is kind useless
  13. @SkyySX You need to flip: gfx.webrender.dcomp-win.enabled to false in about:config, after this Yuo need piece of code in userchrome.css which enables aero support for Firefox. Ypu can find right code in Google in few secs.
  14. Thanks, but I'm Nightly tester since few years, I know about that I found solution, there is small entry in about:config need to flipped to enable Mozglass working again in userchrome. My Nightly Firefox have glass again since few weeks
  15. Thanks, working perfect fine, have nice day/evening

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