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  1. Semtex

    Beta channel

    OK, thanks, this did the trick. Regards.
  2. Semtex

    Beta channel

    Hello, @Tihiy I've valid license for SiB, I'm on beta channel, did upgrade from stable, today morning I've info that mu "trial is over" and I need to buy new license or activate, my key from stable isn't working and I don't know why! I'm on stable 2.8, my license still not working, now that sucks like hell.
  3. @UCyborg can You light me up with this exe.manifest. How to do that? Never mind, got it with google
  4. Not working for me, simply every glass css gives black tabbar, I'm on latest Nightly 66, latest Win 10 pro x64, latest Aero Glass, I did massive test with Aris CSS, I ask him, I ask on Reddit, and still nothing. Very strange.
  5. Semtex

    Beta channel

    Awesome update! Working fine
  6. Semtex


    Hello @bigmuscle,how do You think, it is stable enough to release as stable? Best regards
  7. IMO simplest way, If You have CCleaner installed-> Go to Tools - > Autostart -> task -> Disable Task for Aero Glass and Restart OS
  8. Semtex

    AeroGlass for Win10 v1.6.0

    Yeap, seems to be rock stable.
  9. Semtex


    On my side I've error and no glass at all, so seems to be lottery.
  10. Screen? Also, my all Aero settings was reset after update to 1803, did yesterday, since I was waiting for stable Aero Glass, I need to set all values again in Aero Glass GUI
  11. Semtex

    OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    Use shellstyle.dll from original aero folder and You will be fine.
  12. Semtex

    Aero Glass ThemeAtlas

    You need third party theme, best with black background and then You need to run small script: Black Glass Enhanced v0.5 @MrGRiM made tones of this themes in past ooops, edit, on screen we see Firefox with addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/glassmyfox/ You need to be careful, since it is legacy addon by Firefox.
  13. Semtex

    How much do I donate for a key?

    It is up to You, strange question, if You have spare 100$ send him 100, If You don't have send how much You can...
  14. Most answers are here: http://www.glass8.eu/donate You will get link to account, created on Aeroglass site, there You can manage Your keys. Use same mail as in paypal. Donation is up to You.