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  1. I see some problem with latest Win 11 Beta (22598.200) Classic Start menu -> go to More Programs -> right click not working, no right click menu popup. Any one?
  2. It's possible to keep Windows 11 original Taskbar and turn on Win 10 panels? I think original taskbar looks OK, but I miss volume control option out of flayout.
  3. Got it, 1$ is fair deal. More for Us than for You, but thanks!
  4. I've question about upgrade, would be our license upgradable or we need new one?
  5. AWESOME. Thanks, working fine, at least since 10 minutes
  6. Not for me, was disabled after second OS restart after update from 10 to 11
  7. Thanks, but I like to keep icons centered on taskbar and i like Windows 7 like menu start Poza tym śwat jest mniejszy niż nam się wydaje Pozdrawiam.
  8. @Tihiy HI, simply question, do You have plans to update for Windows 11? This Win 11 Start Menu is kind useless
  9. @SkyySX You need to flip: gfx.webrender.dcomp-win.enabled to false in about:config, after this Yuo need piece of code in userchrome.css which enables aero support for Firefox. Ypu can find right code in Google in few secs.
  10. Thanks, but I'm Nightly tester since few years, I know about that I found solution, there is small entry in about:config need to flipped to enable Mozglass working again in userchrome. My Nightly Firefox have glass again since few weeks
  11. Thanks, working perfect fine, have nice day/evening
  12. Nice one! Maybe You can reconsider to make version with full black caption buttons, and blue on hoover on close button?
  13. Everything fine, for a minute I hoped that You found some better solution and this will works, but since Firefox 68 glass will be gone.
  14. Nope, this ends with black tabbar without window control buttons, it is already described in this and other threads on this forum. Not Your fault
  15. It is working on 1903 without problem, just hit cancel in error window after start> https://imgur.com/a/HW9H621
  16. Thanks... You can't know this but I did try all this methods (and more) and nothing is working, I can Aris from Mozillazine since years In Firefox Beta and Nightly no glass at all since it is removed direct from code or locked.
  17. Since it is experimental version it is normal, wait for stable.
  18. @bigmuscle I tested lot of hacks in Nightly and Windows 10, nothing works for me, no proper CSS, also tested with third party themes, no luck, I found mockup of Firefox in dark with acrylic glass, since then I try to get it on my machine, no luck I voted on Your bug, also other guy ask for support for glass, He also didn't have more feedback, I i find this bug I will post it here.
  19. @UCyborg Thanks for Your answer, again I did some test, removed Nightly, all data removed, no old profile, I did new one, clean, and still nothing works This is hilarious, I need to live with non transparent tab bar in Nightly Cheers.
  20. The problem is, that from Nightly 65 or 66 piece of code responsible for Aero Glass in frames was removed so it is hardcoded thing, I found bug on Bugzilla, @UCyborg it is not so that I don't use "search" option, I did wide searching over net for this problem and nothing works for me if we talk about CSS, I'm not master of coding but I'm playing with it since Years, in past I did some Windows 7 Themes in WSB, so I'm not greenhorn. Till now in Firefox 68 nothing works if we talk about CSS, only this hook from above, but like You mention, it is only "half way".
  21. Yeah, I understand this, but I;m looking for simple option to get back transparency in Firefox on Win 10 with dark theme, I can imagine that dark glass will be look superb.
  22. Yeah, it is working with latest Firefox Nightly, but there is one big problem with this patch, it is setting Firefox in light theme, not supporting dark one, any chance to get support for dark theme? I did found (probably) Your topic on other Russian language forum, but I'm not able to understand something there, also with translator.

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