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  1. @UCyborg Thank you, works perfectly, no more watermark or DOS window. And Thank you @BigMuscle
  2. That is to be expected until BigMuscle makes the release version, your donate key needs to be kept but does not register the experimental version. You will also see the watermark. Just hit cancel on the first notification, keep the DOS window running (it is harmless, just minimize it), and hit okay I believe on the next dialog. Correct me if wrong. Hang tight, we are all waiting for the release version for 1903. Thanks, Netguru
  3. Hello CKyHC, Back button worked fine for me in the Microsoft News app. Powerpoint presentation here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Akc22i6YzEXigP2IeqqF-qGlpPHisYE?e=YNwTRL
  4. Hi BigMuscle, I can confirm with Office 365 Products DWM does not crash. Thank you very much, looking forward to release version. I have no issue so far that I noticed with the "back" button in modern apps. Thanks again for your efforts!
  5. Files are currently syncing and are not available yet. Will notify when completed.
  6. Hi Mr. Muscle, First off, got to say, admire your work. Thank You! https://1drv.ms/u/s!Akc22i6YzEXigP2IeqqF-qGlpPHisYE?e=YNwTRL Too big to upload, should be four files, total 1.5GB Probably related ^ debug.log attacheddebug.log
  7. Hello. Observation: Aero Glass Experimental 1606 crashes on puter whenever I run an Office 365 component, namely Outlook. And then any Chrome windows are blank (completely black) and have to be forced closed. Had to uninstall unfortunately, hopefully fixed soon otherwise... Thanks, netguru
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