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Compiling Chromium browser for XP

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Thanks for the answer

Windows Explorer can automatically read images in thumbnail mode

Open source management repositories due to the massive amount of source code and resources should always be wary of malicious code that can be loaded into the repository.

So, I am quite wary of downloading source code from the repository

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While I'm doubting an individual can backport XP easily, it's certainly not impossible considering Maxthon, UC Browser, Coc Coc, Slimjet, Chedot, Advanced Chrome, and a couple more.

We just need to figure out how exactly they backport the newer code and what code is removed during the process. I would say building on top of Advanced Chrome for XP would be a good place to start, if anywhere. Problem is that newer versions of Chromium removed the support. Looking at here, the Google developers changed the compiler:thumbdown

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On 5/6/2019 at 3:08 AM, Andy Sethmaier said:

any luck?

No 1: 


No 2:


Four attempts, no luck. It's not easy for countless reasons that I don't wanna keep repeating in each and every post. I'm becoming pragmatic: the modified source code is there and available. Wanna help? Publish commits, otherwise being yet another person asking for it won't help us. Yes, we do want Chromium on XP, but don't expect to have it by some sort of magic stick that makes it work. I had four goes at it, trying to backport it, working together with @Dibya and Samuel, but we failed. The last attempt got very close, but guess what? It's not working. Why? I partially know why. Will I try to have a fifth go at it and try again? Maybe. Will I do it right now because yet another person asked it? No. This is something me and other people are doing in their spare time so don't hold your breath.


Good afternoon,


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31 minutes ago, Andy Sethmaier said:

Frank,  you are blocked, you ridiculously rude as*****. 

I see no rudeness whatsoever in Frank's post. Yours, OTOH, is unnecessarily offensive. People nowadays are too oversensitive... :crazy:

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I know this thread has been inactive for quite a while but I wanted to provide some information that I read when I was searching about Chromium-based browsers on Chinese search engines.


The links provided by the page are still working.

Also, I found this tool --> https://colab.research.google.com/

It is a virtual computer in which you can deal with huge files without having to use your computer for it. It served me when I was trying to compress a file before downloading to not waste so many of my GB plan on the download. I was able to execute "7zip" through command-line to do it. It comes with a lot of tools installed and you can add more if you want (You can mount you Google Drive for extra space). It is based on Linux (Ubuntu or Debian I think).

I do not know if it is useful information but I wanted to share it.



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I found this --> https://github.com/weolar/miniblink49

This is a CEF build that supports WinXP (the description of the program says that NPAPI is supported as well). I tested the first release and it actually works on XP and html5test says it is Chromium 69 --> https://github.com/weolar/miniblink49/releases/tag/2017-5-31

The source code is distributed with every release so I think this is a very promising project from which patches can be extracted, or it may serve as a base to build a browser directly from it.

Many components from the original Chromium were removed (as it it based on CEF).

The developer of the project also shared his email in case someone wants to communicate with him.

Official page --> https://miniblink.net/


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