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  1. palemoon, basilisk: miss button upload file on https://cults3d.com/en/creations/new
  2. Does not work with me: only add extension or add extension IDM integration, not show IDM Download Panel for web player OS: WinXP hack POSReady (Windows XP Extend build 1808) I used alternatives: go to Network monitor to find direct link and copy to IDM
  3. You can use New Moon 28 instead
  4. English version of MSE and latest update (direct link from Microsoft) Microsoft Security Essentials: http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/ftpk/2013/11/mseinstall_6ea36a8b108517a4dc692afc30aad122af543239.exe AntiMalware Definition Update (virus, spyware definition for MSE): http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=121721&clcid=0x409&arch=x86&eng=
  5. Let me try rollback KB4316682, since I'm using the KB4230450 update instead of KB4316682
  6. @heinoganda After disable SSLv2, SSLv3 (HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\SCHANNEL\Protocols\) and RC4, DES (HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\SCHANNEL\Ciphers\), everything is working again
  7. @VistaLover Inactive, although installed. It only works with New Moon (Pea Moon) version 27. New Moon 28 can work well on a site that New Moon 27 inoperable I do not require the installation of IDMCC, but there may be an alternative to IDMCC in New Moon 28. Another extension or function equivalent to IDMCC idmmzcc.xpi - not work idmmzcc2.xpi - not work
  8. @VistaLover I do not use Basilisk but want to use New Moon (Pale Moon) idmmzcc2.xpi (pack .zip) no version compatible with New Moon 28 Hope in the near future, new version idmccz2 are compatible with New Moon 28 Or alternative solution for "idmcc" on New Moon 28
  9. I am using New Moon 28 Reason: Some site features do not work on Pale Moon 25, 26 Idmcc does not support Pale Moon 26 or late (WebExtension). So, I'm looking for a replacement for idmcc for New Moon
  10. idmcc support "pea moon 25". Which extensions can replace idmcc in "new moon"?
  11. I am sure: updated list above are not installed - Disable Automatic Update - Not C:\Windows\$hf_mig$\KB*, C:\Windows\$NTUnistallKB*$ - Not HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB* ...
  12. Current, I'm using the https link. If using http will be redirected to http://c.microsoft.com But the list still does not show Windows XP Embedded, although apply POSReady hack I mainly concern the problem: "no longer see the list of Microsoft Windows XP Embedded"
  13. Also can as you say, the Windows update server cluster in the area where I live there are problems Last month, everything was normal, so it was not until this month
  14. Sure you misunderstand POSReady (KB4134651, KB4093257, KB4087398, KB4034775) and Win XP (KB2934207, KB905474, KB923789) are the update deliberately ignored Things here I want to say: "When the update check, no longer displays the results of the Microsoft Windows XP Embedded list". Say in other way "One of the updates released in June, 2018 seems to have blocked the POSReady hack". It should be up to date: KB4134651, KB4093257, KB4087398, KB4034775 but not here. Note: no hidden updates
  15. Below is a list of issues unresolved + Windows Install (KB958655, KB4087398) => SQL Server 2005 SP4 + MSJET40 (KB4034775, KB4093257) => MS Access 2003 SP3 + KB4134651 => Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer Sync List 281 hotfix (Jun 2018) KB892130, KB898461, KB909520, KB923561, KB929399, KB932716, KB939683, KB941569, KB942288, KB943729, KB944043, KB946648, KB950582, KB950762, KB950974, KB951376, KB951618, KB951830, KB951978, KB952004, KB952069, KB952287, KB952954, KB953155, KB953839, KB954154, KB954155, KB954920, KB956391, KB956572, KB956844, KB958752, KB958911, KB959252, KB959426, KB960803, KB960859, KB961118, KB968389, KB969059, KB969084, KB969262, KB970430, KB970483, KB971029, KB971513, KB971657, KB972260, KB972270, KB973507, KB973525, KB973540, KB973815, KB973869, KB973904, KB974112, KB974318, KB974392, KB974571, KB975025, KB975254, KB975467, KB975558, KB975560, KB975713, KB976002, KB976323, KB976325, KB976749, KB977816, KB977914, KB978207, KB978262, KB978338, KB978542, KB978695, KB978706, KB979309, KB979482, KB979687, KB980182, KB981997, KB982132, KB982316, KB982381, KB982632, KB982664, KB982665 KB2115168, KB2124261, KB2183461, KB2229593, KB2264107, KB2290570, KB2296011, KB2345886, KB2347290, KB2360131, KB2387149, KB2393802, KB2419632, KB2423089, KB2443105, KB2467659, KB2478960, KB2479943, KB2482017, KB2483185, KB2485663, KB2491683, KB2492386, KB2506212, KB2507938, KB2508429, KB2509553, KB2510531, KB2510581, KB2535512, KB2536276, KB2544521, KB2544893, KB2564958, KB2566454, KB2570947, KB2584146, KB2585542, KB2592799, KB2598479, KB2598845, KB2603381, KB2619339, KB2620712, KB2631813, KB2632503, KB2653956, KB2655992, KB2659262, KB2660649, KB2661637, KB2676562, KB2686509, KB2691442, KB2698365, KB2705219, KB2719985, KB2723135, KB2727528, KB2749655, KB2757638, KB2770660, KB2780091, KB2797052, KB2801109, KB2802968, KB2807986, KB2808679, KB2813347, KB2820197, KB2820917, KB2834886, KB2834904, KB2835364, KB2847204, KB2847311, KB2850869, KB2859537, KB2862152, KB2862330, KB2862335, KB2864063, KB2868038, KB2868626, KB2876217, KB2876331, KB2879017, KB2884256, KB2888505, KB2892075, KB2893294, KB2898715, KB2898785, KB2900986, KB2909210, KB2909212, KB2909921, KB2914368, KB2916036, KB2922229, KB2925418, KB2926765, KB2929961, KB2930275, KB2933528, KB2935092, KB2936068, KB2957503, KB2961072, KB2964358, KB2991963, KB2993254, KB2993651, KB2998579, KB3004361, KB3013126, KB3020393, KB3021674, KB3029944, KB3033889, KB3033890, KB3035132, KB3055973, KB3065979, KB3067903, KB3076895, KB3078601, KB3080446, KB3081320, KB3087039, KB3092601, KB3109560, KB3121918, KB3124624, KB3126587, KB3126593, KB3139398, KB3139914, KB3140709, KB3145739, KB3149090, KB3161561, KB3161949, KB3170455, KB3178034, KB3183431, KB3185911, KB3194371, KB3196718, KB3197835, KB3198510, KB4012583, KB4012584, KB4014652, KB4014793, KB4014794, KB4015383, KB4018466, KB4018556, KB4019276, KB4022746, KB4022747, KB4024323, KB4025218, KB4025240, KB4025398, KB4025409, KB4025497, KB4026061, KB4034044, KB4039111, KB4039384, KB4041995, KB4042121, KB4047211, KB4052303, KB4056564, KB4056941, KB4089082, KB4089175, KB4089453, KB4089694, KB4091756, KB4093223, KB4101477, KB4101864, KB4130957, KB4130978, KB4131188, KB4230450, KB4230467, KB4293928, KB4294413 New issues appear with the Windows Update server + Redirect after installing the Windows Update ActiveX control http://update.microsoft.com/windowsupdate/ => http://c.microsoft.com + Regedit hack POSReady seems to have been fixed, no longer see Microsoft Windows XP Embedded hotfixes May 2018 Jun 2018
  16. Thanks for the answer Windows Explorer can automatically read images in thumbnail mode Open source management repositories due to the massive amount of source code and resources should always be wary of malicious code that can be loaded into the repository. So, I am quite wary of downloading source code from the repository
  17. I used TortoiseGit to access the Git Chromium repository and incidentally Kaspersky warned me of the security risk in the file: ...\src\third_party\WebKit\LayoutTests\images\resources\crbug702934.png Exploit.Win32.CVE-2013-2977.a Sample file: crbug702934.png UnRAR Password: www.msfn.org crbug702934.rar

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