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When will there be a version for Windows 10 1703?

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我是来自中国的注册用户,感谢开发者,Aero Glass for Win8.1很好。但是很遗憾现在的版本不支持Win 10 version 1703。

想问,什么时候能出支持Win 10 version 1703的版本?


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Using Google Translate on the above:

I am a registered user from China, thanks to the developer, Aero Glass for Win8.1 very good. But unfortunately the current version does not support Win 10 version 1703.

Would like to ask, when can support Win 10 version 1703 version?

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  • Tripredacus changed the title to When will there be a version for Windows 10 1703?

aero glass is the only thing missing on my windows 10 creators update, it is nice to hear that it will not take too much longer until we can start to enjoy this awesome modification on the latest windows 10 too.

if you ask me, even tough it is nice to receive new features on windows 10 rather than needing  to install windows 11 or something and pay up to 200€ for it. modifications like this aero glass and things like uxthemepatcher are pain to maintain.

but needless to say that i'm grateful for bigmuscle for having time and energy to play this cat and mouse play with Microsoft.

that reason alone i'm more than furious when i see some "make your windows 8/10 look like windows 7" guides that say "next you need to go to that (insert file sharing site here) and download aero glass that has the watermark removed"

also where can i add that "member has made a donation" badge under my profile.  i have donated so i have activated copy of aero glass, or is that badge from some alternative donations?

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5 hours ago, mikedigitize said:

"....or is that badge from some alternative donations...."

Perhaps U thinking of the text if U donate some money to MSFN it self :angel

ok that's probably it, i tough that after you donated to bigmuscle you would get that donation badge in here too.

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