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  1. I haven't tried as my Win 10 version is later than yours.
  2. Yes I hadn't realized that the debug log in the AeroGlass folder shows it,. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, I guess I didn't choose my key words sufficiently well for Google.....now everything works fine.
  4. "Machine ID too short" Trying to generate a new key and it tells me error machine ID too short. I thought the Machine ID was the Physical Address in cmd - ipconfig /all? It's been years since I had to generate another key and I do have plenty remaining. Can someone help as the search produces nothing. Edit: Found it, it's product ID in "About this pc" but it still doesn't work, what's going on?
  5. No idea, sorry. He has it available as an "at your own risk" experimental version so I would think it's logical to think that he's working on it & it should go mainstream soon. After all 1803 is only just now being officially pushed out by Microsoft. I never risk the experimental builds myself, so I can't say how it works, if it works.
  6. See Experimental Build (at your own risk) here:: https://msfn.org/board/topic/176569-aero-glass-for-win81-153/
  7. Done and now it works, thank you so much for the help. All 3 of my Win 10's now work beautifully. Great help, TUVM.
  8. OK great thanks very much. I tried it but I think it failed, see attached.
  9. Thanks but I would need step-by-step instructions to do this. I'm not too clever at this sort of thing. I've extracted 4 files ,from that zip and one of them I see is a .cmd. Do I drop all 4 in that folder or into a new folder inside it? I'm aware of elevated cmd prompts but what do I put in the cmd window or does clicking that one file do the trick??
  10. Well it's exactly the same machine so the code shouldn't have changed and strange that I'm still getting that pop-up after reinstalling the entire thing on 3 separate OS's. The only common factor is they all got that security update that changes the OS version to 16299.192. Perhaps you could forward that to me please. How do you want to do it? Attach files here?
  11. It still isn't pulling new symbols from Microsoft so not sure what's going on.
  12. Thus far mine haven't updated themselves and therefore I get a pop-up warning @ boot-up that they couldn't update or similar although Aeroglass seems to be working anyway. Should I perhaps uninstall/reinstall? (Images below, before retrying and afterwards, you can see it's still working anyway)
  13. Ah OK, I haven't rebooted that system yet so will check that out, thanks.
  14. This MS Security Update for Win 10 Build 16299.192 seems to break Aeroglass. FYI What's the best solution, simply uninstall it for now or.....?
  15. The log in page for key generation is http://www.glass8.eu/sign/
  16. I recommend this, at least for Firefox users: http://www.toptip.ca/2010/10/firefox-extension-google-dictionary-and.html
  17. Using Google Translate on the above: I am a registered user from China, thanks to the developer, Aero Glass for Win8.1 very good. But unfortunately the current version does not support Win 10 version 1703. Would like to ask, when can support Win 10 version 1703 version?

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