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  1. i also have this issue, but it can be bypassed with direct linking to the file. http://www.glass8.eu/files/setup-wrs-1.5.13.exe this has been problem for me at least since this summer.
  2. it seems that direct link still works, so it's something on the download button or something. http://www.glass8.eu/files/setup-wrs-1.5.12.exe
  3. im facing the same issue with all downloads.
  4. Just go to the bottom left corner of the page and click on the link below From there you can login using the information that you got in the email when you made your donation
  5. That first key should be instant, that 30 days thing is there just to prevent people from abusing that regenerating keys thing. Without that in place, one could possibly just regenerate the keys as they please, and thus use one key with multiple computers.
  6. As se text said, most of the questions are answered in the donation page. You can use same donation in multiple machines, but not in the same time. You need to deactivate your current activation and use your new computer to generate a new donation key, and if I remember correctly it takes 30 days until you can use the same donation to generate that new donation key. So it is possible to have only one donation key and use it to register aero glass for multiple computers, but not in the same time.
  7. no just giving out example how one might use his extra keys that he has laying around. i would never be re-selling these keys because i respect bigmuscle and his work.
  8. not a feature reguest on the app exactly, but it would be nice to be able to give those aero glass keys custom names. now there is only that generation date and also those "cxfvgdmwetpgofubnphojnvrliogh4wä" donation keys. with my case it is easier to tell them apart, because i have only used 2 of my available keys. but lets just say that if someone has 3 computers and also has donated more money and generated fef extra keys for his/her friends too. then say friend number 3 does full wipe and needs that key again. then if you don't remember what was the key that this friend had, you need to generate new one or something. however it would be easier if user could give those keys a new name, so example there would be "Jerry's key" or "Lisa's key" instead just those "2014.02.07-djhfsdklöghsägfpoujSDGÖLSEögpj" lines. yes you can always just generate that key again, and it would end up being the same that is on your page. but with those own names it would make thinks just that more easier.
  9. in case if someone wonders like me, then yes you can just install this final build over the beta version just fine. sorry if this was common knowledge but this was my first time using beta version of glass8. so in case that this bit longer wait has made more people who where not used to use beta builds, just bite the bullet and install that creators beta. at least on my computer all i needed was that 64bit installer, and it automatically closed that debug window and also removed that watermark.
  10. ok that's probably it, i tough that after you donated to bigmuscle you would get that donation badge in here too.
  11. aero glass is the only thing missing on my windows 10 creators update, it is nice to hear that it will not take too much longer until we can start to enjoy this awesome modification on the latest windows 10 too. if you ask me, even tough it is nice to receive new features on windows 10 rather than needing to install windows 11 or something and pay up to 200€ for it. modifications like this aero glass and things like uxthemepatcher are pain to maintain. but needless to say that i'm grateful for bigmuscle for having time and energy to play this cat and mouse play with Microsoft. that reason alone i'm more than furious when i see some "make your windows 8/10 look like windows 7" guides that say "next you need to go to that (insert file sharing site here) and download aero glass that has the watermark removed" also where can i add that "member has made a donation" badge under my profile. i have donated so i have activated copy of aero glass, or is that badge from some alternative donations?
  12. thanks! now my windows vista/7 look on my windows 10 is finally complete.
  13. At least you guys made this site mobile friendly, only issue is that now I can't have all my forums in a single app. Now I have all my other forums in tapatalk but for this I have launch chrome.
  14. Hey an thanks for excellent forum, I have found many useful tips here. but to the point I haven't been able to get in here using tapatalk,I tried to look and search if you guys have throbbed tapatalk support but I didn't see any mention about it. Other forums like xda are still working in tapatalk and I am typing this message with my galaxy s5 using chrome so it can't be issue in my internet connection. I sure hope that you guys haven't throbbed tapatalk support, because compared to tapatalk this mobile theme just sucks. Don't get me wrong it is usable, but compared to tapatalk... I sure bope that I posted this in the right place,if not then feel free to move this post.
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