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  1. sorry i didn't notice this reply until now. but anyway here is a link for that devianart theme for you.
  2. i would rather look at devianart for custom windows aero theme for windows 8, and use glass8 only for the transparency effect. for a operating system that is not going to be chancing much (other than security patches). finding working custom windows 7 looking theme should be easy. Aero 7 Theme by sagorpirbd i used this theme back in the day with windows 8 and 8.1, so it should still work with the current windows 8.1 too. off course you will want to take full system image first, but together with glass8 this should give you windows 7 look and feel to your system. now you only need something that gives you the old start, if you want it back too.
  3. Sadly i really can't help much more, other than going to Google and try to find a solution. As i understand the actual css coding about the same amount as my left boot. But i strongly recommend that you give that r/Firefoxcss subreddit that i linked above, a try and ask them for a help. Just remember that if you have set the css pack from aris like you wanted to. Then do everything else inside the new my_userchrome.css, so that you don't accidentally lose anything you have done so far in the css file from aris.
  4. couldn't find the right setting in that sea of options, but i find this code that some people have used to remove that fog thing from their firefox ui. #navigator-toolbox { background-color: black !important; } /* MAIN TOOLBAR AND BOOKMARKS TOOLBAR MODIFICATIONS */ /* Transparent toolbars */ #main-window[lwthemetextcolor="bright"] #navigator-toolbox > #nav-bar, #main-window[lwthemetextcolor="bright"] #navigator-toolbox > #PersonalToolbar { background-color: transparent !important; background-image: none !important; } /* Remove top border of main toolbar */ #nav-bar { box-shadow: none !important; border-top: none !important; } copy that into my_userChrome.css file, that you have to create inside the chrome folder. just remember to set windows to show file types too, so you don't accidentally end up with my_userChrome.css.txt or anything like that. also go in the userchrome.css file and in the bottom there should be /* @import "./my_userChrome.css"; /**/ where you need to remove that /* part too. or firefox will not know to check inside that my_userChrome.css file, and that fog remains.
  5. in /* other tab settings ***************************************************************************/ @import "./css/tabs/tab_titles_remove_blur.css"; /**/ also in /* MENUBAR **** i have both @import "./css/toolbars/menubar_fog_hidden.css"; /**/ and @import "./css/toolbars/menubar_color.css"; /**/ enabled in this quick glance over the file, i couldn't find more than those options that seemed to be relevant to your request.
  6. I could hop on the computer and see, if I can find anything relevant that I changed on there. One thing is for sure and that is that i did remove the fog effect from my Firefox, as that thing makes everything in my current theme basically unreadable.
  7. Or just skip most of my rambling and read the much more clearly written how to from the github page, then the only thing to do is you to find the right option to enable in that css file. https://www.reddit.com/r/FirefoxCSS/ Also there is lots of people that can help you with Firefox customization too, and i can promise that they know much more about this than me. They surely would know that straight up css code that you would have to use, if you don't want to dig dee into this big css file. This however does not negatively affect the performance of Firefox, if you use this big file for singular purpose. Or if you only have small css file with that one change alone.
  8. https://github.com/Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx If userchrome.css tweaking in Firefox is something that you already know how to do, then go ahead and download this pre made custom stylesheet and then go through it and enable the features that you want to use in there. But if you don't know anything about it, then this basically contains css instructions for Firefox what you want your user interface to look and feel. I admit that this is like taking out the nukes after mosquito bite you, and this white "curtain" could be removed with much lighter userchrome.css built just for this purpose alone. But sadly I don't know anything how to code these things, but I know that among the many things like moving tab bar under the bookmarks toolbar (where it belongs). There are many other things that you can change with the css file. You just need to open that file in notepad or similar app, and remove //** or something like that in front of the option that you want to enable. Then if you want to restore that option back, just add those /* things back and after restart it will be back to way it was. I'm 100% sure that this option to remove that "curtain" from the top part is in the code, as i have also done so. It is just that I don't remember what the option was called in that css file. So you need to do some digging. Now if you haven't used userchrome.css in Firefox yet, then you have to first go to about:config (type it into the address bar) and enable this one in there toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets Then type about:support in the address bar and open the profile folder from there. Inside the profile folder create folder called chrome and place the content from aris github inside there. Sorry for making this so long and rambling type thing, but let me assure you that this will unlock pretty much same functionality in the ui customization, as the old classic theme restorer add on in the pre Firefox 57 was able to give. Biggest annoyances in this thing is, that from time to time Mozilla changes some part of Firefox or change the internal names of the parts of the browser ui. So from time to time you will need to get back to the that github page and download new zip and go through it again. However that part that you initially wanted to modify is such a small part of the ui, that it might work fine for years. For my needs, i usually need to get back there and download new version of that pack, after like 2-3 new "big" version number updates. But lately from version 78 or something, all the way to the current 82, i haven't needed to touch it at all. Maybe Mozilla finally has stopped breaking things that aren't broken, or there is going to be something bigger in the next few updates or something.
  9. My adventures with windowblinds ended when I did the first restart of Firefox as the title bar wasn't changed on it. And to my horror without any warnings windowblinds decided to nuke my custom userchrome.css file with it's own. What they said on Stardock forums, apparently windowblinds should have detected the presence of previous userchrome.css and do a backup of it. But instead of finding userchrome.css.bak like they claimed that it should have done, i just found that empty userchrome.css file. Best part of this was, when I was able to find copy of my original file using the windows file history feature, there was no difference in the appearance of the title bar or other parts of the browser with or without the windowblinds userchrome file. So i rather stay with the ugly windows 10 stock theme, than play around with windowblinds at all.
  10. to anyone interested, my userchrome.css went from This to This soon as i hit apply to that windowblinds theme.
  11. A word of warning about the window blinds application (currently in the process of restoring my system to earlier image) If you are like me and don't like how Firefox ever since that horrid australis theme removed the ability to set tabs below the bookmarks toolbar. Do not even try to use the window blinds app. First issue was that the title bar of Firefox never changed at all, even though rest of my apps either did or did after restarting them. For whatever reason Firefox stopped recognizing the "toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets" in about:config. And as it happened right after the window blinds was activated and Firefox restarted, there is no other possibility for that issue than the window blinds. Firefox didn't update as the big update 80 has been in my system since the release of if and the current 80.0.1 was just minor bug fix and it has been in my system at least for the past weekend. Let's just hope that the image is solid and the restoration goes well, so I don't need to start messing with Firefox settings for the next several days. well off course that image failed, but luckily i found out the issue instead. it was indeed windowblinds that messed everything up, as apparently it tried to do something to firefox appearance through usercrome.css and in the process nuked everything that i had done there. instead of huge list of code made by Aris in the CustomCSSforFx css pack, there was few lines of code that pointed to windowblinds. luckily windows file backup was able to restore the whole chrome folder back, so it is now fixed. needless to say that this way of completely nuking user made files with your own, is completely idiotic way of doing things. and i did leave comment about it on stardocks own forum too. but as here is most likely others like me who has modified their firefox browser appearance through userchrome.css, this is still something that is good to know if you are thinking of running that windowblinds windows 7 theme until glass8 gets updated.
  12. This post has everything you need to proceed, but remember that this only works with current 1909 builds. There are a reports that if you try this on the new 2004 build, then the system doesn't work and you need to reset your computer or at least try to put the original files back. For the new 2004 build, our only way is to wait until bigmuscle releases compatible version for it.
  13. I can't say anything official, but it is safe bet to assume that bigmuscle decided to skip fixing the problem with the security update. That is because of the 2004 being so close to be released to the public. So instead of fixing one issue in April and then have to do another fix so soon. So i believe that the 2004 compatible version will also fix this current problem with 1909 too. There are threads detailing how to replace the necessary files in system32, and then have aero glass working on current 1909 too. Then if you can, stay on 1909 until the next version with 2004 comes out, then take a system restore image and update glass8 and windows.
  14. i just went with the default C:\aeroglass folder and for now the app is not working due to few .dll files being updated on the latest security update. if you are brave enough, you could restore those dll files manually to their previous versions. or you could wait until the 2004 update lands and Bigmuscle updates glass8 for that build. as Commander238 pointed out, this app is registered to your unique HW key and it should work with even if you went crazy and downgraded to windows 8.1 or something like that. long as you keep that key file inside the aeroglass folder, everything should remain working and activated.
  15. i also have this issue, but it can be bypassed with direct linking to the file. http://www.glass8.eu/files/setup-wrs-1.5.13.exe this has been problem for me at least since this summer.
  16. it seems that direct link still works, so it's something on the download button or something. http://www.glass8.eu/files/setup-wrs-1.5.12.exe
  17. im facing the same issue with all downloads.
  18. Just go to the bottom left corner of the page and click on the link below From there you can login using the information that you got in the email when you made your donation
  19. That first key should be instant, that 30 days thing is there just to prevent people from abusing that regenerating keys thing. Without that in place, one could possibly just regenerate the keys as they please, and thus use one key with multiple computers.
  20. As se text said, most of the questions are answered in the donation page. You can use same donation in multiple machines, but not in the same time. You need to deactivate your current activation and use your new computer to generate a new donation key, and if I remember correctly it takes 30 days until you can use the same donation to generate that new donation key. So it is possible to have only one donation key and use it to register aero glass for multiple computers, but not in the same time.
  21. no just giving out example how one might use his extra keys that he has laying around. i would never be re-selling these keys because i respect bigmuscle and his work.
  22. not a feature reguest on the app exactly, but it would be nice to be able to give those aero glass keys custom names. now there is only that generation date and also those "cxfvgdmwetpgofubnphojnvrliogh4wä" donation keys. with my case it is easier to tell them apart, because i have only used 2 of my available keys. but lets just say that if someone has 3 computers and also has donated more money and generated fef extra keys for his/her friends too. then say friend number 3 does full wipe and needs that key again. then if you don't remember what was the key that this friend had, you need to generate new one or something. however it would be easier if user could give those keys a new name, so example there would be "Jerry's key" or "Lisa's key" instead just those "2014.02.07-djhfsdklöghsägfpoujSDGÖLSEögpj" lines. yes you can always just generate that key again, and it would end up being the same that is on your page. but with those own names it would make thinks just that more easier.
  23. in case if someone wonders like me, then yes you can just install this final build over the beta version just fine. sorry if this was common knowledge but this was my first time using beta version of glass8. so in case that this bit longer wait has made more people who where not used to use beta builds, just bite the bullet and install that creators beta. at least on my computer all i needed was that 64bit installer, and it automatically closed that debug window and also removed that watermark.
  24. ok that's probably it, i tough that after you donated to bigmuscle you would get that donation badge in here too.
  25. aero glass is the only thing missing on my windows 10 creators update, it is nice to hear that it will not take too much longer until we can start to enjoy this awesome modification on the latest windows 10 too. if you ask me, even tough it is nice to receive new features on windows 10 rather than needing to install windows 11 or something and pay up to 200€ for it. modifications like this aero glass and things like uxthemepatcher are pain to maintain. but needless to say that i'm grateful for bigmuscle for having time and energy to play this cat and mouse play with Microsoft. that reason alone i'm more than furious when i see some "make your windows 8/10 look like windows 7" guides that say "next you need to go to that (insert file sharing site here) and download aero glass that has the watermark removed" also where can i add that "member has made a donation" badge under my profile. i have donated so i have activated copy of aero glass, or is that badge from some alternative donations?

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