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  1. why there's no windows 7 scrollbar?
  2. oldnewexplorer is beta version or stable version? because i have never issues with oldnewexplorer on windows 10 enterprise LTSC 64 bit
  3. please i would like to know are you still in active development? please i would like to know when it's going to be available for win10 2004 and win10 20H2? i hope you're not stopping development
  4. thank you! How do i fix dark red on the side? I want regular red on the side
  5. i don't want to disable the task in Task Scheduler.
  6. please i would like to know how do i turn off transparency? i am using Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC
  7. just move the donation.key file to AeroGlass folder, then restart your computer
  8. When it's going to be release stable version??

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