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  1. @Bigmuscle Any update on the release? I'm visiting the Aero Glass site at least once a day since you've stated that the release would be very soon, about a month ago.
  2. Well, he doesn't have to answer. I've asked him because i thought he may be able to explain to me the diffence between the native blur support in Windows Vista and the AeroGlass mod in Windwos 8. By the way, i've donated him 6$. I'm not the spoiled type of kid that gets things for free and then complains, as you seem to think. If i'm unable to get an answer here, i'll try it in the Stardock forum of course.
  3. Ok, thanks. Do you have any idea, why its own blur doesn't work in Windows 8 then? I've checked the themes in SkinStudio, Blur is enabled. But it just doesn't work.
  4. So far, so good. Does anybody knows how to enable the blur behind with Stardock WindowBlinds? In Winstep Nexus the "enable blur behind" option does work after installing AeroGlass. (without AeroGlass produces just white opaque background) So it should also work with WindowBlinds, shouldn't it? The statement of Stardock is that it doesn't work withj WindowBlinds in Windows 8 because Microsoft took out that feature. But AeroGlass brings it back, so it should work. It works fine with Nexus after all.
  5. Alright, thanks for the hint. Yes, i've used "AGTweaker". Never thought that it could mess things up that badly, as its just some additional files that you drop inside the AeroGlass folder. Now i found out that this nasty little thing made a duplicate of the DWMGlass.dll and placed it inside the Windows folder. I don't know why it loads in the first place without AeroGlass being installed anymore. It seems to also write something to the registy. However, fortunately it could be uninstalled from the AGTweaker UI, by pressing the X in the bottom right corner. Now i'll try to reinstall AeroGlass clean. (as soon as my Windows System Image backup is finished ) It worked!
  6. Hello bigmuscle, i can't uninstall AeroGlass from my system. What i've done: I've installed it normally to C:AeroGlass. After i got a message with something like "Your DWM version is incompatible", i tried to install it to my D drive, because i've read i have to install it to a location with write permission. After this still didn't solve the issue, i uninstalled AeroGlass from the control panel and rebooted. After the reboot, the watermark on the desktop, the DWM failure message and the trial reminder still were there. So i deleted both AeroGlass folders from C and D and rebooted again. Still no luck. Reinstalling/uninstalling the software also didn't help. I also can't find anything inside the registry. So i've donated to get the "Auto install" feature, because i hoped this could fix it. But that made things worse. My system freezes repeatedly a soon as the cmd window tries to install something. I have to remove the software in safe mode to be able to use my PC again. But i can't get rid of the watermark, the failure message and the trial reminder. I' m not sure if the blur works as it should at all, but it works with the program "Winstep Nexus". It doesn't work with Stardock WindoBlinds, however. Still, i like the Blur with Nexus. So is there any way to just remove the watermark on the desktop, to stop the DWM failure message and to remove the trial reminder? Or just a way to unintall it completely? My last Windows System Image is ages old. I totally forgot to make on the last year or so. My system is set up extremely great right now. I can't count the hours i've spent with installing software and tweaking settings to my needs. It would kill me if have to reinstall Windows.

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