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Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.4.1


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First, a big Thanks bigmuscle for the hard work for aeroglass for windows 10. 


There is a little problem with a horizontall gradient at the sizes o titlebar though. if we use the AeroGlassUi and set it to the left, or even to the first point from the left to the right, the gradient dissapears but the windows became too tranparent so their colors / texts dont look very clearly when a window is under the other, so we have to give more blur (blur effect radius) but then the gradient appears.


This happen to themes with border bigger than 2 to the content margins of : Windows & Caption Buttons > Aero > DWM Window > Frames > Window > Top


for example content margins : 8, 0, 0, 0 as it is the current one.




So it would be nice if possibly could easily corrected. 


Thanks in advance.



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Note the wording on the above page, specifically


Aero Glass for Win8.1+ v1.4.x provides support for Windows 10 up to build 10240 and experimentaly for build 10525.


I recommend watching that page, and once that wording changes THEN report on compatibility with newer builds.


Big Muscle is quite clearly on the insider program and getting the new builds just as others are.



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I changed my hard disk, and my donation.key doesn't works  :(

what should I do? please help


the wonders of the 'donation' system - i think you need to go to his site and de activate that key and get a new one - no idea how long that takes - has always seemed a poor system to me but it seems others are happy with it [or maybe not!]

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  • Can my key be transferred to the different computer?
  • The key is dependent on your CPU model and your HDD/SSD. Each key can be used only on the computer which it was generated for. When you upgrade your HDD or CPU, you will need new key. The key stays same when you upgrade other hardware or reinstall OS. You can deactivate any of the keys at any time. You will have to wait for 30 days before you can re-activate it for new machine.
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It makes sense to have spare keys! :thumbup

You are correct. That why I have few keys for.



they should not be needed - fine have a key but [imo] they should not be locked to changeable hardware such as a hard drive or anything else - all it does is alienate people - for a piece of software thats unlocked by donation its ridiculous - if the model is donation then fine - make it that but dont wrap it up with keys that stop working

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