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  1. I dont think that upgrade has to do anything with Aeroglass, but thanks for reply. I use before, and i still use the Aeroglass 1.41 and it works as in the second screenshot. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I prefer return to native win 8.1 via usb [as i did clean install of 10, otherwise upgrade installation had problems], but I'will never upgrade to 10586. Alternatively i will install windows 7 and stop this microsoft (enforce spy service) madness. For my needs windows 10 is just the Taskview but this to an enforce spyware 'service' not 'os', that user has accept sign to install. And play my old microsoft cd version games (like Ages of empires III) without the need to buy them for a second time from steam, as to win 10 do not work unless i hack the system with win 8.1 dll's, for force work those. That's microsoft plug n'play and business and control policy. But that's off topic. If Big Muscle decide to not change[=so to take the values from the visual style] the current Aeroglass version 1.45, or not give alternatively a link of the previous 1.41, I will still use this 1.41, until change os. ============== I guess that a possibility that Big Muscle made the 1.45 version, has to do with the methods that users making enable the apply a 3rd party theme to 10586, so made this version to be compatible but maybe i am wrong about, but anyway he made good works and users have to be grateful to him. --------------------------
  2. There is a problem with the new AeroGlass version 1.45 used to windows 10 (rtm 10240) 1. The inactive window border does not draw color, to a theme with borders. (To the previous 1.41 there was no such problem) 2. To this specific theme parameters I have set Opacity, Colorization Opacity, and Colorization color values equal with 0. So it does not seem to have color as the visual style has not set values, so I suppose that the new version of Aeroglass 1.45 colorizes automatically the borders from the windows system, from the Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization\Color and Appearance but also to another theme that I have set Opacity=60 and Colorization Opacity=100 (for both active and inactive windows the result is same. The inactive window borders do not draw= have not color as show on picture, just the title bar has ===================== ===================== is there any solution for this please? Thanks in advance. ------ ps 1. I use windows rtm10 10240. I have stop the upgrade to 10586, by using this Free antispy tool for Windows 10 http://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10 ---------- ps 2. As I have saved my previous Aeroglass 1.41 version folder to a safe location[but not the installer], I open taskmanager, kill aeroglass, then go to details kill dwm, then i copy/paste my files from the Aeroglass 1.41 to the current Aeroglass at C:\AeroGlass Then restart, and here we are back to the previous version 1.41. Now if you ask me why I have set to some of my themes to have t Opacity, Colorization Opacity, and Colorization color values equal with 0, the answer is that I want to have the taskbar taking color from the system but not the borders and the titlebars/borders of the windows. And of course i can make with no color the taskbar if I wish by changing the Saturation level to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization\Color and Appearance Have a look of what I mean about colorfull taskbar but not color windows , using the previous version AeroGlass 1.41 So with the previous version 1.41 the borders appear according theme's values, to the 1.45 not. (As also the inactive window if I use a theme that enable color values it draws color to the borders> just loose 1 pixel not blur to the inactive window and a slight shadow at every side where the microsoft's aeros sides) I could suggest if you leave a second choice of using the Aeroglass 1.41 for some users prefer, if you do not like to modify the 1.45. http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/Mac-os-X-LynX-for-Windows-10-rtm-570067147 =============================
  3. First, a big Thanks bigmuscle for the hard work for aeroglass for windows 10. There is a little problem with a horizontall gradient at the sizes o titlebar though. if we use the AeroGlassUi and set it to the left, or even to the first point from the left to the right, the gradient dissapears but the windows became too tranparent so their colors / texts dont look very clearly when a window is under the other, so we have to give more blur (blur effect radius) but then the gradient appears. This happen to themes with border bigger than 2 to the content margins of : Windows & Caption Buttons > Aero > DWM Window > Frames > Window > Top for example content margins : 8, 0, 0, 0 as it is the current one. So it would be nice if possibly could easily corrected. Thanks in advance. ======================
  4. version 1.1.7 works ok, to my system except 'Use libraries' option. Before doing anything is good to make a restore point. --------------------------------------------------------- There is an isue with the titlebar's centered text (as i have set to the visual style) : if i uncheck 'Use commandbar instead of ribbon', so if i use ribbon , then my themes titlebar text goes to middle of title bar (as i have set to the visual style) if i check 'Use commandbar instead of ribbon', so if i use commandbar/folderband , then my themes titlebar text goes to left of title bar. So it seems that when we check 'Use commandbar instead of ribbon', so if i use command bar , the system not use the parameter of the theme/mstyle (?) (!) ------------------------ ps also to the case of check 'Use commandbar instead of ribbon', the Titlebar text that 'sent' automatically (!) to the left , received an unpleasant background (!) whicn in this case if to the Theme file have choose AutoColorization=0 then it takes (the active window titlebar text's background one) the property from the parameter ColorizationColor=..................... , if have choose AutoColorization=1 then it takes color from colors responds the wallpaper background. That's all a huge unpleasant. If someone [or if Tifiy] can bypass all this, with no titlebar text background, and text receive it's position from the visual style, please inform us how. I repeat when using the ribbon the text recieve the value from the visual style, so the problem becomes to the procedure when check 'Use commandbar instead of ribbon',-------------------------
  5. The "Uninstall" button does not work for me. I click it, accept the system auth. but nothing happens, the "uninstall" button remains active and the "Install" ghosted. Also, it does nothing now. The ribbon is still there and the details panel is on the right :-( Maybe an uninstall and a clean reset and reinstall may solve it but how can I do an Uninstall if the Uninstall button is not working? is it enough deleting the folder or is the dll copied by the installer to some system folder? I used the previous version 1.6 for 'uninstall' [just for curiosity] then I restart . for unknown reasons changed my default display settings to 125% so I change them back to 100%, by going to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display > set a custom saving scaling level to 100%, then i used oldnewexplorer-1.7 Then i select/apply the custom theme to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and it applied, then 'install' the settings of oldnewexplorer-1.7 [no uselibraries] ================================================================================== if you use some shortcuts i made on past download them http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/taskbar-s-folders-for-windows-8-system-310043643 But the reason i did not use those shortcuts since now is that those even with the past good working oldnewexplore [versions at windows 8.1], is that did not applied the parameters of 20482 Eplorerframe uifile to those shortcuts, so I had to use the normal explorer's microsoft's shortcuts so to be applied those parameters of 20482 Eplorerframe uifile. Only to 1 old version of oldnewexplore my shortcuts worked but Tihiy deleted that version for [not myself remember reason, if affected to anyother part false] any way. so I would appreciate , if there be a future version from Tihiy with compatibility to those. ------------------------
  6. Also confirmed this bug to Windows 10 ! hope soon will be fixed. ps. thanks in advance and gratitude Tihiy for any effort.
  7. Back to the Future, with a theme with default rounded corners of explorer's window, in os X style , made from ZEUSosX for Windows 8.1. It is complete New made theme based to the default aero of windows 8.1 theme, and not to any older version. After the Applying of the themes and the utilities needed(a theme patcher, Oldnewexplorer and for the transparent theme, Aeroglow>not needed for the roundcorners), we have Mac OS X selecting folder appearance, stripes to details and content view and symmetry to our windows 8.1 system. Also Details Pane to the right part of window and Preview pane to the Top. Folderband (command toolbar) contained to Preview pane, so we can appear/disappear both Preview pane and folderband via pressing to the keyboard Alt+P Main categories of visual styles: Transparent, Brushed. Names and styles of Themes: Zeus ---> transparent Tiger --> brushed Each of theme have variations for the 3 categories of scaling, Normal 100%, Medium 125% and Larger 150%, and named respectively for each version (for example Zeus100 must be used only to scaling, Normal 100% or Tiger125 must be used only to scaling Medium 125% etc > please follow carefully the Instrcuctions. For any of the themes, exist different made code parameters responding to the scaling Normal 100%, Medium 125%, Larger 150% and the internal settings such the width of vertical separators, the constant 15pixel scrollbar to any scaling size etc !!! Thanks to PandaX FOR ALL THE RESPOND AND HELP. Please USE it only to your COMPUTER SYSTEM as is. Do not modify, edit , copy it or change the name or the images or the code of it, or use it to any project or copy it anyway in any meaning. Download from http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/Macos-X-style-theme-for-Windows-8-1-441081650 Thanks for donating. -------------------
  8. For getting round borders must designed them to the Atlas, as Noel mention, to the shadow section. (Infact is not visible to windows 8 /8.1 aero's atlas, as there is no shadows designed so if you have not windows style builder program , which named the section, you have to find to the atlas position yourself, by researching the space of Atlas) If (new) folks that post asking how to get rounded corners in whatever theme they are trying to use , then, they have to direct complain to Microsoft. Microsoft is the big one responcible (?) for this mess. ==================== The answer to (new) folks is that you do not remain of that Microsoft has to do as standard, to be demanded from Big Muscle> Big Muscle has done a very good work , just design your theme's borders in shadow section, or if you can't, search to web and find themes that can do that . ----------------------------------
  9. Thank you very much Tihiy, I preserve the latest ability of OldNewExplorer version 1.0.6 to my DevianART page http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/Windows-8-1-explorer-with-transparent-address-bar-433200199?ga_submit_new=10%253A1392062296 Do me a favor, please have a look to my personal 'Control panel' shortcut also to the shortcut 'My Computer', windows, shortcuts taken from my http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/taskbar-s-folders-for-windows-8-system-310043643 so to affect OldNewExplorer changes to those kind of windows location made, too, if possible. Thanks in advance and congratulations. ==============================
  10. I do not know if that helps, to my past (May 27, 2011) experiments to Windows 8 Milestone 2 Build 7955 the address bar area was still transparent ===> have a look : =============================== ALSO to my past (June 28, 2011) experiments to the same windows 8 - build 7955 : ------------ But [from what i remember] that versions's (windows 8 - build 7955) visual styles/mstyles were not compatible with that of win 8 release preview or with the final win 8 rtm. Unfortunately i have not those files now> I just show you that to those the transparent ro addressbar existed> if i remember well, when you changed some registry parameters then ribbon appeared to explore instead of folder band, and the address bar became non transparent. ==============
  11. Thank you very much Tihyi. With the latest version of OldNewExplorer , my shortcut named 'My Computer' > from http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/taskbar-s-folders-for-windows-8-system-310043643 take properties from the 40960 UIfile of explorerframe.dll. Though it does not take properties from the 20482 UIfile of explorerframe.dll. The same happened to the normal default microsoft shortcuts of Control panel . The window for Control Panel do not take properties from the 20482 UIfile of explorerframe.dll while using OldNewExplorer> I personally use the Update One Resources method of windows style builder, so my theme taking custom properties for the UIfile of explorerframe.dll existed to shellsttyle different from the microsoft default one((that exist to C:\Windows\System32 ) > those custom 20482 UIfile explorerframe.dll properties/parameters are working properly for 'This Pc' shortcut, but not for the default Control panel shortcut, or for my custom shortcut named 'My Computer' . If it would be possible to fix it, it would be great. Thanks for your patient and work. =================
  12. first congratulations and thank you very much Tihiy , for this OldNewExplorer usefull tool. ----- I want to share with you that windows that based to control pane does not affect some changes when used update one recources. Practically for see quiqly what i mean : download and use the specific kind of shortcut named 'My Computer' > from http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/taskbar-s-folders-for-windows-8-system-310043643 to this kind of explorer window that made with this specific shortcut even if you have disable the ribbon [via OldNewExplorer], explorer still appeared with ribbon, > instead the default explorer shortcut that aleady existed to our system= the explorer window 'This Pc', the changes are made, and folderband exist and noribbon [as we have disable the ribbon [via OldNewExplorer] . To the picture the upper window made from myshortcut named 'My Computer' > from http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/taskbar-s-folders-for-windows-8-system-310043643 and ribbon existed even if we have disabled to OldNewExplorerThe down window, becomes from the 'This pc' default shortcut and folderband instead of ribbon exist, as we have disabled ribbon via OldNewExplorer, so affected. Is it posssible to a next version that changes will be applied to all kind of explorer directories windows, please? thanks in advance. =======================================
  13. It works very good. I will mention to new ones when donate to choose ''save'' of the lisense key and then copy it paste to the C:\AeroGlass Those already mentioned but i insist to repeat them. Another thing is that i put out the atlas named win8cp from C:\AeroGlass as you see in screenshot my theme dont need it and also did not appear right. To my deviant page screenshot, i recommend to anyone the donation for Aero Glass for Win8.1 author's efforts and time. ====================
  14. This Aero Glass for Win8.1 RTM Release Candidate 2 version works ok to my system. i confirm and sign in to that Noel said and i added to my DeviantArt page too: ' I feel I should once again express my sincere gratitude to folks like BigMuscle and Ivo who are paddling against the current in order to make Windows 8(.1) a more usable and pleasant product, despite MIcrosoft's efforts to "wean" us off serious computing and onto video games.' =====================
  15. This question has been answered ad nauseam. It won't hurt you to read. Pestering the developer with this question won't make it happen any faster. If you want to see a 32-bit pre-release version so badly, you can pitch in and help make it happen. Thanks for the help. i myself spend 2 years on past for programing the code of explorerframe.dll [to win 7 and to 8 too] so to change all thousand codes parameters and also add new ones that not excist so the system to respond in the way of osx do in the form of appearance and selecting the folders, as i also transport via changing of code to shell32.dll the preview pane to top, so anyone needs to have a direct preview a photo or a text did not have to use notepad, or windows photo viewer, and also including inside the preview pane at top also the command bar/folder band so to use it if he does not like ribbon, just pressing ALT + P to the keyboard (or the virtual keyboard) for the appearing/dissapearing of preview pane, so i know very well how difficult is programming, and i respect all the efforts of bigmuscle and of anyone participating and help to this project of recovering transparency's conditions . so i have just released my transparent borders version of a theme for , i give a link for the 64bit users for enabling the transparency with bigmuscle's work, and for the 32 bit as for now i give some more simplified utility versions of transparency. My theme is a work for windows 8 rtm using, mainly made with hex editing + resource hacker. anyone has 64 bit can test my work using with bigmuscle's work, as i made that without having the advantage of this 64 bit work for transparency. Hellas ease yacht dedication (theme win 8 RTM) ===========================================================
  16. 1. please, when a 32 bit beta or whatever version could be for test it? 2. just as an idea which may complete wrong, do you think that you could make an application such as this you already made but to 'load' the library values from a dwm of windows 8 release preview [named that system file different] to win 8 rtm? (i mean if that could help to bypass any of the problems in searching correct values of code,) ================== thanks in advance. ============

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