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  1. The theme of Explorer is Metro X Dark, and for Windows settings i use this reg file
  2. I do not use old Nev Explorer for this seems this
  3. ModernFrame.dll of version 1.4.1 works perfectly in 10586 now
  4. it seems to me the theme is perfect, thanks NoelC about this
  5. Not true there are settings that allow you to use only blur the taskbar and everything else is in default, how I now. Menu 10 settings 10 only blur in the taskbar by classic shell google translator
  6. I think its intentional in debug builds for it to be applied to all DirectX surfaces, which would include video players using DXVA rendering. Even paying users have it (except for dhjohns) based on what I've read as well. It probably won't go away until the stable version is out. You could try setting your video player to use software rendering instead and not DXVA and I suspect it won't show the watermark unless a GDI object is overlayed over the video. Even the RDP client it shows, because RDP uses a Direct3D rectangle to render the remote session. So I am pretty sure its intended functionality in debug builds for it to inject the watermark onto all Direct3D and maybe Direct2D surfaces. Or enable subtitles in your video player and have it match the font of the watermark, then after awhile you will probably get use to it and just subconsciously feel that its part of the movie or TV show. Watermark when watching movies at SMPlayer missing only in settings to rendering instead DirectX it is OpenGl Sorry for Google translator
  7. This is my Debug file ( Windows 10586 ; AeroGlass 491 ) 491 version works better for me not to say excellent , now there are no problems with the driver or another and ModernFrame works perfectly Sorry for Google Translator
  8. Symbols ( dwmcore.pdb ) http://www.datafilehost.com/d/def7527a uDWM still missing
  9. Official symbols to download are from July, for TH2 are not released yet, because not downloaded automatically from AeroGlass
  10. Not yet out symbols for TH2 , but manually download I use this script, for it you need to download the SDK for Win 10 symbols.cmd
  11. It is better that you build with the new version and it was about but to show a watermark and you hid it
  12. Yes, you saying that you do not have a watermark and I was surprised, and you use the same version you are here or to other Sorry Google translator
  13. Work perfectly and for me on 10586 My Debug File Sorry Google translator
  14. Watermark missing only in SMPlayer when setting video are OpenGl not Direct X
  15. Hi bigmuscle, why not do installation versions of experimental builds when you have a key to remove the watermark, in 10586 because when I watch videos on youtube or watch a movie with any program watermark appears and roof my subtitles. I know it is an experimental build and not recommended to use but would be good for people with key. This is with BSPlayer but it is with all programs Sorry for google translator

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