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Introducing - Unofficial Windows XP SP4


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That page looks fine here in Firefox 46.0.1 under XP.
I don't have SP4 installed though.
The only thing I can see where your block of code is between "....from what they hear" and "Story Source:" is a thin grey horizontal line.

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The mangled code is from a served ad. Disable scripting or block "tags-cdn.deployads.com/a/sciencedaily.com.js" to solve.

<div class="mobile-middle-rectangle hidden-md hidden-lg">
<div class="ad-tag" data-ad-name="Rectangle2" data-ad-size="300x250"></div>
<script src="//tags-cdn.deployads.com/a/sciencedaily.com.js" async=""></script><script>(deployads = window.deployads || []).push({});</script>

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On 22.6.2016 at 0:42 PM, Dave-H said:

Well that explains why I didn't see it, as I have AdBlock installed!
I suggest you do the same @Roffen.

At last, now it seems I've got control of ads.

Thank you!:D


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Go to "Start" menu => Run, then type in the box "services.msc" (without the double-quotes, of course) and click on "OK".
The services manager will open and you should have a line for "Print Spooler"...

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Aha, there is no entry like "Print Spooler".

I have copied to the System32 folder some missing files











But that was not enough. What more is there that I can do short of reinstalling?

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Try cleanspl:

There used to be a newer "fixit":

but it has to be seen if the new version for 7 still works on XP. :unsure:

The actual link to it now resolves to a "generic" fixit help page:

The file is/was MicrosoftFixit50126.msi it is seemingly still available here:


EDIT: Ok, the file is still on MS servers, for the usual reasons (carelessness, utter stupidity, etc.) they only broke the dynamic go.microsoft link:


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RPC Server is not available when I try to install a printer on Sp3. Any fix available?

(Am tired, just installed installed scanner/I.R.I.S)  Why am I doing all this?)

I did a great mistake when I disposed of the old HP ink/deskjet 380, I used it only as an OCR scanner and it worked like a charm. But I was stupid enough to think that a new Brother Laser printer/scanner would be a full replacement.

Edited by Roffen
RPC is right, was RCP
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