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Introducing - Unofficial Windows XP SP4


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Did you mean SP3 or SP4? I assume this is the same machine that you had the Print Spooler problem with?
Did you mean RPC, not RCP?
RPC is the Remote Procedure Call service.
Again check in your Services list that it's present and running (again it should be set to Automatic).

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Oh dear, it sounds like your Windows services are in a bit of a mess!
Have a search to see if there's any way of restoring and resetting them, short of doing a repair install.
You may have to do that though.

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There's nothing to lose, I'm going to start all over again with a clean slate.

As long as I do nothing else than installing Windows (XP) on an empty disk, I presume I can move it to any other machine to install motherboard drivers and everything else?

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On 26/06/2016 at 6:59 AM, Roffen said:

I presume I can move it to any other machine to install motherboard drivers and everything else?

Sorry to poke my nose in Roffen, but if you move an XP system drive to another motherboard ("machine"), you may find you get a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) error on boot up.  There are workarounds for this if you do a 'doogle' search.  But you may find you have to do a repair install over the top to sort out addressing issues.  There may be activation issues to deal with as well depending on your xp version.  Either way, you will have a less than perfect operating system, with unnecessary conflicts lurking for you in the future.  If I have misunderstood your posting, please forgive me.

Regards, ®ich

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I'm wondering if someone here can be of help to Roffen and help him with a good, easy to work with ... back-up system. If he could get a good fresh install and then adjust all his settings just right ... get rid of any "junk" items or files and get that setup burned to a DVD or saved to a USB flash drive.

That should make things easier for him to 'start over' if an installation goes bad or some software doesn't work ... and he can 'experiment' more with software.

I use Time Machine by Bluebird or AX64 Time Machine ... it does cost some money but it works very well for me. I don't want him spending money on something if there is something better out there ... and maybe free but Time Machine is so easy to work with ... with XP anyway, not sure about a newer OS like Windows 7.

Are there other people here using Time Machine? ... with positive or negative things to say about it ? I was using RollBack Rx but with Time Machine ... nothing is running in the background, you can defrag if you want to and it doesn't mess with the MBR.

I don't have it running and only use it for a backup every month or two for updates I have applied ... Flash, Shockwave and etc.

I just fill bad for Roffen when he says he will start over or start with a fresh install. He seems to be trying many things to get a good working setup established. Just thought someone out there could offer a good backup program to save him time and frustration. It would drive me crazy going back to Square One so often.

Maybe an older version of Ghost from eBay would work but Time Machine has worked OK for me so far.

AX64 Time Machine


Questions & Answers


What is AX64 Time Machine?

A set and forget backup solution. Time Machine works silently in the background so you can have peace of mind you’re always protected.

How does it work?

Once you select the disk you want to backup and where you want to save it, Time Machine will quickly copy all the data and then perform backups hourly. With the touch of a button you can then roll back your entire computer to any previous point in time.

Can I select certain files to backup?

Time machine will backup everything on your disk, you wont miss anything. You can even view and open any file in the ‘backup browser’. It works just like Windows explorer.

Where are all the bells and whistles?

It’s all under the hood. Time machine is designed to work without needing a manual. Just two buttons to perform your main tasks. Backup and restore has never been easier.

Why are you better than other similar services?

Time Machine makes backup and recovery simple by performing images of your Windows system and allowing you to restore your PC to a previous point in time in just seconds to minutes.

My lifetime serial key does not work in the software.

When you purchase a key it will always work and never expire for that specific version. Users can upgrade to minor versions like 2.2 to 2.3 however must make a purchase at a discounted rate to a major release like 3 to 4.


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SP4 has been working quite fine for a long time but has developed some problems lately.

1. Spooler Subsystem error msg on startup, but ok at restart.

2. Updates been ok, but now the same 5 updates are being offered for installation again each time I shut down the machine.

From July 14 ... July 17:

KB3123055 ... KB3135986

I can chose not to download and install, or downlad without automatic installation.

I now have turned auto updates off.

I might perhaps be better of without SP4, using POS updates only?

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I see this thread as my home at MSFN - and have a problem not related to SP4:

I have done it before and have managed to fix it but this time I didn't have any luck with it.

I managed to make the taskbar at the bottom of the screen double height, and I can't get it back to normal. It is not locked. How can I get it back to normal again?

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The normal way is to hover the mouse cursor on the edge of the taskbar until the cursor changes to a double arrow, and then click and drag the edge downwards.
What happens if you do that?

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It’s a simple program built-in to Windows XP, and you can get to it by going to Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore.

It will probably open up with the radio button already set to “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and ready for you to press “Next,” which takes you to a calendar with bolded dates indicating available restore points.  Just pick the most recent (but one that’s still before the date the problem began), click “Next” again to confirm, and it sort of takes your computer back in time.

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