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Aero Glass ThemeAtlas

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Windows 7 (beta2) Theme - Adapted from win8cp.png, but with Windows 7 buttons.

Windows 7 (beta4) Theme - stardard8win7.png, but with Windows 7 buttons, and slightly lighter shadows. The frames on this look more like Windows 7.




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I replaced all of the images of the rtm theme with the images of the rp theme almost pixle for pixle. The only changes that were made fixing the sides of the windows and the aero peek outline.

post-376545-0-21884200-1383767560_thumb. post-376545-0-77486200-1383767635_thumb.

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Easiest way to test them is to put them in the folder where your theme is (that you specified in the registry), rename the currently used file, name you test-theme like the currently used one, and close the dwm.exe window. That will restart the dwm.exe and load the new theme.

Already opended windows must be refreshed to see effect.

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please post your themeatlas files here

Good Thread truexfan81! but for the new members and/or those who have not been keeping up with all of the aero glass

tweaking may also be a Good idea to give the registry file setting for the CustomThemeResource with .png file..DP

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In my case I went through trial and error while editing the themeatlas to find which area was affecting which element but now I do not remember very well and would not be able to make an accurate guide, sorry.

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Here is my contribution:

Crystaleight v1.0 Skin by Oomek

- all the best from both Windows 8 CP and Windows 7

- buttons redone from scratch

- fixed frame thickness issue in some windows

Crystaleight v1.1

-fixed gap between the buttons and the window edge

Crystaleight v1.2

- title glow round added

- title glow square added

Tested in AeroGlass 1.0 RC3 for Win 8.1

post-385423-0-51072100-1389974285_thumb. round post-385423-0-62476300-1389981293_thumb. square post-385423-0-98008400-1389981308_thumb.

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