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  1. I tried windows blinds, I did not like transparency without blur at all.
  2. Maybe you really could add an option for those who want to load custom themes. With a "at your own risk" warning of course. Many of us had no problems at all with this feature. Til then, I´ll stick with release candidate 1.
  3. Thanks, infinality. @bigmuscle: if the glow thing is broken as this in the dwm itself, shouldn´t we return to the way you did it in beta 3? Or was something wrong with it?
  4. Found a glass reflection png on page 7 in this thread, but I liked the reflection shown in beta 3. Where did beta 3 get it´s reflection theme from?
  5. Badly broken. I get a black screen, only visible thing is the mouse cursor. Edit: fixed version works. I have no glow effect, and I don´ t know where the reflection bmp is...
  6. Easiest way to test them is to put them in the folder where your theme is (that you specified in the registry), rename the currently used file, name you test-theme like the currently used one, and close the dwm.exe window. That will restart the dwm.exe and load the new theme. Already opended windows must be refreshed to see effect.
  7. Noel´s theme, but with win 7 buttons Update: included the glow.bmp for beta 4
  8. I simply copied the requested spaces from one theme and pasted them into the exact same position in the other theme. You can do that by yourself...and put together your very own personalized theme that way.
  9. @infinality: I don´t know how he did it but NoelC uses rounded corners in his theme found on the download page of glass8 homepage. I took that as a basis and copy/pasted your button colors into it. I did not change the symbols, so now the win 7 buttons contain win 8 symbols. I like it that way.
  10. debug.log says license file loaded. The popup window "This is BETA of Aero Glass for Win8.1." still appears. Edit: I used the licence key generated under win 8. I just generated a new one under win 8.1, and it was different than the old one. Let´s see if that works. Edit2: No popup anymore, maybe that´s also the reason why automatic downloading of symbols did not work. I did not change my CPU or harddrive, so I expected the old licence key to work, but obviously that was wrong.
  11. Thank you, ace2, that works. @bigmuscle: didn´t you want to replace the popup "information" window with the watermark? I still get the popup...
  12. OK, thanks. So where to get these symbols? Automatic downloading never worked for me although I have a licensed copy. Without Ace2´s tutorial I could not use these betas at all.
  13. All other builds worked fine with the symbols I have...does beta 3 need different ones? Beta 3 itself works fine, just without custom theme and without glass reflection.
  14. I can´t get a custom theme resource to work with beta 3...and glass reflections are gone.
  15. Thanks. I´d prefer the message box, but it´s better to have aeroglass with restrictions than no glass at all...
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