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  1. Anybody know how to get this full translucent effect w/blur in Windows 10? The theme file is obviously old and needs a layout file, but the registry settings don't seem to make any white parts translucent regardless.
  2. Has anybody had luck with "SetWindowCompositionAttribute.exe" to make blur behind semi-transparent windows, such as powershell? Any combinations of settings I try results in wacky colors or barely visible text.
  3. I renamed the symbols folder to symbols.disabled, and changed the name of the *.key files to *.key.disabled so that it wouldn't automatically download symbols. I did have to do this from a Linux boot CD (parted magic) but a Windows rescue disk would probably work too.
  4. Confirmed that the Mostly Harmless workaround works on my updated Windows 10 system.
  5. Hi all- I've been mostly a lurker, but using aeroglass and watching the forum for awhile. I'm thinking this might be a limitation within Windows, but is it possible to dissociate the opacity level of active vs. inactive frames? Basically, I want the active frame to be rich blue, with slight transparency, and have the inactive frame be essentially colorless, but transparent with blurred background. Every time I try tweaking the levels in the registry for inactive frames, they turn dark, when I want them to turn more transparent. Anybody have any ideas? EDIT: Also, is there some sort of theme creation tool for the Custom Atlas png files? Or is it just hand-editing?
  6. Thanks for the tip... I did create a new (previously unusued) folder and unzip the files to it, and then ran the install.bat from there. Still though I get that error.
  7. I'm getting this same error, and while I can manually run aerohost.exe and get it to work, it doesn't run when I log in. What am I doing wrong?
  8. BigMuscle- Any way to make 100% transparent theme areas (from the themeatlas.png file) *not* get their background blurred, while anything with any other level of transparency would still be? I'm thinking it would be easier to make a rounded corner version theme that way, instead of adding padding to the shadow areas (which then encapsulates the buttons and doesn't look right, IMO). Thanks!
  9. For what it's worth, I'm not having any new problems. Just make sure to put an entry in regedit for the reflection file. The one from page 7 looks great if you put a 20px gaussian blur on it.
  10. I'm also still seeing the issue in certain programs (like thunderbird) where half of the frame coloring is messed up.
  11. Does anybody have a list or guide as to what each area in the png corresponds to in the theme?

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