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  1. ok for the record my netbook never got to the 10586 build, windows update gets to around 30% on the download then BSOD's first time it gave some kinda of pool_caller error, 2nd time it said critical process died...for a brand new clean install windows 10 is being very flaky
  2. It works fabulously! Did it "just work" for you when you installed 10586, or did you have to re-do any Aero Glass settings? In my case, I'm going to have to reconstruct the settings and choices I'd made. Shoulda taken notes when I did it the first time, as talk about "theme atlases" and so forth doesn't exactly roll off my tongue. --JorgeA didn't work at all, after update it won't boot up, just sits there with a blinking cursor
  3. will this version work with 10586? it appears they have pushed that build out to windows update, so everyone will be getting it
  4. can someone please take the rp atlas for win10 and modify it to have rounded corners? thanks
  5. i used to use avast, i removed it when it became nag ware, always bugging me "try this product" "try this new addon" etc
  6. For the reasons mentioned in previous posts, i've started waiting a week or so to do updates so that when i do the symbols will be available for glass8 to download them.
  7. @Noel my 8.1.1 x64 is fully up to date and i have 0 issues with glass8 so perhaps the updates only cause problems for those that don't have a key and therefor cannot auto download new symbols
  8. @BM this gives me an idea for future releases, it might be a good idea to have it report on that dialog box if the reason for failure to download symbols is because there is no donation key file, and possibly even have a donate now button that will open the user's default browser and take them to the donation page.
  9. [2014-10-10 10:58:30][0xC20:0x10D0] Donation key not loaded (2 - The system cannot find the file specified.) this is why it cannot download the symbols for you
  10. I also like the border-less windows, in 8.1 i did a registry edit to get the borders down to nearly nothing.
  11. so MS has the symbols uploaded, glass8 is loading my key, why is it not downloading the symbols?
  12. would be nice if it could auto download the needed symbols for the windows 10 preview
  13. it will only download them if it needs them, so if it doesn't download them, and is not broken don't worry about it edit: i just installed the last batch of updates after reboot glass8 downloaded symbols for me also. i wonder what they changed in dwm this time Unfortunately for me, my pc boots with a black screen where as I can only see the cursor after the update. I've had this issue in the past from Aero Glass and other updates. Any way to manually get it to update the symbols? Are u using some alternative desktop theme? See Windows 8.1 cumulative patch: trouble with alternative desktop themes. It's an article from a german IT-News site translated by google. Interesting and I am infact using an alternative desktop theme. I suppose I will have to wait for an update on the UX end? Unless anyone else knows of any sort of fix? one of the updates, updates the uxthemes.dll file, so to use your theme you will have to patch the dll again
  14. Any news on this - thread got hijacked about zip code questions. Right now a programm a paid for (donated for) is not working correectly have you tried deleting the symbols folder and then restart dwm or reboot?

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