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What PDF reader do u use?


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i used to use Adobe Reader, but i wanted to be able to annotate my PDF, eg. highlight text, add notes etc. so i started using Foxit Reader. but i found that its quite slow? when i click on the contents link, it takes a while to goto the page. i uninstalled adobe reader so i cannot compare, but it seems like foxit is slower. what do u use or recommend?

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I used to use Foxit reader years ago but I'm glad I dumped it. It was somewhat faster than the versions of Adobe Reader back then, but that was several ago. These days Acrobat Reader is FAR better at a lot of different things like printing, or features not requiring downloads to work (like that JPEG2000 plugin it always seems to be downloading) -- that's when foxit supports the format at all. It's completely useless for some stuff, for example any 3D PDFs generated with SolidWorks (can't see 3D PDFs, you only get a "Enable 3D View" error message) and other CAD apps (e.g. can't turn autocad layers on or off); I've had issues with color profiles in CMYK PDFs generated by Photoshop and other Adobe as well (colors were off). In a lot of "alternative" PDF readers, loads of useful features like file attachments, portfolios or digital signatures don't work at all. Plus, Foxit is slower at adopting new features (like PDF 1.8) so there's always the worry that something else won't work quite right. Foxit has distracting ads too (in the upper right hand corner), and it has tried pushing the ask toolbar as part of updates before, etc. If you stick to Adobe's tools, everything just works.

BTW, Acrobat (not the reader) has great annotation tools. I use the object touchup tool quite a bit.

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I like Adobe Reader lite, but it's very hard to find newer versions and then you need to make sure the installed doesn't contain some malware :(

Tried Foxit and didn't like it at all. It might be small and fast, but it sucks.

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My two cents:

I was using Foxit because of speed and size. But some time ago it became bloated. Ask bar inside, problems with some PDF documents not viewing or printing..

Anyway as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader I found Ricks Adobe Acrobat Reader, it's a somewhat slimmed down version and was my default reader until today.

Reading Yzöwl's post about PDF-Xchange Viewer I gave it a try, and wow - that's some full featured PDF reader and editor. I instantly liked it and have made it

my default PDF viewer.

Thanks Yzöwl, I really never heard of it before.


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hi, you can try pdf xchange viewer it allows you to view and edit PDFs, all from within an attractive and intuitive interface. the free version doesn't allow you to create documents from scratch, it does let you edit extensively, with a few exceptions, mainly the ability to add or remove pages. Commenting, underlining, stamping, attaching files and creating text boxes are all easily done, and can be modified and removed in the click of a button.

OS: Win2000/XP/Vista/7

so i hope you can find it good...........

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Isn't it easier to just get the link to the "final" page ? :unsure::

No, thanks. Sorry if I confused people with tons of links in my post. ;)

I thought the info on the page was interesting (In fact didn't just come across the page, I searched for it as an "Ask" setup.exe was downloaded today on my computer by a software (Foxit PDF Viewer indeed) that I installed years ago. Maybe an automatic update that I failed to disable but unwanted for sure.

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