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  1. Same here Fully agreed on everything! That would have been a better solution in my opinion too.
  2. Yep. That's a common problem with everything that relies on web services or websites. Over time, companies change their terms of service and pricing (like Google who's doing just that for Google apps currently), they often remove features (like Google did recently with their "cloud" sync), there's the problems of independent "cloud" providers and websites "going 404" indeed, there's the problems of companies changing their online APIs requiring constant updates to your apps so they keep working (or sometimes they limit usage a lot like twitter recently, or they start to charge for it like Goog
  3. Oh, when it comes to work, we're totally locked-in to Windows, in more ways than I can count. But for the foreseeable future that'll be Windows 7. Virtually every piece of software we use (or even write) is Windows-only, and for the most part there are no suitable replacements for these apps (aside from Adobe apps and MS Office, both of which also run on the Mac) I think it's close enough that we can say complete.
  4. I don't see that changing anytime soon either. Sure, MS is trying to copy Apple harder than ever, but they're screwing up everything big time, and only copying the bad stuff seemingly... Just one out of thousands of possible examples: On the Apple side: On all iDevices, you have music you can sync with iTunes (v11 is fantastic BTW), which has a great interface, it has great "smart" playlists and such. It works seamlessly with their store. All your iDevices and PCs sync together and it just works, and there's tons of cool accessories for all of them. And the Remote app is incredible! From my i
  5. Yes, I believe it's pointless too. I already knew he had "deleted" it as well. I just found it funny that a game that's sold many millions of copies on Android and iOS (and is making them millions) is basically generating zero revenue as a Metro app. Not even enough to recoup the costs of porting it. If you want to make money selling apps, the Apple and Google stores is where the money is at and it's not going to change anytime soon with Win8 tablets like Surface failing pretty hard, and desktop users avoiding everything Metro like the plague it is.
  6. Not only Win8 is getting a lot of bad reviews, including the one from the usability guru last week, but this week brings another gem, on a MIT blog from a well known guy with a PhD in comp sci: Christmas gift for someone you hate: Windows 8. Seemingly some developers learn these lessons the hard way. In the first month alone, iOS made them £70,000, Android £50,000, and Win RT will bring in somewhere between £150 and £200... This will also serve as a lesson to others doing market research to see if its profitable to develop Metro apps.
  7. One could argue that they already have. Sure, cmd.exe is still there but that part is so trivial to replace (especially in such a primitive form), and there exists many good replacements for it (better ones) like console2. The thing though is that they've let it fall aside, much like a lot of other good stuff. Batch files (and to some extent cmd.exe) haven't been meaningfully updated in over a decade. And what mostly replaced it (vbscript primarily -- and what relied on it like classic ASP) has also suffered the same treatment (no meaningful updates since Win2k). Also, they've never put in the
  8. It all depends on where you are located, which store you go to, etc. The apple store was full when I bought my iPad, and there were lots of people at Best Buy when I went to buy a cover for my iPad a couple days ago. The thing I don't see is people buying anything that runs Windows 8. I've seen more people buying Android tablets (and even Blackberry Playbook tablets) than Win8 tablets. But those numbers wouldn't look good so there's no reason to publish them. Especially when being dishonest easily makes you look good! It's nice to see Paul Thurott acknowledge NPD's numbers (that 40M licenses
  9. That might be the case for smaller OEMs but I don't see Dell writing a purchase order for each and every single PC they have to activate. Then again, that's only a matter of accounting and it's very likely that this is how they proceeded. Just my $0.02 but we'll never know the truth, or actual relevant numbers, like how many satisfied customers they have who actually wanted it on their desktop in the first place.
  10. Yep! But it was Redmond that abandoned us first, that makes them the real traitors They made me buy my Mac Mini first (our 3 Win 7 PCs are our main computers still) and now an iPad. Nice! I can see lots more people doing just like me, and it's Ballmer & Sinofsky who are to blame for all this. Edit: I'm also buying the kids a 32GB iPod Touch for xmas... I can see why Apple is making so much money! Microsoft is trying to turn themselves into Apple, and all it's doing is driving customer interest away from them and towards Apple. Well done Mr Ballmer!
  11. Like I said, it wouldn't be just the wrong design, but I'd expect it to have the controls of the motorbike (handlebars and all), not having the freedom or fuel economy of the bike, nor the comfort, stability or security of the car either. Win8 is one of those that manages to get the worst of both worlds: it really sucks on the desktop (it feels primarily as a tablet OS), and all the the useful software is for a desktop (and as such sucks on a tablet), the battery life of a laptop, and the price of both combined... It just doesn't work at any level. By the way, I'm now the proud owner of a bran
  12. ...or a basic iPad that's actually a good tablet (or a very decent Android tablet if you prefer) with tons of good apps meant for touch (unlike Win8 whose only good apps are desktop apps, which suck on a tablet) and has good battery life, and a half decent laptop to go with it (which is better to write Office docs and email than with Surface anyway). Surface Pro is just a bad compromise of the two, much like Win8 is a bad compromise between a desktop and a tablet OS, failing miserably at both (but more so on the desktop side) It's like if Honda decided to stop selling motorbikes and cars, only
  13. In other news, while MS lies with numbers about their 40M licenses sold, it's well known that those sales aren't reflected in user statistics. NetApplications shows Win8 still under 1% for November, despite the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Yep, most of those 40M licenses sold are certainly sold to large OEMs for the next year worth of sales (which OEMs like Acer and ASUS are saying there is no demand for it), likely counting licenses given away to software assurance customers (who won't use 'em), those sitting on shelves of retailers like newegg (who also reported low demand) and so on
  14. Nah. That's not quite it IMO. Some distros have a WinXP-like desktop (which IMO isn't exactly great) while others have this Unity garbage that's really no better than Win8. Still, this is just a relatively minor point when you look at the big picture. The real problem is that it doesn't run any of the important software Windows runs. I can totally forego Windows games and buy a console or something, but Linux just doesn't have the kind of software library Windows has (not even 1% of it). If Linux can meet someone's needs then his needs are extremely minimal, and chances are any OS would do in
  15. That would be really sad! Intel makes crappy motherboards and it would drastically reduce choice/selection. Other OEMs might still be able to buy CPUs and sell them pre-soldered to motherboards but it would still reduce choice by a lot. There would only be so many motherboard/CPU combos available from each OEM and in stock at different retailers. Edit: Yes, there's still AMD, but when their "high end" 8 core monsters barely compete with "entry-level" dual core i3's (especially if you ignore rendering benchmarks!) while consuming more than twice the power and that it costs 60% more too ($190 vs
  16. I don't know if I'd say rock bottom. I think it's always been pretty low, but with a different set of problems. There's tons of problems, which I'd like to split in 2 major categories: Development-related problems: -poor requirements or not understanding the problem to solve properly (the soft works great... but not doing what it needed to do in the first place) -the said requirements changing late in the development cycle, requiring major changes, resulting in rushed changes -poor project planning and bad estimates (all too common), leading to my next point: -managers pushing for the quick re
  17. Indeed. Saying that it's because people are unable or unwilling to adapt to changes is condescending and absurd. Loads of us adapted from 8 bit computers all the way to Win7 with zero problems, and that's including a lot of non-MS operating systems. But Win8 is just a huge step back in usability on a desktop and I will not have any of that. It seems to me like an OS only complete novices could possibly like. Highly inefficient, crippled, backwards and severely dumbed-down but it's probably easy to use by kids who've only ever used touch-phone like devices before and who don't need to do much b
  18. There's a few of us but there's very little programming talk around here. You'd be better off going to stackoverflow and other common sites really.
  19. It seems like Sinofski's gone! Good riddance! Now if only they can fire Ballmer then perhaps there's still hope for Win9! Then again, Julie Larson-Green sems to be responsible for awful and dysfunctional UI design in Win8, so I wouldn't get my hopes up too much. Edit: many other sites are now reporting that too, including Engadget. And here's Sinofski's letter. And MS' official PR regarding new leadership.
  20. +1 to that. It's the other way around.
  21. Thanks! The point was we now know that the "app bubble" won't make you rich unless you're very lucky. Developers know this. There's just not much of a reason to bother IMO. Doubly so when it's an app store for a platform with almost no users. I mean, iOS is on over 400M devices and Android on over 500M, with 1.3M new devices activated everyday. We know that Win8 has sold a measly 4M licenses, but we have no idea how many of those are sitting on shelves of stores or warehouses (MS is well known for counting many things like that in their Vista sales to inflate the numbers), we have no idea how
  22. If it really was (I don't see anyone who even plans on buying it anytime soon), we'd hear a lot more about it. Tech heads are like less than 1% of the population, and they tend to mostly stay current to be able to support it. They're also the group (which is where the fanboys are) that ran Vista even though it's pretty much synonym with "catastrophic failure" to 99%+ of the population. That means very little. And when you look at surveys that were done previously on Win8-heavy sites, the vast majority of the users claimed to prefer another OS. I see none of that happening anywhere right now,
  23. I'll make a wild guess and say you aren't one. Because it's the *complete* opposite as far as I'm concerned. To me, Win8 is the beginning of the end. By itself, it's a good enough reason to abandon C# and the .NET framework for something that can also run on other OS'es which are still usable on a desktop (keeping support for Win7 obviously), and if mobile is attractive at all, even port easily to devices that actually sell i.e. Android or iOS based. With MS making the desktop a 2nd class citizen, and making WinRT incompatible with 100% of what we're using (all desktop and x86 apps) and making
  24. The taskbar is Win7's best feature IMO. It's really a godsend. I only use the start menu as a last resort or for the common but not common enough to be pinned to the taskbar apps (then Win8 just replaces it with a awful smartphone UI). I mean, it's not like I can physically pin everything I use to the taskbar. As for Flip 3D, I've never actually seen anyone who uses it, save for Scott Hanselman when he uses it as a way to make people laugh in his lectures (just hold the buttons and go "Weeeee!" as windows just fly past). It's *far* too slow to react to be usable at all. In 2 really quick keys
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