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  1. I have just tried this in a VM and sure enough, once that partition existed, the CU installed just fine. If it's not present, it fails during reboot after seemingly successful installation. This started some time a few months ago, basically in the 2nd half of last year I guess. I have the usual GPT setup with 100MB EFI, 128MB MSR, and the actual Win partition. I have been doing this for years and it only started to give me problems with this thing. Oh and btw, installing a CU manually works just fine even without the partition. That's kinda bizarre. Something must have changed so
  2. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized the cumulative updates keep failing to install because - judging by some random google results when I googled the 0x800F0922 or 0xc1900104 error - there's no reserved partition, you know, that 500MB thing, on my system. I have my unattended installation that I've been using since Windows 7 and it always worked just fine. I started seeing CUs fail to update some time during last year and always thought it was because my system got somehow was broken after over two years of torturing it. Does anyone know when has that partition became a requirement?
  3. Hmm. All this registry stuff is confusing as hell, but I thought ntuser.dat is HKEY_CURRENT_USER according to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/sysinfo/registry-hives Also I am working with a mounted Win image where the paths are different. ntuser.dat is at <mountdir>\Users\Default\NTUSER.DAT, so I really am utterly lost.
  4. I found one regtweak that, bizarrely, resides in [HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DeliveryOptimization\Settings], but I ran into a dead end when I thought I'd integrate it into the image just like the rest, because these SIDs are not present in the registry by default. There are none under HKLM\WIM_Users when I mount the image and import the registry. Is there any way to do this or do I have to do it post-installation?
  5. This crap is killing me. I am installing a new notebook for my mother in law, and this garbage even somehow managed to install MsOffice onto the machine. I googled it up and while I did manage to find a way to do this (executing c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\<version number>\Installer\setup.exe -uninstall -system-level -verbose-logging -force-uninstall), it seems like the thing is reinstalled with each cumulative update. Powershell flat out refuses to do anything since it's part of the OS. There is also a folder in \Window\systemapps which some sources sugge
  6. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/customize/desktop/unattend/ This document looks suspiciously empty to me. There's no chance nothing changed in this part of Windows customization in two years... Does anyone know anything more? Or is this document outdated? I can't google anything better up.
  7. I have assorted registry tweaks I apply to my images. It has always worked for me since Windows 7. I've been testing something today after a long time, and after a few hours of trying to figure out WTF was going on, I came to the conclusion this part of the customization didn't work at all. Basically what I do is this: 1) mount the image 2) load the registry files from the image 3) apply some tweaks 4) unload registry 5) save and unmount the image When I mount the image back, the changed/added registry keys and values are there, so this part is correct. I know there are
  8. Pin to start doesn't work when done from within Total Commander. I think I reported this long time ago but nothing happened. I have no idea where the underlaying problem is, but I know it did work at some point in past. Long time ago, I don't know. edit: It seems like the SIB++'s own pin to start isn't recognized by TC.
  9. I really regret not buying a notebook with Pro version instead. Lesson learned for future.
  10. I googled a workaround up - you can defer upgrades even on Home edition if you set connection type to metered. Going to give it a try on another machine.
  11. I've been mostly happy with Windows 10. Until today. My wife's notebook that runs Home edition was sneakily upgraded to version 1809 at some point, and I've just realized most/all registry tweaks in the customized image I created are GONE. I had an extremely handy extra options in the context menu of This PC and it's empty. Now I'm p***ed. A lot. A LOT.
  12. I am about 85% happy with 1803, but I'll be damned if I'll install 1809 sooner than in a few months after what they did since the original launch.
  13. What do I need to backup in order to transfer settings to new Windows installation?
  14. The opacity slider in "Glass color" doesn't do anything. What is it supposed to do? Similarly, I don't understand the "accent color". It doesn't do anything either. Oh and in the accent tab, the checkbox doesn't work. When I uncheck it and click save, it gets reverted to checked state.
  15. After several weeks to a few months after finally deciding to bite the bullet and installing v1803, I can say I got used to it. Even the lack of pure Win7 Aero (couldn't find any suitable AeroGlass theme I'd like). I don't see any performance improvement, but it seems more stable. Some minor annoyances I disliked on Win7 are fixed here. I guess it's ok.
  16. The integration is basically dism /Mount-image /ImageFile:"<path>\install.wim" /index:<number> /MountDir:"<where to mount>" /Optimize /CheckIntegrity dism /image:c:\mount /add-package /packagepath:"<path to the folder with the servicing update" dism /Unmount-image /MountDir:"<path>" /Commit /CheckIntegrity And then again the same thing, only you have to specify different folder where the actual CU is (not sure if you can point to specific files, probably yes, but I prefer not to edit the d*** batch file over and over).
  17. That's partially why I couldn't figure it out! The servicing stack updates are sometimes mentioned at the bottom of the cumulative updates' page, like here. There doesn't seem to be any kind of centralized info/download page for the servicing updates.
  18. In case anyone ever runs into the same problem: I managed to figure it out - purely accidentally. It turned out there IS a prerequisite to integrating this - it's called "servicing stack" and these KBs are released more or less along with the cumulative updates (sometimes like once per two CUs). Of course, this is not explained anywhere (the connection and dependency). The other catch is that when you try to integrate all this, you have to do it twice. WTF. So you have to mount the image, do whatever customizations you have prepared, then integrate the servicing stack, THEN unmou
  19. Does anyone have Win7-ish atlas for version 1803, and with reduced borders ideally? Everything I've seen in the forum thus far either doesn't work or looks bad.
  20. Noone? Really? Noone does custom images in W10 anymore?
  21. Ah ok, I didn't have the update yet. I installed it, and the symbols failed to download. What should I do?
  22. Nothing downloaded for me. Is it supposed to start automatically, with command prompt window and stuff?
  23. Is it normal that the program takes up to ten seconds to start? If yes, what is it doing that it takes so long?
  24. What do you mean by color of an active window? Do you mean the thin border around? And about all the sliders though? Color balance? What does that do?
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