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  1. My dwm.exe sits at 9.2MB currently. SIB++ 1.1.5. Cheers.
  2. Anyone can use it, but not anyone does. This topic didn't contain any ideas on how to set associations, so if anything it was useful to keep the discussion going. Expanding on the /regvid option, there are four similar settings: /regvid /regaud /regall /regpl I just tested it on Windows 10, silent install with /regall option and it worked wonders! Cheers.
  3. Thanks Tihiy, 1.1.2 indeed fixes the start button problems. All is OK at my end, no issues with plain 10 theme. Cheers.
  4. To reproduce the issue with normal Windows start menu showing instead of SIB++: - Click the task view button- Click bottom right or bottom left corner of the menu icon, windows menu shows instead of SIB! Cheers.
  5. I've just installed a fresh Windows 10 machine, and the same issue exists. Sometimes the Windows 10 menu opens instead of SIB++. No stardock or the likes installed, just plain Windows. Trust me, this version is bugged. Just wait for others to report it. Cheers.
  6. Correction: Trying with other themes also, latest version does not work correctly. Sometimes it shows the Windows start menu instead of startisback. Cheers.
  7. Latest versions sometimes opens Windows 10 startmenu. Subsequent clicks opens startisback normally. I'm using plain10 style. Cheers Edit: It only happens with plain10 style.
  8. This might be a little long, but I've managed to capture the registry entries that are being set by MPC BE when choosing ALL filetypes. Perhaps someone can make something of it, like a reg file. Edited with spoiler tags, sorry mate.
  9. He said something like that in a very early stage, after it became known that Microsoft would re-introduce the start menu in Windows 10. But then it became clear that it was not going to be the same start menu as we hoped for (Windows 7 style), so my guess is that Tihiy decided it was worth releasing StartIsBack for Windows 10. Personally I'm very happy with it. Cheers.
  10. I hear you. Autoit is the last resort for me also, as I'm doing a lot of unattended installs it sometimes does the job. Shark007 has a MPC-BE version on his download page that sets filetype associations seemingly without any problem... Execute it as admin, go to options - formats and choose "all", there will be no windows popup saying that is has to be done by the settings ap. Cheers.
  11. You can get rid of that by unhiding the packages with wimtweak and completely removing them with DISM. Either online or offline. Cheers.
  12. It could be done on W8 and it can be done on W10 also. But you need do it with some autoit macro to make it totally unattended. Use "openwith.exe" to set default programs (run as admin): Start /wait OpenWith.exe %~dp0"test.zip"taskkill /im winrar.exe /fStart /wait OpenWith.exe %~dp0"test.gif"taskkill /im dllhost.exe /fStart /wait OpenWith.exe %~dp0"test.pdf"taskkill /im PDFXCView.exe /f
  13. Downloaded a few hours ago and it is now at RC2. Tihiy will probably make it final soon. That said, I'm impressed (again). Working flawlessly in W10, this is the start menu to go with. Thanks for your work Tihiy. Cheers.
  14. On a side note, it would be very interesting to see if Avira makes the same mistake as they did at W8 launch...Not having a certified AV ready. Otherwise it's a good product. Cheers.
  15. Actually it is rather common to use hardware ID's to create an unique signature. If you take some time to write to Tihiy and explain your issue, I'm sure he'll try to help out. Cheers.
  16. Can confirm but only partly. Typing "Update" does not show "Windows Update". But typing "Windows Update" does show it as the first option. Windows 8.1 Pro en-US. Cheers.
  17. You can try to import a registry file with the desired settings. Easy and fast. Puedes intentar importando un archivo de registro con los ajustes deseados. Fácil y rápido. Cheers.
  18. @teaganscott: Are you using a tablet or some portable with Windows RT? I don't think this is supported Cheers.
  19. This happens actually because a shutdown in W8 is not really a shutdown, but more like suspend. They call it "hybrid shutdown". So if you choose "shutdown" from the start menu your computer "sleeps" instead of a full shutdown. There is even more to this: After updating, Windows requires a restart. If you shut down normally after updating one day, and turn your PC on the next day, you will see that WU still requires a restart. If you do not reboot, Windows will reboot itself after two days. This is annoying to say the least, I had a few customers complaining about spontaneous reboots, they blame the PC but it's actually Windows that restarts to finish the updates. Cheers.
  20. Is it possible for someone to post a link to the latest 7z SFX Tools (1.6 develop build 2712 December 30, 2012)? It seems the file is offline, getting a 404. Cheers.
  21. Please adjust the installer name to what you are using, and execute this as admin. Else it will fail. SiB auto-elevates, you may write a small batch and use the "runas" command if calling this from ROE, depending on wether you need to restart explorer shell. Other than that, the line is 100% working. Cheers.
  22. I'm using something like this: StartIsBack_setup.exe /elevated /silentThis installs for all users. After installation, I'm importing a registry file with all settings to set the menu style and orb. Only issue seems to be the first config screen, as much as I set the "WelcomeShown" value, it still shows... Cheers.
  23. I can confirm the behavior described here as being an issue with MSE. Using Avira Free antivirus now and all is well. Cheers.

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