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  1. It seems like 100% got an answer right (and so "guessed" one of the questions correctly) and that 50% also got the he fact that the discussion was shifted to an other sub-forum. I'll have this closed so I have the last word (I now you hate it). An other option is to waste both your time and mine.
  2. If you read the 1st post, I give the answer to the "title question", then ask a second question. That's the one I want an answer to. Then I say I'll ask that in an other sub-forum. It's not very subtle.
  3. I understand and fully agree you won't spend time on it , I'm still confused since vLite is sort of "retired" (by yourself) that there is no clear statement whether NTLite does or does not (beside the fact there is no support) work on a Vista DVD (be it from a Win7 OS).
  4. The question was "try NTLite anyway?". The question mark should have been a hint.
  5. Now that the Download link in the vLite forum leads to NTLite and that NTLite says Vista is not supported (but might work), iis there any official position on this? Shall I just try or are there known problems? Or is the suppression of the vLite download a mistake (nobody seems to have noticed over there)? Thanks.
  6. Wow... I guess vLite fans are as dead as Vista. I'll ask this in the NTLite forum.
  7. Some drives have a jumper that allows a 8GB limitation, have you triple checked that? (I see everybody jumping on the 4Gig barrier but if 4Gig is half the drive... the drive is well seen as 8Gig). You could try to make one partition and see if it formats as 8Gig so you'd see if it is a software problem. I also remember an update for Win9x's "fdisk" from MS but I can't remember what version it was for nor what the problem was. Cheers.
  8. Hey Nuhi, The vLite download is redirected to NTLite but NTLite warns you that Vista is not supported. So what to do? Try NTLite anyway?
  9. I see. Then, as you say there is no later version (I'll have to believe you on that because I don't know the video card(s) nor the driver(s) version(s)), I suggest you do nothing and see if it fixes your problem.
  10. You could try downgrading the video driver if applicable.
  11. Was there any reason you wanted to do that? Any symptoms that made you think "hum... I probably need to slipstream SATA drivers". If those symptoms are gone, you probably did it right. I guess you got a blue screen during XP install or your hard disk was not appearing in the list for Windows to install on a partition. Or maybe some other HDD(s) on an additional controller was not appearing after XP was installed. I guess this was the symptom. Again, if the symptom is gone with your new CD or ISO or however you start your install, you probably did it right. I can't guaranty because I don't know what your problem was, what SATA controller you have, what SATA drivers you integrated, how you integrated them or how far you completed the operation. Any reason you "think you did it right finally"? Is it a feeling? Is it any better than the last time(s) ? In what way... we don't have a clue. You probably do. We can't wait to know.
  12. I have the guts but I try to be adult and forum rules say no . My dilemma was (I'll stop here, really, this is OT, I think this will be clear enough); you can't "naysay" something that doesn't make sense.
  13. As well, but aside of that, semantically, it makes no sense at all! There is no word about "hardware". We all understand what he says only because we make a connection with obvious things that have been said so many times before (again here by bphlpt and you), but read it with the eyes of a child and it makes no sense at all. I just wanted to point that because of the "don't waste my time" bit. I'm wasting our time as much as he was. I'm not even sure I'm doing it in a funnier way. I'll move on.
  14. Does this make sense to the majority of the readers of this thread? The affirmation and/or its explanation?
  15. One is enough. It's just a "backup" way to start your recovery procedure in case you (also) lost the ability to start the computer (and thus the program) the "normal" way.

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