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Do you lock your computer?


Locking your computer  

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  1. 1. Do you lock your computer when you leave it?

    • Yes (By choice)
    • Yes (Because I'm forced to)
    • No (By choice)
    • No (Because I'm not allowed to)
    • No (Because my computer can't be locked)
    • I've never heard of locking my computer
  2. 2. Is your screensaver password-protected?

    • Yes (By choice)
    • Yes (Because it's forced)
    • No (By choice)
    • No (Because it's not allowed to be)
    • No (Because my screensaver can't be password protected)
    • I've never heard of password-protecting my screensaver
  3. 3. Do you force others to lock their computers? (By group policy, etc.)

    • Yes
    • No
    • No (I can't)
    • Does not apply

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They sure don't give students admin rights at my school!

i had admin rights in high school

anyway umm when im using xp i tend to lock, when using 98se i cant be bothered to set a user password so i dont have any point in locking

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I don't lock mine. I don't need too.

If my pc was password protected, my wife would find that suspicious and would probably imagine all kinds of stupid things. Since i have nothing to hide, she can poke all she wants. She as her own pc and i know when she pokes around on mine when i'm not there.

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I always lock my computer at work as I have high level rights and I dont want to leave it so people could come and sit at my PC and elevate their rights or "misuse" the system using my account.

At home I don't bother locking my PC as I very rarely leave it long enough for my wife to find my "educational" films ;-) (which are well hidden) plus my wife has her own PC so has no need to use mine

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