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  1. What Anti-Virus do you Use/Recommend?

    Using NOD32 for the last 3 months. Very good, hardly notice it running.
  2. Google Chrome

    I've replaced it with I.E and I found it really good, the only problem is there's no favorites tab for easy access. There's also no automplete meaning it doesn't save your searches. But I guess that's the basis for it being fast, it relies on the number of tabs you have open for how fast it works.
  3. B&W Laser Printer or Color Inkjet Printer

    Either, doesn't really make any difference unless your doing project work ect... My HP Desktop D1460 has been playing up lately, likes chewing up paper and printing back to front. Nothing a claw hammer won't sort out.
  4. What Anti-Virus do you Use/Recommend?

    I feel sorry for your PC
  5. They're all the same. Some you pay for some you don't.
  6. How to send/recieve free SMS?

    Why don't you just pay for it?
  7. What is your HardDisk's Brand?

    Western Digital, best grand for HDs.
  8. Whats the best Cleaner/Registry Software

    Just use Windows disk cleaner or/and Defragmenter, always safe.
  9. Hi everyone.

    Lol, you should avoid Vista mate, it's a catalogue of problems, from my experience. If you have GOW or anything, my Gamertags Andrew932 (not very original) add me:)
  10. FPS for PC? Suggestions?

    You'd need a **** good PC specification for that all on High settings, I don't think there's a PC out yet that can handle it on V.High. I'd still reccomend Crysis though and def Call of duty 4. Not a FPS, Gears of war is brilliant.
  11. I used to use Pc Tools antispyware, but started to cause errors and didn't update properly. Never tried the Firewall, doubt it's any better
  12. oil crisis

    I'm sure if there was a lot of oil in the USA, George Bush would be sending out the cavalry to drill for it. I guess much of the oil is in the Northern region, particularily in Alaska which is in the Arctic so it could result in breaking enviromental laws, not that I'm sure he cares too much about air quality. What I don't get are why people keep moaning about the prices, everythings going up, it's what happens it's not something new. If it was too expensive then some people should cut down and use public transport and stop wasting electricity.
  13. what's your computer's performance?

    Not bad I suppose, better than I thought on some of them. Runs smoothley so I'm not worried. Sais I can upgrade to 64-bit. Any idea how I would go about that?
  14. Smashed laptop screen

    Thanks for the link! No way am I paying that though, I might as well sell the laptop off as spair parts then buy the screen.