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  1. You could try Titan Quest. Not quite like Kotor but still a pretty good Action RPG. Minimum GFX card required is a Gforce3/ATI8500. The gold edition is pretty cheap and has both the original game and it's expansion in one package.
  2. For those that still play Diablo 2:LOD. The Median 2008 mod as recently been updated to 1.57 wich includes a LOT of changes. In my opinion, this is the best mod for Diablo 2:LOD. Blizzard should hire this guy. http://modsbylaz.planetdiablo.gamespy.com/
  3. The HDD manufacturer always has some kind of zero-fill utility. This is the supreme cleaner. It erase everything including partitions and boot sectors. I use it once a year for a deep clean. Then i start from scrach.
  4. Well for starters, your using the wrong files during setup. I have the same board btw. Goto MSI and dowload ATI SB600 IDE RAID Driver for your board. http://global.msi.com.tw/index.php?func=do...amp;prod_no=259 Unzip to a disk. At the F6 during setup, stick that disk. ==================== Contents on the disk ==================== README TXT This readme file AHCIx86 Microsoft Windows miniport disk label file AHCIx64 Microsoft Windows miniport disk label file TXTSETUP OEM Microsoft Windows miniport text mode setup file x86\AHCIx86 INF Microsoft Windows miniport setup file x86\AHCIx86 SYS Microsoft Windows miniport driver for x86 compatible platforms x86\AHCIx86 CAT Microsoft Windows WHQL Certified catalog file (place holder) x64\AHCIx64 INF Microsoft Windows miniport setup file x64\AHCIx64 SYS Microsoft Windows miniport driver for x64 platforms x64\AHCIx64 CAT Microsoft Windows WHQL Certified catalog file (place holder) ================ Software Version ================ Microsoft Windows miniport driver 2.5.1540.39
  5. Just to let anyone that uses a Logitech mouse or Keyboard of this new Setpoint release. 4.24 for Vista. Xp has not been updated yet, still at 4.00. I wish they had a release note on what this new version adds or fixes. http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/support_...s/&cl=us,en
  6. I personnaly don't use Nero (not anymore). But in my mind, it should not freeze your PC! BTW Is your DVD on a sperate IDE cable ? Not tied to the HDD.
  7. Did they take out the "Invasion" mode or i did not find it.
  8. Average song = 5 MB 200 songs = 1 GB 200,000 songs = 1 TB So 8 terabyte should hold aroud 1,600,000 songs Quite a collection indeed! That's assuming they were all obtain "legaly".
  9. Blasting Kane & Lynch may have left Jeff Gerstmann swinging in the breeze. I read this article on dailytech: http://www.dailytech.com/GameSpot+Editoria...article9847.htm If your like me and go to Gamespot. I suggest that you voice your opinion like i did. http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/kan...en/players.html Not sure if i posted in the right forum. It's gamer related.
  10. Standard keyboards are pretty cheap. The question you should be asking is what kind of make/model should i buy?
  11. I'm not sure if you can. That's the first thing i noticed when i tried 64bit. No shell extensions with 32 apps
  12. Hello! If you're a AMD/ATI user (like me!) You can get the original AMD Spider Platform Wallpaper from Tom's Hardware Guide in 4 sizes here: http://www.tomshardware.com/2007/11/19/the...web/page16.html I have created my own little version to reflect my own system. Even if my gear is older, the spider platform concept still applies if you're using a AMD CPU and chipset + videocard. I will certainly tick off Intel/Nvidia users this way.
  13. Picked up Unreal Tournament 3 today. It's been a while since i bought a game. It was time for a new title. Very nice and great looking game. Visuals are pretty outstanding if you have nice hardware to run it. It takes a good while to install and it installs Ageia PhysX drivers 7.09.13 at the same time. I used the newer 7.11.13. This thing is needed even if you don't have a PhysX card. 2 things i found funny with UT3: First thing was the recommended video hardware to run it (on the box). Nvidia 7800 GTX (Ok. This makes sense) or a ATI X1300... What were these guys thinking... It should be a X1800 maybe a 2600XT in a pinch for the recommended hardware. Second funny thing is if you have Vista, UT3 will show a "Early Childhood" ESRB rating with blood, gore and violence in the game explorer.
  14. I don't lock mine. I don't need too. If my pc was password protected, my wife would find that suspicious and would probably imagine all kinds of stupid things. Since i have nothing to hide, she can poke all she wants. She as her own pc and i know when she pokes around on mine when i'm not there.
  15. Did you fool around with your bios settings?
  16. Have a look here: http://www.tweakguides.com/TGTC.html
  17. First of all, i hate Asus web site. Many swear by Asus but this does not include me. (i'll get flamed for this... MSI = ) Flashing a BIOS should always be done under DOS regardless of your OS and it should only be done when your system is stable.
  18. I previously posted these modded drivers here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=106937 I'm not too inclined on using modded drivers. There not signed either. For now, i'll stick with Realtek until my next "cleanup" wich will be soon.
  19. I don't see why not because Via HAS chipset drivers (v5.13A) for Vista right here. Single,Dual and Quad core all work on Vista. Get latest Realtek Audio drivers for Vista (Not from Asus site) here. Get latest Marvell Lan drivers here. If your not going to use any RAID, i suggest disabling it in the bios along with parallel, infrared and serial port if those are not in use as well.
  20. I had some hiccups with Vista freezing very intermittently (could be days before freezing). I decided to remove my Audigy 2 ZS card with all related drivers and crap and enable the onboard Realtek with the 1.80 drivers (I know that 1.81 came out yesterday) to see if this would cure the problem. It seemed too but... Turns out that the real problem was bios related. Go figure. Anyway... Since the onboard Realtek is enabled and working great by the way. I'm wondering if i should put back my old Audigy 2 ZS or sick with onboard HD. I would like to note that Realtek had Vista drivers since version 1.48 and there now at 1.81 according to the readme file. That's 33 version releases since Vista came out and there WHQL certified too. Creative Labs on the other hand as 2, yes TWO driver versions released since Vista came out and those are NOT signed. X-fi drivers 4th version are not signed also. A quick look on Creatives forum looks very ugly. People are downright furious at Creative labs not doing "sqwat" about drivers/software for the Audigy/X-Fi series. Some vow never to buy any Creative products again. XP users are left in the dark ages too because no updated drivers came out in over a year now. Too add insult to injury, you have to buy Alchemy for Audigy (10$) in order to decode EAX. I don't know if Realtek can decode EAX or not, but they have more frequent driver releases for both AC97 and HD audio. What do you think?
  21. Just tested. Works fine here. Even shows in game explorer. Updated to 2.0a Set game to: Compatibility mode to Win XP/sp2 Disable Visual theme Disable Desktop Composition Run as administrator
  22. Reports seem good so far for these latest X-Fi drivers. Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series Vista Driver 2.15.0004 (51.93 MB) 5 Nov 07 Get them here! http://us.creative.com/support/downloads/ Audigy users (like me) are still left in the dark. You can try these in a pinch. Reports seems good on these also. Unofficial SB Audigy series Vista Driver 2.15.0004 (based on X-Fi release) made by Daniel_k http://forums.creative.com/creativelabs/bo...essage.id=27001 This same guy made my joystick work in Vista too. Get it here! Gameport support pack for Vista 32-bit (x86), updated on June 15 - All native XP devices . http://forums.creative.com/creativelabs/bo...essage.id=13336
  23. You can try this (does'nt hurt!) Go in Bios settings: - PCI Latency timer [set this at 32] - Spread Spectrum [Disable this] Both of these can cause weird stability issues on any PC.
  24. Red this: http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/winvi...grade_clean.asp

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