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  1. ^I'd rather have non-virtual drives. That why I bought 2 harddrives (a 400 and a 500GB) Panarchy Well tell me any program (freeware or shareware) that will allow me to boot 3 OS's on each of my harddrives. Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  2. Hello! I was told on another program that to sec-boot my computer, it would be best to use a program called G-Parted... do I need a program? Is that a good program? It is for the following OS's; 1. Solaris 2. Ubuntu 3. Vista (ultimate) 4. XP (dunno, XP or Pro) 5. Mac OSX Leopard 6. Novell Linux SUSE All on one 500GB Hard-Drive. I am thinking of giving each 83GB, but they will probably be less due to lost space. Please tell me what I should do! Thanks in advance, Panarchy PS: No, I haven't finished my computer build yet, I just need a graphics card which I will be getting tomorrow.
  3. On the old Win2000 computer, you could probably create the shortcut for lock using some 3rd party software...
  4. A good game to play on old machines, is Charlie II
  5. Ended up getting: Hot Fuzz, Scrubs (season 2) & Oceans Thirteen.
  6. Hello! Gonna rent some more tonight! Any suggestions? Panarchy PS: Loved shooter (saw it in the theatre!)
  7. It would be much quicker to just use startkey + L (startkey + E is explorer & startkey + R is run) Panarchy
  8. www.tv.com www.neowin.net www.ndesign-studio.com www.attherisingstar.com http://www.askvg.com/ http://www.windowsedge.com PS: Rizon is still good! But no longer my favourite :shifty: PPS: http://www.simplebits.com & http://www.ajaxian.com/ are very good as well!
  9. YAY! Thanks! Um... can you please try and put this one feature that is in nuno peralta (vista messenger - skin) for 8.1 into whatever your skin will be for 8.5? The one thing is under the (well in-between) the two user pics (one yours, the other whoever you were talking to) with the icons to change status? Thanks in advance, Panarchy PS: Here is a screenshot of what vista messenger skin looks like (the part I want you to copy):
  10. A bit offtopic, but can you release a skin for WLM 8.5? (with some of the nuno peralta things, particularly the icon change status thing) Thanks in advance, Panarchy

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