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  1. Original Source - Google Android Hidden Secret Codes Hello everyone Its been long time since I posted something here. Couldn't get much time for forums. But now I'm back and will try to visit my favorite forum regularly. Someone here requested me to post the list of Google Android hidden secret codes which I found while playing with Samsung Galaxy I7500 mobile phone and posted at AskVG.com a few months back. So in this topic, you'll get several hidden secret codes which can be used in any Google Android mobile phone to access things which are not accessible by default. DISCLAIMER: This inform
  2. Try this: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\NetServer\shell\remotedesktop] @="Connect with Remote Desktop Connection" "NeverDefault"="" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\NetServer\shell\remotedesktop\command] @="mstsc.exe -v \"%1\"" PS: Note the \" at the beginning and end of %1
  3. Thanks for creating this awesome tool. Featured on AskVG: 7Customizer: vLite Replacer for Windows 7 to Customize and Tweak Setup ISO
  4. *** For Windows 7 Only *** "AeroVG Se7en" theme is a Windows 7 port of my previous "AeroVG" theme which was created for Windows Vista users. "AeroVG" theme is one of the most popular themes available for Windows Vista. It provides excellent transparency in Taskbar, Startmenu, Explorer, etc. It also changes lots of visual things like menubar, progressbar, dialog buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes and much more. After getting a lot of demand for creating a port of this theme for Windows 7, I'm glad to announce the release of "AeroVG Se7en" theme. It'll provide maximum transparency and
  5. A Normal Taskbar (Thin Taskbar) version of "SevenVG Black RTM" theme is available for download now. Download Link How to Use
  6. This icon pack is now available for "IconTweaker" as well which is absolutely free to use. Interested users can download the new icon pack using following link: Download SevenVG Icon Pack for IconTweaker
  7. SevenVG RTM Theme for Windows XP: "SevenVG" theme is the First and Best Windows 7 look-like theme for Windows XP. Change Log: New Taskbar buttons similar to Windows 7 RTM (with round corners, updated colors and glow effect) New User Pic frame in Startmenu similar to Windows 7 RTM Windows 7 default Userpic is shown in Startmenu if Welcome Screen is not enabled A brand new Startmenu in Basic style similar to Windows 7 RTM (Thanks to XibaD) MSN icon replaced with Windows 7 logo in Basic Startmenu New Menubar matching with Windows 7 RTM New Quick Launch graphics and buttons spacing updated to mat
  8. ^^ nLite also provides an option to add 3rd party themes in setup and you can set any desired theme as default. Did you try it?
  9. "SevenVG Icon Pack" will make Windows XP icons look like Windows 7. Download it using following link: Download Link After downloading the file, extract it and you'll get a folder containing the Icon Pack. You'll need "Stardock Icon Packager" to apply this icon pack which you can find here. Open "SevenVG.iconpackage" file in Icon Packager and Apply it.
  10. ^^ Thanks mate. I really appreciate your words. Will try to make some different themes in future whenever I get time and ideas.
  11. If you are not a big fan of new Windows 7 Superbar, you can try following Normal Taskbar versions of "SevenVG RTM" and "SevenVG Black RTM" themes: SevenVG RTM Theme with Normal Taskbar: Download Link SevenVG Black RTM Theme with Normal Taskbar: Download Link
  12. Yes and if you want a version without superbar, then wait for a few minutes/hours. I'm going to release a normal taskbar version of both SevenVG themes today.
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