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  1. i find audacity hard to use. i'm looking for something more generic like ffdshow that does it to everything, just check the box; no manual editing needed. but thanks for replying i am still looking.
  2. i use ffdshow on windows to add stuff like crystality, freeverb etc to make my mp3s sound "fuller". i was wondering if there's something similar for linux? thanks.
  3. my printer keeps saying that the cartridge is jammed, and sure enough, when I go into service mode to check the print limits they have been reached, 1356 out of 1356. this printer is less than 6 months old.. is there any quick fix for it? not permanent, but just so i can get a piece of coursework printed for this week. i've tried solutions like setting ABS-M and ABS-P to 0 but they're already 0. thanks.
  4. the HD3870 reference cooler truly sucks, just look at the reviews. some amd partners have got better ones but still.. they're based from a poorly performing reference design. i'd just shell out for a 3rd party cooler. you will void the warranty but there's a small chance anything will happen. the accelero s1 rev 2 (and a 120mm fan) is excellent for the price.
  5. by any chance, are you with tiscali broadband? they keep on having problems with wlm randomly signing out...
  6. i don't get that problem with wmp11. i've installed wmp11 after countless formats and i've never needed to buy any licenses etc.
  7. i don't think so, maybe there's an option with nlite or something. what i do with ubuntu+vista is let vista install then https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Recoverin...stallingWindows but you have xp.. it should work because for me it reinstalls grub, so the os shouldn't matter.
  8. i think you can install xpe on normal pcs, but not sure on the specifics. i think it's a copy of xp for customization by oems. i don't think xpe offers the same kind of customizability that nlite does.
  9. i don't really agree with that since i got Windows 95 first time round, then all i changed was sausage of power to trackball and I got OS/2
  10. http://files.filefront.com/gameuxdll/;8055393;/fileinfo.html haven't tried it though. game explorer works fine for me, without any modification of any kind.
  11. wmp does most of that. only thing it doesn't is delete duplicates. there's an option to scan your pc for music etc, and automatically add it to your library. to add missing media info, just right click the album name, click find album info, type the album name, click next and click OK. simple as that. as for volume, i think you mean volume normalization? all of the song is adjusted to the same volume? i rip my cds to 320kbps mp3, use mp3gain on them http://mp3gain.sourceforge.net/ and encode them to 128kbps WMA from that. works fine for me, and the quality/size is decent. mp3gain also supports batch normalizing, you can normalize tons of songs at the same time. wmp has it's own auto volume levelling but for me it decreases quality... mp3gain doesn't so may as well use that.
  12. kmplayer (google it) had a preset to block out practically all sound out and enhance the vocals. i can't remember how though.
  13. yeah, crossfire and sli, nothing to do with single cards
  14. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...eezer%2b7%2bpro for a heatsink. since you're only using 2.1, i'd skip on the sound card, onboard will be good enough. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16827129009 i don't know if it saves money on the asus drive but you haven't shown the site you're getting it from, so i don't know the price and imo, lightscribe does not beat printing on cd/dvds. not through experience, but through pictures. and now the price has FINALLY gone down, the 8800GT is A MUCH better choice than the HD3870. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130318
  15. i'll forget about the dell ultrasharp, the 22" version received average reviews, and it has no composite inputs. i'll be getting the SM2232BW in about a day, unless anyone has takers that may beat it? EDIT do dual link dvi cables work on single link monitors? they should, but some people have reported them not working, but single links working. on ebuyer, one of the cheapest dvi cables is a belkin dual link, otherwise i'd save the hassle and get a single link cable. EDIT2 ordered the SM2232BW

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