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  1. Could you comment on WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB954600-x64-ENU.exe ? I already had the others. Is it necessary if one do not even use the old media player 6.4 for streaming? I dont think i've ever used it for that. Just curious here.
  2. Sure you'r not using a modified source? Try using windows xp wo SP1.
  3. i've played gta4 and i dont need the bits service. What makes you think it does? I agree with Kels etc tho, dont remove services normally essential for other functions that one might need.
  4. Remember amd has memory controller integrated in cpu, whereas intel version here does not. New x58 will bring intel with integrated memory controller in cpu i believe. Anyway, i've always found memory latency in amd superior to intel.
  5. Basically you asked if it's hard to get out of the chair where you sat when you ordered airplane tickets to the other side of the globe. Of course you could always hit the door on your way out and go to the hospital instead, but the odds of that is very low.
  6. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/lifecycle/servicepacks.mspx Windows Server 2003 SP1 SP2 March 13, 2007 No further updates planned One must remember XP 64 is based on 2003 codebase, and relatively speaking it is not that long time ago since sp2 for xp x64. IF there is to be a SP3 xp x64, i dont believe we'll see that before end of 2009/2010, heck maybe even 2011. If it's not out by then, it doesnt seem likely MS will release a SP3 for xp x64.
  7. My \system folder is already empty except for some files related to my sound card.
  8. Have you tried to see if u can just remove the dependency?
  9. Ye i do that. For my sound card. I do integrate the sound driver too, but i might as well not integrate it since i run the "setup.exe" as u say, anyway.
  10. goto the tweaks sub forum at msfn, should get you started. Problem is tweaks are different for each windows version etc. Most small programs can be portable-ized. I have like 2.5gb of portable programs, plus all my games are portable, so no need to install any of that. So thats one idea. Download portable programs and just call a script to copy them where wanted..
  11. As i'm editing my list on almost a daily basis, it's already updated. =)
  12. Many seem to think that because they use the standard xp theme, and 3dmark scores higher with that, that is a because the theme is better. The performance hit is just 0.01 like percentage difference. However, once one set login screen etc, and logged in theme to simple classic, score is definitively higher. This was one of the main reasons why win2003 had a superior 2d performance wise especially vs other operating system by as much as 50% (yes 50percent!) faster at certain test. As said because of it runs with classic theme NATIVELY. Of course one is insane if one think that performance difference comes from themes being used of course. But it does impact the overral response, at certain things. One can measure this difference with programs such as Passmark Performance Test.
  13. You already can do that. Btw: Any chance of support for newer usb drivers - usb hz polling rate patch working?
  14. Concerning UPS, i was wondering if the windows UPS service was actually needed. I'll try to see if i can get hold of that software. Any pictures or such wont help much unfortunately.
  15. Answear to what exactly? The poll? That's not the real question here, albeit it is, always where one question falls, another rises. Which is the point of the poll. That of which you do not know, yet you seem to think you do, when you indeed do not. Pointless is not trying anything. This isn't pointless, but if being negative fits you, you'r welcome.
  16. So you have a localized danish version of your windows operating system?
  17. I also had this problem with sun's vm, so i went back to vmware workstation/server. VmWare Server is a nice free to use, no sound support tho, that works fine for xp x64. Kurt Aust knows more on this.
  18. I like your attitude, if you can do this, it sure would be nice. I do like the idea of having "profiles" dir on another partition, but to do the process manually is more of pain in the back then its worth it for me. Especially more so since i am always reinstalling OS on system, sometimes several times a day.
  19. If one doesnt know what to remove, one can just keep default selected components that microsoft set forth as default. Problem solved. All this would be is a more selections, its not like MS dont have options already, its just very few of them.
  20. Many years ago i used to change the location of documents and settings, all inclusive local system service /network / all accounts. However just 4-5 years ago i no longer noticed any benefit to this approach. It is also not as easy as you seem to think it is IF one dont like to have D:\ or whatever partition letter windows setup will create for that partition. It IS also dependent on the harddrives order connecting. While a solution can always be put forth manual and has been an option since forever, what you write of is nothing new at all.
  21. You do not understand. Any such virtual machine software also comes with its own virtual bios settings. Which in many cases would have different bootup settings, naturally, from that of your own physical computer.
  22. Nothing of this makes any sense to me. And what you are trying at has already been accomplished by way, way, way better methods. That and there are several other niche guides delivering installation walkthroughs, as update packs, and removal guides. Everyone with the knowledge to copy over files from cd or make an iso of it, already has a backup of that on their harddrive most likely, unless they are completely new at this, which is unlikely. I wouldnt call that an absent feature, its not like nlite cant make an iso for the user. Nlite is not supposed to think for the user. One has to realize if one makes nlite images often, it is a good idea to keep a ISO copy on harddrive. In short, i dont see the point. =(

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