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  1. Nlite doesnt remove any such files withyou you selecting to do so. afaik. Also i wouldnt upload a video to youtube with your product registration key/serial. Even if its only partial. I didnt bother to watch the video entirely, didnt seem to add any other information + quality sucked. Last session?
  2. From my experience here at MSFN one can NOT post the way one wants. What i mean is that one has to take into consideration of how it may look to another person who is having a bad day, or simply will not care and throw it all around to being what its not.
  3. There are several service utilizing network, some also "hidden". I have never had such a need for non networking computer, but i would first try and remove all things that relate to network prior to actually attempting to removing all primary network related software.
  4. When i cant something setup or configured during first login stage after windows installation, i just add whatever command to a batch file, that i copy to windows startup folder, so that it is run as configured from there. Which i then typically automate to reboot, and run after reboot is completed after windows finished installing. This way, i ensure that registry settings, or software installations, are done properly, and not biased by windows installation.
  5. Here is a wild guess : Since i dont have a UPS myself, i dont know, but SURELY some UPS must come with some kind of software for monitoring its condition etc? This would be very interesting to hear from if anyone has such software. Because the current UPS driver, at least for xp, even x64 in my case, is getting very old nowadays. What i am getting is that how UPS works and such quite possibly works not according to windows services themselves.
  6. I think the additional IEXPLORER=1 and addlocal arguments are not necessary. As jre works in either IE or portable firefox here, just fine regardless. And im all for keeping things as simple as they can be.
  7. Are you sure you are not confusing back button and previous directory "button" ? Because the go back button can be disabled, and is indeed part of internet explorer settings, which as we all know is an integral part of windows. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ComDlg32] "NoBackButton"=dword:00000001 The back button takes you to previous directory which you were working in, not the previous directory to which u are currently in. I know this can sound confusing, but it's just the way it is. edit: I have address bar on my task tray/quick launch bar, if u do this registry setting you wont see the back button, which i think is annyoing, and doesnt serve any meaning in that space.
  8. I wrote about this up in post 187 above, anyway, to install the new versions of java runtime enviroment, i just do this: %Source%Silence\jreX86.exe /qn /norestart %Source%Silence\jreX64.exe /qn /norestart which works perfectly here. Whether or not this fits to the Kurt scheme i have no idea as i dont use that. But JRE will be installed by using these arguments. Prior to this i have msi4.5 installed during windows setup.
  9. I can confirm this. I once made a vista dvd setup over 2 dvds, which had all languages. It worked. It took 8 days to make the image. Over a million files processed each time for adding a language, i couldnt count any more after adding a few languages. It was a lot of files.
  10. TranceEnergy

    RAM problem

    I remember this video i saw long time ago. This is what i mean. http://www.winhistory.de/more/386/xpmini_eng.htm Running xp with 20 mb ram and like 8mhz cpu. It is an exaggerated, but not by that much all things considered. It would be a good job getting vista to run at like 256mb, but i remember i constantly ran out of memory many years ago with that low memory on even a stripped down win2000, in photoshop and or games. Sure, it works and all. I wouldnt trust it at all though.
  11. TranceEnergy

    RAM problem

    Even 1024mb is asking for trouble. You're trying to drive a ferrari so to speak with the engine of lada automobile. Sure might work, if you're completely crazy that is.
  12. It doesnt exist / no support for it? The changing of profiles directory is only an nlite feat?
  13. just copy files back to hd and edit file, and make iso again as usual preferrably not with nlite, unless you delete last session ini, and the nlite config, so it doesnt re run patches or options section, even if you only select to make iso with nlite.
  14. I only come to a lot of spam and commercial websites. When i click to download program i only get commercials and advertising. This puts me off.
  15. Tell me of this jdownloader program. Where do i download this? I will find the error. I do not believe it to be vml. Also remember java runs fine with greenbrowser and even windows updates, such as also other web browsers only needing ie core.
  16. I can remove everything u list in the second preset and more. The fault is not there.
  17. Your description : never used dlls - is a matter of perspective.
  18. Often the problem is the one sitting in front of the computer, and not the computer itself. The game runs fine here, in fact all of the NFS games do.
  19. You will need to read a lot. One clue is to look into your drivers. Here's an example. I have a graphics card which supports hdmi, and thus it is realtek hdmi in this case. By reading into what the installed realtek hd audio driver files were, i were able to exaclty pinpoint what files i could delete from that drivers package. So i could delete 35 files, and there are 19 files remaining. So i was inspecting the driver through device manager, and thus finding the knowledge i would need in order to understand what i could remove or not. Based on one's preference, one could also delete any service that of which are installed by any drivers. Another example is the Marvell Yukon gigabit drivers, which of latest version installs a service. This service can be deleted without ill effects to normal operation of the driver, afaik. The point of saying all this, is that one can automate the entire process of making an install image that would as said automate the process. I only started out making such automated setup few months ago, and it did not even then take too long before i had a decent setup, imho. If you feel you are unable to find information fast enough to please your lust for knowledge, i can recommend a software called Eye-IQ. This has helped me in reading from 1200-1500 words per minute. Do not however, expect anyone to hand down to you what you can remove for your setup, as it would mean the person doing so would need to know all of your hardware, operating system and files installed therein, and most importantly your desires and usage for this operating system.
  20. It's great being updated, is it not? =) Np.
  21. You posted in wrong post i think. Nlite itself will tell you how to deal with the F6/no floppy (inserting textdriver manually) thing.
  22. It does you see. You select what boot sector nlite should insert into the iso. I use the mk type and it always works. What you need to do, is to select to burn an image file with nero. What you did try to do was to manually recreate the iso by adding files manually, by what u are writing. That is perfectly doable, but since it is not necessary and it is the slower approach i will not go into details on that. If you are in doubt and want more control over how the iso is made, download Cdimagegui. I use it all the time as well and you can select a custom boot sector with this program. I love it, and insert the original xp x64 bootsector which i captured with nero in fact, to the iso that one then creates with cdimagegui.
  23. I was actually planning to buy the Belkin N1 adsl modem which has adsl2+ and gigabit ethernet ports. So i am defintively going to check if there can be any conflict before eventual purchase. So thanks to you too =)

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