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  1. use logic. it doesn't matter that much, just make it so the air flow is as good, uninterrupted, as it can be. nintendo ftw!
  2. Thanks, I'm in school so I am barely living =) SPTD (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCSI_Pass-Through_Direct) is used by several cd/dvd/media programs for virtual devices, just as the wiki says. I install it silently in windows install so I save myself a reboot of the system, later on, when I want daemon tools installed. %Source%Silence\SPTDinst.exe add /q For me it's just one of those "must have it" tools. In other news: Silverlight 3 has some language code one can use with the silent install. But I haven't managed to track that down yet. I seem to recall I might have asked this sometime before, but alas memory fails.
  3. SPTD for Windows XP/2003/Vista (64 bit) SPTDinst-v162-x64.exe 1.62 1,065,968 bytes October 16, 2009 Issues addressed: - fixed problems with some RAID controllers. http://www.duplexsecure.com/en/downloads
  4. Dont mix with drivers from other windows versions less you know what you doing - which means less you know from doing a bit detective work into any specific drivers you want to use, that they would work. Deploying drivers untested for xp could result in a non-functional install - hence you would be re-installing immidiately, or left with a lot of clean-up work. Even still, there's no reason to use vista 64 drivers on xp 64 or win2000 drivers on xp32bit, ie it goes both ways (examples). Using vista drivers on xp32 bit makes less sense of all as the codebase differential is huge. It doesnt translate for all intents and purposes in general, any well at all. While sure some versions of windows "translate" well in driver versions, as i am trying to say xp 32bit does not do that job very well, ie compability. Not to mention that many of the vista drivers are bloated, as much vista related is. Which hopefully windows 7 remedies. Anyway, there are several customized drivers for various hardware, creative cards, ati/nvidia gfx cards comes to mind.
  5. Actually you're wrong about both. It's just that nlite removes it in a way that isn't good. I don't know what nlite does exactly, but just about everything JET concerned is easily deletable and i haven't noted any side effect to that. I don't know of anything that uses esent97.
  6. New java updates https://cds.sun.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfini...S-CDS_Developer
  7. DirectX march is out http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/C...2009_redist.exe
  8. A bit off topic, i ran the test over here -> http://celtickane.com/webdesign/jsspeedarchive.php And my portable firefox browser came out as the fastest browser, even against opera 9.64, including latest versions of maxthon, green browser and the world browser and ie 8.
  9. Your continued efforts to wmp slipstreamer is most appreciated. A must have tool.
  10. As expected IE 8 final will not integrate with nlite. Good job f***ing up IE microsoft.
  11. Get 5eraphs latest update pack, it contains everything i ever put up now in the complete thread, just about. A more simple solution you wont find.
  12. MS is shooting themself in the foot with this. I will never install vista for personal use (again), and i will never use IE8 either if the final is not possible to integrate into xp, x64 xp in my case. Also the RC1 is totally unusable for me.
  13. Well i find this a bit weird and all since ie8 beta 2 i know integrates. New Java Sun RE 6 update 12, here follows direct download link to x86 then x64. http://cds.sun.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfini...dows-i586-p.exe http://cds.sun.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfini...ndows-x64-p.exe Anyone got a working download link for IE8 beta2 ? Seeing as RC1 just has made everything fubar here. It only asks if i want to save anything as a file, and internet options is inaccessible (says there are restrictions in place, when there are none (i checked policies)). RC1 is totally useless for me, except if i want to save a file, lol.
  14. Anyone know when we can expect some kind of fix or new version for the current IE 8 RC ? I'm shocked at how terrible the RC is.
  15. Nice work there john. Let's all cross fingers this can be resolved. Seeing as i can't uninstall the RC version, i might be able to install beta 2 over it, but i'd rather not. I have noticed some weird message that Internet explorer cannot download this page, when i am entering a console like services.msc. Which is just totally laugh. So for me it's very important to get the final asap, as its such an, obviously, integral part of the operating system.
  16. Well it's a complete failure. Seeing as how windows update website fails to load. One might be able to fix some settings to make it work, but if it doesnt work right out of the box = fail. I'm sorry to see it doesnt directly integrate. I am just crossing fingers hoping nuhi will be there when the final arrives to make sure the integration works fine. If it isnt a direct fault by MS which wouldnt suprise any of us regardless. So iow= got to go back to beta 2. Mind you this is one my currently very tweaked/bloat free setup. So it could be a service or something needed, except the usual.
  17. More of the important stuff written in assembler. Make it really go FAST and extremely responsive. Can put whatever crap they like in it, as long as when everything disabled, it really "goes like hell" to steal a commercial line.
  18. IE 8 RC is out, thank god. Final can't come soon enough.
  19. meowing: First of, please dont ask Kurt or anyone else to share windows xp x64 iso or such online. That would be piracy, and is knocked back on pretty hard on such a forum. No one is forcing your hand to install any software, if you dont have the software on the install media, it wont get installed regardless. Think of Kurt's batches as a how-to do it on your own. A bit more gratitude instead of complaint would serve you better i'm sure.
  20. Why not just copy patched file from nlited source you create, and run tweak? here's what you do: copy xp x64 source to hd, open nlite, only select to patch sfc, nothing else!. then let nlite do its thing. Then just goto the source folder and sort by files last modified, and use logic to find proper files. Extract the registry tweaks needed from nlite.inf or such. Im just about ready for bed, but that should help if you know your way around windows.
  21. Despite all your best intensions. There is nothing wrong here in what stargazer seems to think is error. Ie see highlight. That he has run nlite preset on same installation dozens of times however is more concerning by incredible difference. I just doublechecked and my nlite inf has the same content that nhelper is deleting itself. It's perfectly normal. Try with a clean source, it would be more helpful in pinpointing the line number issue if thats the case, but to base result on such a old source is like begging for problems you know.
  22. IF one is going to automate this process to happen while installing windows, one probably will need to change 5.25 drive letter, which typically set as D:\ in systems. Or usb drive/whatever local install media is being used.
  23. Thanks for making me having to repeat my point. Read over it again. There is nothing wrong in it. It's the correct order. If you want to compare e-penis : 1) Dont make me laugh 2) This isnt that kind of forums.

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