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  1. I'm sorry, it's off-topic, but are you sure you can play GTA4 without BITS. GTA4 wants Games for Windows, which needs .NET 3.0, which needs BITS. ???
  2. OK, Thanks . I'll try. . Any other solutions are welcome.
  3. I'm not so sure about it. There is a list of changes that removed this service. So, when we revert that list, we must be able to restore it, when we have all removed info and components(files from original XP SP3 disk). I have the original disk, so can anyone provide me with that list of changes that made BITS disappear?
  4. I have removed Background Intelligent Transfer Service from XP SP3 with nLite. Now it appears that I still need that service(for GTA4 ). How can I restore or re-install BITS? I mean when Windows is installed already, NOT re-nLiteing and re-installing Windows XP SP3.
  5. After just removing any component(only components, only enable Components in Tasks tab), I get error message "Error saving registry. - The system cannot find the file specified." in one of the last stages of applying changes(Log tab). It was somewhere after "building image" stage. Before this message it displays Windows registry recovery message( Error shot ). Error message have vLite icon on the taskbar so they seem to belong to vLite. I also re-installed vLite, WAIK, but still the same problem I used: vLite 1.2RC (tried also vLite 1.2 beta, which I had used successfully earlier, but still get error this time) Vista Ultimate with SP1 (ISO is verified to be correct as I had made working compilations of this earlier) WAIK (downloaded in June 2008) Host system: Windows XP Pro SP3 nLited (used about half year without problems) Also tried on the other computer with same XP and still the error. What the f**king registry is it chasing at all?

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