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  1. Great product! This all in according to testing install in VirtualBox (latest version). I successfully integrated 321 unique (!!!) )updates for windows 7 x64 sp1. It only couldnt properly fix kb890830 (malicious software removal tool) which is no biggie, but kb253352 (for enable future updates) also still shows up on windows update. The integration procedure in itself went on without stopping so it created everything just fine on that regard. Feature request: #1 On a sidenote, a tweak to disable the "http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/what-is-the-browser-choice-update" kb976002 would be welcome. As this KB does integrate it produces the "select browser" thingie on first login which is rather annoying. #2 Select custom .reg file for registry import and or .bat, batch file to run after first login (or before for that matter(both preferable-but if choose- after login would be sweet).
  2. Sorry for going slightly off topic concerning Internet Explorer, but refresh my memory, wasn't there a firefox Windows Update project? If such a thing ever became fully operational, i remember i was able to use it somewhat long ago, it sure would be interesting to have a firefox, or whatever it could manage of alternate browsers, -system only. Of course, i only ever run IE for checking WU.
  3. The "source" of nlite is already, in a way, out there. I suggest you simply add further tweaks and batches that run after or on a nlited install to do more changes then what nlite can do. If you also look on a wider scale at programs that you install upon your windows install. F.ex the elusive Adobe CS series. I have mentioned this quite a few times, but there's thousands upon thousands of files in such a program package that you can remove. Not only that but also then windows registry references. Also look at .net Framework, several of the windows services that are installed with can be deleted, its files deleted and the registry parts nuked. I would program such a tool, if i only knew programming and had the time to learn so.
  4. I still don't get it what about stuff programs add to registry and system folder you still need to reinstall most programs. No i dont i use only portable programs except for Adobe CS, and even that there exists ways to make portable. All games i have are installed with registry data kept from the install media, so i never reinstall any games either. In order to make this happen i of course need a way to import data during install so the operating system is aware of what applications i have already in place on other disks. John, currently i have rewritten all tweaks so i run everything from command line, i dont use .reg imports any more, its all at the command line. It's not something i write with public in mind. But good news, maxx has his "complete collection", lol.
  5. #1 - to circumvent the need to backup stuff from userdata when i reinstall, i have it on a different drive, basically anything that i install on systemdrive can be wiped at anytime, no backup needed, just go for it. - microsoft likes to name dirs based upon language. I like to be in control of what the location/name is. Call it old habit if you must. #2 Lol. I'm not talking about just previous tweaks that got integrated to nlite or vlite or such, but my own tweaks that set things my way, as well as scripts that does do cleanups and adjustments otherwise to the system to my liking. This includes but is not limited to setting up preferences for programs, think of it as beyong silent installs. Complete and utter control and setup of the programs on my system. Tho i mostly run portable apps, at a cleanly installed system, i'm still going to need to set filetypes to run whatever program for given filetype and so forth. So it's a lot more then tweaks as disabling and deleting pagefile and so forth. Another thing is that were the case many times with previous programs were that the tweak were incorrect or not all alternatives were covered/alternatives werent necessarily preferrable. #3 Understandable. I'd still think this would be an awesome feature tho. Not to mention easier for users to contribute with their own removals on a community level. Basically on #2 and #3 i think it could speedup the process on further integrated features in the program.
  6. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer) x86 n x64 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=0A391ABD-25C1-4FC0-919F-B21F31AB88B7&displaylang=en edit: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=E5AD0459-CBCC-4B4F-97B6-FB17111CF544&displaylang=en Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (Standalone Installer) I'm going to check out this client profile version.
  7. My top 3 wanted for such win7 install media customizer programs. #1 Ability to change location of program files (x86/x64) / common files (x86/x64), docs&settings, all these type of directories. #2 Option to import my own tweaks, i have a thousand+ unique tweaks that arent anywhere else, it will never happen that any such program can have all the tweaks i want, so an option to import such data would be nice. #3 Option to import own removal scripts - with override ability, in case i find something isnt working correctly from the removal in the program, i can make my own mod of it that fixes it. This way I can also rely on myself. Which would be great, considering my own humble knowledge of what's needed for stuff to work and that a program of this make can never catch up, less i could program myself. Thanks.
  8. Any chance of an option in the future to import one's own tweak/removal code ? This would be interesting if I could write my own removals for stuff, with the registry editing needed etc, that i could then import into the program.
  9. it's no problem modding such dll files so it works on x64 xp or any x64 for that matter. but u can of course not just simply use the x86 variant of the files. you need to extract the data and find the insertion point for that data that is the equivalent location in the x64 file vs the x86. I didnt understand anything of the first post tho. Then again i have fever and a headache.
  10. I'm merging several houndreds of batch files. Are there any file size limit and length limit of command line in batch files for x64 xp? I've tested doing command line up to houndreds of characters, but some of my command lines are maybe a thousand chars+. They work fine when testing on up and running system, but i wonder if that'll change once it's reinstall time... edit: Never mind, again. All my batches run perfectly! Best install yet! =)
  11. It seems to be working great but i ran into another thing which i took in use to avoid having a batch file call a truckload of other batch files: for %A in (%source%Setup\ImportSettings2Registry\*.bat) do call "%~A" This doesnt work, but if you replace %source% with f.ex d:\ it will. Any idea for a fix? edit: never mind, it might be just that the xp2 bat didnt run. edit2: xp 2 batch running but I now still had to resort to using a batch to call a whole folder full of other batches, instead of something neat as the command line above. Don't have time to spend more time to find a working command for it now =(
  12. I know, but this doesnt make sense. I've never needed to write anything else then the name of the batchfile. Anyway, while tedious indeed, i'll give it a go. Hoping it will work! edit: The only "exit" command that exists stems from the generated file "nlite.cmd" by nlite itself that has a "cmd /r xp.bat" (i've tried without cmd /r there as well, as i've pointed out earlier). But as i said thats generated by nlite and not something i've added. edit2: I'm sorry for all the last posts guys. It seems to be working now, but i'll still hold my breath for a bit longer. I remember used *used to* have cmd /r for my batches but i stopped the practice,since it wasnt necessary. I don't understand what has happened that has made it necessary again. Because these batches are the same as they have been, except for that i am adding the run command to runonce (i used my own way of doing it via a shortcut to the startmenu/start up folder that directed to a copied file to systemdrive). Running the install now in Sun VirtualBox and it's so far going great. Btw Sun VirtualBox seems to run a lot faster then Vmware, for some reason.
  13. It seems that the best solution is to "simply" add cmd /R for each and every batch file that needs to run... Sigh. Can anyone tell me what the hell has happened?
  14. The format i wrote this in is the format of which i have used to write houndreds of batch scripts that work without fail. I'll still test it tho. I'll test for invisible escape character codes afterwards,tho i have no idea how that could end up in there, but i have withnessed that before.. But I am at my wit's end at this idiotic problem. edit: The problem that the batch quits after running the first batch file still persist.
  15. i set xp.bat to only do this: " If exist %1XP_1.bat REG ADD "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runonce" /V "command0" /D "%1XP_1.bat %1 " ShutDown /R /F /T 60 " It does not write the command to registry. Seeing as it doesnt find it, it does shutdown tho.
  16. I have tried with and without it. But notice that the first batch file runs,"ConfigureDefaultServices.bat", and then the origin batch file quits after that, which is "xp.bat". And "xp.bat" is called from guirunonce, set with nlite. I have also tried editing the nlite.cmd file and changed the line where it reads "cmd /r xp.bat" to simply just "xp.bat" Not that that should matter anyway. Nothing works. edit: I also tried setting "rem" to the first batch file, so it would run the next one. Same result, it quits after running it.
  17. No change. It didnt help. edit: removing the set source command alltogether from my batches. installing it now in vmware. Didnt make any change either.
  18. Even nlite sets it to %1. I WILL try this, as i am desperate of resolving this quickly.
  19. this is from my xp.bat at the beginning of it: " Set Source=%1 rem start init part. %source%Setup\ConfigureDefaultServices.bat %source%Setup\PathFixes.bat " As i run the xp.bat MANUALLY after logging int, it stops after the configuredefaultservices.bat I have no idea why this is happening. Except that i have changed to 5eraphs update pack and latest ie8 pack. edit: This is driving me crazy!
  20. I have a slightly huge problem. I can't get anything to run from the dvd with %source% including also adding next batch file to runonce ( If exist %1XP_2.bat REG ADD "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runonce" /V "command0" /D "%1XP_2.bat %1 " ) This is all inside Vmware. It's been over half a year since i've had a vminstall (i'm in school so havent had time for this, till now) so i'm a bit rusty. It only says that file doesnt exist.
  21. Help! QWORD adding by commandline?????

  22. That's correct genu, personally i dont need it but i suppose many do? It does fix an annoyance in the device manager though, if u have forgot to turn off internal audio (if u have an audio card separate), it'll stay there as a yellow marker etc + windows update won't be complete without it.
  23. In the spirit of supporting a great thread. I am re-creating, re-organizing to a great extent the order of which i run automated silence installs in my unattended x64 dvd. I have dedicated the second run to only do dot.net 1.0-3.5 install, first run is ms updates that cannot be integrated, per se,and registry fixes (paths etc). I am aware of the "need" to do timeout commands here and there, but would it not be better to use a utility which would continue on to next command if say the cpu is idle, or below a certain percentage? Or harddrive activity for that matter. Just thinking out loud Happy weekend!
  24. I just did a re-install, haven't reinstalled since june, this year, which is a new personal record for me. Anyhoo, what's with the .net 3.5 family update showing up at windows update? I saw you wrote it would show up on windows update, but obviousy that's not something I like, when I already have them .net KB's in my unattended setup.
  25. I'm sorry but i disagree. To explain in a simple matter, at least this is my intention : If you know that the changes you will do in the future iso builds, will not be affected by the changes you have made to the vanilla windows cd/dvd thus far, there is nothing to stop you from further making changes besides only integrating a service pack. One such thing is f.example to remove the ability to do updated windows installs. I would never, EVER, do a update install, but clean installs every time. So i removed that ability of the windows install setup. There are no limits if you know how to do it right. edit : and i have used the same iso build for a myriad of different nlite runs. Having said that. Be careful. It needs to be without flaws. Test each version of the build. Start from scratch with new service packs etc.

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