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  1. vultureman :Read what i wrote again. I wrote after windows is installed. Nlite removes like 3-4000 files alone, however, removing the rest of the components, only helps to break windows into an disfunctional operating system, where things are not supported or not working. If set to break the system, leaving only "bare bones", the iso is 119mb. Which is quite good imho, considering it is xp 64bit, and by default containing more files and stuff then the 32bit xp, even so that xp x64 derives from 2003 codebase.
  2. Do you have serial port enabled in bios? Serial port driver is attempted installed regardless if found inactive or not present. I disable it from bios and uninstall it after windows is installed.
  3. Well too much to list obviously, but i can delete an additional close to 3000 files after nlite. Roughly say 125 000 files deleted after windows is done installing.
  4. On your norton issue. And please dont take this in the wrong way. Forget about it. If you have paid for it, okay that sucks, but still the same, forget about it. Norton = Sucks beyond my wildest geekiest nightmare. Go freeware instead. Arm yourself with avast, spybot, comodo if u like, windows defender, advanced windows care, etc. You WILL be better off. I know it's only my word for it. But still. Also considering locking down your internet services and suchs. Make sure you get a 100% stealth protected at http://www.grc.com/default.htm - Shields up. Use Firefox as browser, and enable things as NoScript etc. Even better get Portable Firefox, i use that 100%, and love it.
  5. TranceEnergy

    nLite ERROR

  6. Take in mind f.example ipv6 in xp needs dhcp service somewhat as u cant enter manual ip adress. In vista you can easily enter a static ipv6 adress to that end. Always an exception to any rule =) Ipv6 doesnt matter anyway if your ISP or your adsl modem does not support it. Which personally, i think is sad. One more thing, or two or three (added as i went along ) Sometimes a service will not start, if a service has been deleted, whereas the "asking" service has a written dependency to the *deleted* service. So here there are knowledge to be made. In many cases, the written dependency inside windows registry, can be deleted. And thus the service whos deleted service dependency can once again be started, and it is business as usual. =)) One might argue and state the fact that why does not windows simply "see" that the service dependent on is deleted. So here one can clearly see the operating system is not capable of determining if the service truly needs the deleted service. 1) Grofluigi recently stated he was deleting the shell hardware detection, also known as Autoplay, etc, which is a service that Windows Image acquisition depends on. However, by all reasoning and common knowledge, the obvious question becomes, why the hel!! or much more what should the common need of those two services be? The answear to that maybe such as "quick copy/fax/email" or such similar functions of hardware devices as printers/scanners etc. 2) The thing here then to remember, that while a service may start without such services that are originally marked as dependant on, one can only be sure of that the service can start and do basic functions. One can not automatically root out that other functions, such as seen dependencies in 1) would work. Seeing as things not always would seem logical, doesnt mean there's not nothing true to such dependencies. 3) By default of 1 and 2 here, if one has prior knowledge to such programs as nlite and vlite, one can recognize WHY it is difficult to write good descriptions for such components removals. Having said that, there are threads such as "what to not remove for programs". However, it does not seem much efficient to me, one might want to initiate either a unique website to that end, or like a subforum at least. There is far too much information, equivalent of writing a whole book to it, to attempt to put it all in a single post. Even if one did attempt, be sure that forum limits at some point would be tested to the limit to what size the post may be.
  7. With only 384mb ram, even the slimmest of vista systems, wouldnt be of much use. It surely would work, but at a price. You're better of setting the computer up with any linux distro, except like Sabayon distro kind.
  8. I'll give you the best advice you will ever get when trying to make a vlited vista install image. Imagine it was xp and kill vista components. Basically in almost all fields, if it doesnt exist in xp, you dont really need it. In just about every component this is true. Depending on what you want to keep this of course varies. However, remember that Vlite isnt a dream machine. There's still things you would have to do manually in order to achieve a slim system. You should be able to run vista with 10 or less services, and still have all hardware support. Tablets/wireless/lan/ssl, etc.
  9. Removing Volume shadow copy service, is in general speaking, a bad idea. Afaik this works with windows core when doing updates, winsxs background stuff etc.. System event notification is also a bad idea, and can actually generate problems, i would never remove that. A good example of some bad idea to remove is f.ex windows firewall here on xp x64, if you do that with nlite. However, that doesnt mean the service cant be removed, and steel keep lan browsing capability. I would also put back in Snmp, or at least make a list with "keep files" in nlite, and a batch to recopy some of the files u need for printer support. Other candidates are "message queuing" of course, and possibly "protected storage". Also removing ports support (under hardware support) is a bad idea. Windows will not install what it cant find of devices anyway. Well the basic serial port is an issue, but its a MS "bug", can safely be uninstalled and if disabled from bios it wont be reinstalled. To be short, dont remove anything under hardware support, unless you really know you 100% never will need it. i only remove AGP filters ALI IDE Controller AMD IDE Controller ATM Support Battery Brother Devices CMD PCI IDE Controller CPU AMD CPU Intel Intel PCI IDE Controller Iomega Zip drive Modem Support Multi-port serial adapters PCMCIA Ramdisk Secure Digital host controller Teletext codec Toshiba PCI IDE Controller VIA PCI IDE Controller Windows CE USB Host from that in my current install, because its not a laptop, and i dont need a modem. The rest is stuff i dont have nor ever will use anyway. Brother hardware= bloat ware anyway. Battery removal is questionable since this has been an issue with certain versions of windows combined with internet explorer updates. Not necessarily combined. Finally, take in mind that what Nlite labels as "you need this service for that other service to work" compability, isnt always true. Testing and trying, is what works.
  10. Lol, np. Take a look at unattended.msfn website and read about using $OEM$ folders , which will enable you to copy wallpapers,cursors, system files, basically anything, into the windows installed partition. Very simple, yet very cool.
  11. Many devices uses shared files among different drivers. Therefore in theory you could download drivers from another device that uses files that would work with. It doesnt make sense, but its true. Fyi my asus d2x uses same drivers as the steelseries 5h usb sound card. Its a very simple driver, yet it proves the point. Normally concerning network cards, one would find out the chipset family and find a driver from that. I have no idea if this is your adapter but take a look : http://www.planetamd64.com/lofiversion/ind...?t19228-50.html Here¨s a guy modding a driver and adding support for misc devices. Perhaps you can find others who have pursued your device.
  12. yes, just copy them inside the folder where you copy the files from the windows installation cd.
  13. I have found that when burning a dvd for OS installation, especially windows, i find it best to write it at some slower speed then the dvd disc can handle. This to ensure the actual installation copying of files goes as smooth as possible. In a worst case scenario i had a install that took 90 minutes, yes 90 bloody minutes, just to copy the files in text mode (the "blue screen" copying part ). IT could be caused by any number of things, but to be on the safe side, i burn at 2.4x instead of 4x, with dvd+rw. I dont recall what was best really, +RW or -RW. On the other hand, one can also install from a usb flash or usb harddrive, if setup correctly. There's a few guides around on the net concerning this. Problem with usb flash is that unless the device is fast enough, it can take much longer time to copy to that, then it is to just burn another dvd.
  14. Does your cd have a file called winnt.sif ? This file usually contains serial number used for registering windows. I have never used such a dell windows cd myself, so walking blind here. edit: Aha i see a bit clearer now. There's a major thread in this forum where the goal is to achieve a universal oem collection for preactivating windows, i guess i could describe it as such. Unfortuntately link doesnt come to mind, so search the site.
  15. I guess this is a trick question =)
  16. Many websites are also recommendig spyware and bloatware and trojan software too. While i might seem pig-headed here, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that internet isn't all that friendly.
  17. atolica: Ever since the game Tarok , which demanded that Physx Software suite was installed on system in order to function correct, i found myself downloading physx software suite from nvidia.com, This means you can install it separately from nvidia display drivers. I use ATI gfx so that says it. I have AgeiaPhysx80904.msi installed atm and its working great (file renamed). I just install it with this: %Source%Silence\AgeiaPhysx80904.msi /qn /g:enu /norestart I think i just extracted the msi from temp file or something. Thereby u can skip integrating the physx driver i believe? You know, so to further eliminate the cause of your problem.
  18. I assure you nuhi doesnt do anything to nlite that makes anything into a trojan. My recommendation is to remove and forget your software called spyware scan doctor or whatever. Forget about it. If you really feel unsecure about your system you might as well go for the best. Nod32 AV and the new security suite they offer, is by far the undisputed champion , godlike by skill if u will, for your basic desktop security needs and more. Best part is last time i checked nod32 could be obtained by something like 40-50 us dollars, prolly more now, the stock market changes influences in the valuta courses have made everything either cheapier or not during the last months.
  19. I dont use driverpacks, but i am curious, is there a setup so that the unecessary drivers are deleted after integration or after windows is installed? Because if not, one is permanently bloating the system beyond belief.
  20. BITS, Background Intelligent Transfer Service, or something, is part of windows update capability of the windows operating systems. Some of the files related to bits can be deleted. qmgr.dll is the BITS dll main file i think, and as such can not be deleted . What you can do however is reinstall bits itself. Just download windows update agent 3.0 + or such. There's written several places how to reinstall WU in a windows system, if u need help.
  21. Well since you have one, why not start a guide yourself?
  22. While i believed that¨s what did it for me too, take into consideration that IF one decides to use AHCI driver or anything other then IDE or sata native mode, it 100% means you need to have those drivers available in case of a system crash, harddrive crash. I once was in this scenario where i had to load the ahci drivers when a harddrive had crashed and was in need of recovery. I do not wish this upon anyone, it is a headache beyond your geekiest nightmare.
  23. Sounds like s*** to me =) I did a google myself, i found that it has RAM Usage On First Installation ........... 39 Mb Handles ................................... 2229 Threads ................................... 157 Processes ................................. 15 i dont know about first installation, but my ram usage is much higher, but reasonably so, because i disable pagefile and cache everything, all loaded in memory=most responsive system. Handles right now is 2590,say 2600, processes is 12, thats 3 less, and ooh threads are 166. Taking into consideration i run xp x64bit (vs xp 32bit sp3 i think), which by nature comes with more files. I dare say it's better to make one's own nlited install. Instead of some noob deploying his install image for everyone else. Which can never work as it is truly each to his own what one needs. That it's popular im sure, who doesnt want "free" stuff. And btw: I did a few tests, and to the best i could see, the difference between nliting my install to fullblown unnlited install, was a memory latency difference of 1 ns. =) Not much at all is it? Of course, there other factors, install time, ram/threads usage etc. But really to me its just showing computers are finally going somewhere.
  24. CS3 works just perfect without pagefile here. Maybe you are missing some registry setting. I play a lot of games too. I have run x64 xp for many years and pagefile disabled also, i have never had a problem with it.
  25. I integrated both ahci driver and the sata native ide mode drivers. XP setup then reboots computer at textmode stage. No idea why, but just installed new mobo, so some things are a bit new over here. Thing is tho, i run with native sata mode, and drives act as they are with ahci. Hotswap and all.

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