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  1. I now switched to Windows 10 x64, for the present being. Trying to get "LIBRARIES" removed completely from the Navigation-Pane from the Main Explorer window, File-Open, and Save-As menu's, WITHOUT the Library items being removed from the Explorer view pane (right side). Per my previous registry tweak for Windows 8.1x64. There are no registry tweaks on the internet that allow this for Windows 10, and the registry tweak for Windows 8.1x64 is the only one that works as intended and only available here on MSFN (all other registry tweaks on the internet completely remove Libraries, mine do no
  2. There is no issue, just looking to completely disable the feature.
  3. Anyone know how to disable Windows split screen (Side-by-Side) mode?
  4. Any other AquaSnap users out there? Please vote for this feature... https://nurgo-software.uservoice.com/forums/277205-help-us-to-improve-aquasnap/suggestions/8874265-horizontal-aquasnap-in-1-3-or-1-4-screen-increment
  5. AquaSnapPro (Much better than Windows snap crap) Display Fusion (Great for multiple toolbars, and window placement) GreenShot (Great for screencaptures) ShellFolderFix XYplorer (TABS - for folder!)
  6. Using the above REG files did nothing and is also missing critical registry information. Though I found a reg file on AskAVG but that wasn't applying to my system and removing the entries as it ought to. Besides, MOST of these REG tweaks found on the internet actually DELETE the LIBRARY keys under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MyComputer\NameSpace\." That's just annoying. So I just created a new reg file and works great, I can now have the libraries removed from the nav pane and still have any particular LIBRARY Folder I chose to display within the expl
  7. These numskuls at M$ are at it again?! Doesn't surprise me when the company is full of dimwitted neanderthals. This crap occurred the day Windows 10 rolled out, and most everyone I know who hadn't wanted Windows 10 had to roll back to their previous version of Windows 7/8, which caused enormous problems. As a future note to others take a look and read about the AEGIS-Voat script and apply it. The script prohibits Microsoft the ability to upgrade Windows 7/8 to Windows 10 and blocks some known privacy invasive KB patches. M$ reserves absolutely zero right for the crap they are forcing upon
  8. As title states... Office 2016 / 365 - Unresponsive UI / Ribbon. Anyone experience the same issues? I can't seem to find a fix and tired of the M$ merry-go-round technical support.
  9. screenshot displays exactly what i do not want.
  10. Telemetry https://voat.co/v/technology/comments/853510 https://voat.co/v/technology/comments/459263
  11. Those options remove from both the nav and drive panel. image posted for what i'm looking to achieve.
  12. I know the "Library" shortcuts can be removed from within explorer, but looking to just remove these from the navigation panel and not the main Folders, Devices, and drives. Possible? FIXED ... explanation of issue and created registry files to share. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/175165-explorer-libraries-nav-panel/?do=findComment&comment=1121206
  13. There must be a way to clear any entries that were related to Ultimate... if they even do exist, still it's a step in the correct direction and may not be easy. Also, as previously noted... I have valid licenses for all versions of Windows. I read so many posts about licenses etc... etc, and so many people/guppies out there micromanaging Microslum. It's completely irrelevant and frankly no one's business.
  14. Though your answer has logic going from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 7 Professional, but doesn't explain why it's not allowing an upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional.
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