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  1. Success - thanks. Downloaded fresh copy of nlite. Uninstalled previous, installed new, and everything worked as it should. thanks again
  2. Thanks, I will download nlite again and try it out Monday.
  3. My newest nlited dvd will not boot. You should know that I make a new dvd about every two months without issue. I tried my backup dvd from last month, and it would boot up if I so desired. Since I was having an issue, I started from scratch and still no go. I use a dvd-rw by the way. I also tried burning to a regular verbatim dvd, burning at 4x, using Imgburn as usual. Attached is the latest last session.ini. I usually delete the following before I start the process: DOCS, VALUEADD, DOTNETFX and SUPPORT Folders, and from the I386 directory I also delete the following: WIN9XMIG, WIN9XUPG and WINNTUPG and Lang. Outside of using the latest hot fixes, the rest of the format has not changed in quite a long time. Thanks in advance, Eddie LAST SESSION.INI
  4. Through trail and error I have determined that the latest "update pack" is the source of my problem. Using XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_1.4.8_20110208.7z for Windows XP Post-SP3 user_hidden on 02-08- 2011 http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7184 I will register and post a comment on the Ryan site. As an FYI, I got a fresh copy of SP3, nlite program and the "update" pack. When I left out the "pack", and included everything else, the process worked as it should. "Including" the 'update' pack caused the previously described failure. Just wondering, can the "update pack" still be used after a fresh installation, if one were necessary? Thanks, Eddie
  5. Still need help. Tried a fresh copy of my windows xp pro operating system from my original disc. Still didn’t work. Am using ImgBurn v2.5.5.0 to burn ISO created by nlite. Tried using Deep Burner v1.9.0.228 to burn ISO, still didn’t work. Instead of using DVD-RW’s to burn ISO, tried using DVD+R, still didn’t work. My backup DVD still works with the message - press any key. Thanks again for any suggestions, Eddie
  6. @myselfidem Hmmm, well the BOOTFIX.BIN "is" in the DVD disc that I created that didn't work. I suppose its possible that its corrupted as you stated. When I first started this whole 'nlite' thing I first made a copy of my original disc so that I wouldn't mess up the original. So I'll try and use a 'fresh' copy. @Ponch Don't understand what you mean by: Does the (destination) optical drive see the files on the media ? -- When I put the DVD disc in, I can "see" all the files. If your referring to the "ISO" created by nlite, I already deleted it so I can't go back and check it. Thanks again for your assistance, Eddie
  7. I always copy my files "manually"
  8. Made a new nlited DVD disc today, rebooted, but it skipped the step - press any key - and went straight into regular windows. Put it my "old" backup dvd disc and the - press any key - showed up. Burned a new dvd disc ( I always use DVD-RW's), rebooted and it also skipped the - press any key. Started nlited from scratch again, original windows xp and then integrate everything, same result, no - press any key. FYI: I usually create a new disc every few months just to keep things nice and clean. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Eddie LAST SESSION.INI
  9. I know everyone here is operating way above my head, but I used the free program Driver Magician Lite: http://www.drivermagician.com/Lite.htm It found all the drivers on my computer, non microsoft, put them in a folder, and that's what I have always used to integrate with nlite. Hope this helps, Eddie
  10. Sorry for my ignorance, but was: "regedit /s $1\Install\tweaks.reg" supposed to be: "regedit /s $1\Install\ppviewer.reg" And do I assume correctly that "both" the "ppviewer.msi" & the "ppviewer.reg" are to be placed in my $1\Install folder. And the 'cmdlines.txt' in the root of $OEM$. Thanks again for your help
  11. O.K., Thanks for the assistance, Beats, It seems to have worked, I now have an ".msi & reg file", and per the following: Soooo, if I can figure out the silent switch for the "ppviewer.msi", (maybe /qb) I can add it as a hotfix, and then apply the "ppviewer.reg" file after the slipsteam installation. Does this seem correct? Thanks again, Eddie PS: I do have an $OEM$/$1/Install "folder" that I put my 'tweaks.reg' file in, but I don't know how to create a command to install other tweaks = regedit.exe /s %systemdrive%\Install\tweaks.reg Could it be as simple as = regedit.exe /s %systemdrive%\Install\ppviewer.reg
  12. Thanks for replying, ChiefZeke, however, as I mentioned, I don't have an "office suite" program. I only use the powerpoint viewer 2007, for when people send me emails that you need a powerpoint viewer to see. I looked at this "office integrator v1.1", but again, it won't let me "do" anything because I don't have an "office suite". I was able to add the service pack 2 and the two hotfixes but without an "office suite" you can not proceed. I was wondering if maybe I could use the write up " Making A 7-Zip Switchless Installer " from here: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/to...less-installer/ and then using the result to make an nlite addon Sticking the result with the rest of my regular hotfixes. Maybe there just isn't an easy way. Eddie
  13. I tried to slip a couple of hot fixes, KB969618 & KB970059, by just adding them in with the rest of my hot fixes. Didn’t work. Then tried using the nlite addon maker with the following switches: /passive /quiet /norestart . Didn’t work. I have extracted same, and there is a “.msp” file extension. I saw somewhere that I could use the switch: /qb- , however, the nlite addon maker does not recognize this file extension in order to make the cab. The only reason I need these is because I am using the powerpoint viewer 2007 SP2. I don’t have “office” as such, only as it pertains to this ’viewer’. I did see some rather complex scripts, but I’m not smart enough to go that route. If that’s all there is, so be it, I can always add them in after words. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Eddie
  14. Thanks, Seraph I will give it a try on my next attempt. FYI to b-man, I am currently using the following: Windows Genuine Advantage Add on -- http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6908 Hope this helps, Thanks again Seraph, Eddie
  15. I don't mean to hijack anyone else's inquire, but I had posted the same general question at the application forum: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=133553 Seraph, was wondering if you could be more precise on the runonce part. I don't understand where I would put the windows update agent 3.0 exe and exactly what the runonce command would be. As an FYI, I already create an $1\Install folder where I put my "tweaks.reg" and I put the following command in nlite's runonce area: regedit.exe /s %systemdrive%\Install\tweaks.reg This works perfectly. Thanks in advance for any guidance, Eddie

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