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  1. I need to try out his Sata drivers. There are multiple systems that I've tried recently that are newer and I was experimenting with ones that have sata drives and I almost never have any luck with them. Do you slipstream it in to an install? I got installs that would hang on many of them after either the initial copy or after the 1st or 2nd install portion that couldn't complete on sata drives. I don't even bother with ones you can't put into ide mode in bios, but even then a lot of them still won't work for whatever reason. Only one I recall getting to work was HP Dc7600 mini, no extra driver
  2. Thank you LoneCrusader. I've never had any luck on Nforce4 boards myself. I've tried a few and they make me swear a lot usually. I started over from scratch and reinstalled from cd. I used a disk that has some of your stuff on it for the 900 series chips slipstreamed with the /p i switches and so far it works. I didn't try to do it with the sata drive again. Solo pata hd and pata optical with all sata disabled. This time it seems to be working. How exactly would the full syntax of that line I would have needed to add to config.sys gone though? I'm not great at all with adding lines to autoexec
  3. Quick update, I tried using a pata drive with no luck, even totally disabled the sata and it still won't load into normal mode. Deleted all entries for hard drive controllers in safe mode and let them reload. Reloads fine, after hardware detect/driver load upon next normal boot it just does it again and won't fully boot. Maybe it's this chipset but you'd think with a pata drive in legacy mode it should just work but it still doesn't. Not sure what I can do.
  4. Hello all. Have an old Emachines here with a 80GB sata drive I wanted to use for Windows 98. Has ATI 200 chipset. Used an image I have for Dell Dimension 2400 I use for starters a lot that I originally used the p and i commands with to disable most of the acpi i believe that does. Has worked well on a lot of systems. Anyway so I booted it up after imaging and it was loading drivers pretty happily but after the drive controllers loaded and reboot all of a sudden it's ultra, mega slow. It loads the first part ok and I see the 98 splash screen and then it just stops. I've had this happen before a
  5. Thanks for helping clarify that about editing inf files Lone Crusader. I assumed it would be something like that but didn't know specifics. I'm sure I could have spent quite a bit of time trying to read up on just that. You are correct it did not provide SB emulation as a separate device (or at all). The one soundblaster PCI card I mentioned previously is one of the very few I've ever seen install the SB16 emulation automatically. Think the only other one I ever saw did that was an old crystal or something. I've done probably at least 100 different 98SE systems by now and seems like I recal
  6. Alright. First of all, thanks guys. Much help. I tried the files Destro had posted first for audio, neither seemed to be working correctly, I had installed the two hotfixes in the one folder and there was a third with the other driver, I had installed all three. I'm pretty sure that had something to do with it and the AUDIO_XP_2K_050908 one might have worked and I'm pretty sure I recall you being correct in that it had the hardware ID in the inf when I looked at it, either that or the other one did, I know at least one of them did and I got really excited until it didn't work! (At first.)
  7. I haven't had any time to reply here yet but I did make some progress and I think I might have gotten it, will edit this and post back with more later.
  8. The first one there installed but came up again with "no adi codec". I went to device manager & properties and it was still an unknown audio device, I went to properties and tried to load driver auto, no. Tried to use inf in the 98 folder, but there were no options when it came up to select a device, it was blank? So I scratched that. I had installed both of the hotfixes in the folder first, and rebooted when asked both times. (Also I looked at the inf file and didn't seem to see that hardware ID specified in there like you mentioned you thought you had seen?) Tried the 2nd one, again
  9. I think I found that driver folder at helpjet.net, I think I have and already tried both of those driver versions that they list on the page there, & I had & I'll give them a try with the hotfixes anyway. I did install unofficial SP3, I would have thought it had any applicable hotfixes already rolled in?
  10. Is there a way to download the 2nd link, the audio_xp_2k_050908 folder without downloading each file individually? Even if I try to download the individual files on that one it pops up annoyingly with "upgrade to premium" and doesn't let me dl any of the files individually. Would you mind maybe recreating that with a single zip or something?
  11. Ok, had to figure out I needed that add-on. Got it. Here it is. (Had to figure out how to make it a lot smaller too! Didn't know you could save a bitmap as a jpg and make it less resolution but a lot less file size.)
  12. Awesome. I'll get that on there, run it, and post back. Thanks!
  13. So I have this HP laptop that I would like to put 98 on. HP nx6110. I have gotten 98 to install using a 98 disk with LoneCrusader's extra chipset stuff on there. There aren't many options in BIOS and I was afraid it would have serious issues, it does run though. I tried /p i on the install first but that didn't work, it would hang at about 14 minutes left on "installing hardware" and reboot over and over. Using no switches worked and it installed to my surprise. I turned off legacy USB and execute disable and I think that's it. There were no power options to disable ACPI or any other powe
  14. Have a nice Dell 5150 that I had put Windows 7 on and had running pretty decent, realized that the chipset on it is an 850PM, so I thought hey what the heck, lets see if I can get 98SE on there and running good. General hardware: P4 3.06Ghz Intel 850PM chipset Sigmatel 9750 audio Nvidia 5200FX (32mb) Broadcom 440x ethernet Broadcom BCM94306MP Wireless card 512mb ddr1 333mhz 40gb Fujitsu HD Quanta SBW-242 optical DVD/CD-rw drive Here's the problem, I put an image onto the drive (image of Dell D600 with 855 chipset) and upon first boot it detected lots of hardware, lo
  15. I have something to add to this and I'm also hoping to find a little help with some issues I'm having with a newer board. I have an MSI K9VGM-V which has the K8M890 chipset. Which I think was pretty much the last VIA chip to support 98 much. I have been able to get one going with an IDE drive and was able to load drivers for all of the onboard devices except for the audio. I have two problems with this chipet/board. 1. Lack of onboard audio. It is a realtek ALC883 chip. From research it seems maybe, there really is no driver to support it, I have read some saying that any HD chip will not
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