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  1. XP- IPV6

    I'm now receiving an IPv6 address from Comcast, so I figured I would see how XP would handle this situation. I installed the IPv6 protocol in XP per MS's instructions. I haven't made any changes or adjustments. On the hardware end, IPv6 is in native mode, and is supported by the router. My XP PC is receiving an IPv6 address with no problems, and can get to a few IPv6 sites. However, when I run the tests at IPV6-test.com, they all pass except for IPv6 "large packet". I've read this can happen if a firewall is filtering IMCPv6 messages, so I've confirmed that's not the case. Running this test on two Windows 7 machines results in a pass, but I get this same result on two XP machines. I've been messing around with settings, and the only thing that seems to fix this is to reduce MTU (on the router) to 1280 (from 1500). However, this gives me severe issues connecting to regular sites, so this isn't really a fix. Again, this is only a situation on the XP machines. I'm beginning to think it's just some sort of issue or limitation in the IPv6 implementation in SP3. Of course it will be a while before this becomes an everyday issue, but I'm curious...has anyone else tried IPv6 in XP and experienced issues?
  2. UAC Elevation prompt question

    Hi all. I have a PC that has 3 administrator accounts and 2 standard user accounts. When a UAC prompt for elevation appears, it lists the 3 admin accounts that you can click and enter a password for. I'd like to have this dialog NOT display all these accounts, and instead have the user enter both a username and a password. I don't see anything in group policy for this but I swear I've seen it before. Is there a way to make this happen?
  3. Just to update, it's been about a month and I still haven't received any notifications at all. Is this a site-wide issue?
  4. I have a few forums (Windows 7, XP, 2000/NT, and a few others) that I used to get a weekly digest of. I've noticed that I haven't gotten this in a few weeks. I checked my spam folder, there's nothing there...I checked the forums and it seems that I'm still subscribed and should be receiving updates, but I haven't gotten anything in a while. Is this a known issue? Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Ran into the same problem when it wouldn't load properly from Windows Update and I tried to use GenuineCheck to get validated.
  6. Windows Update trouble

    Wow, again if I let it sit for over an hour it works. Glad to see it's not just me, thanks for trying that out. I wonder why it takes so long just to scan.
  7. Windows Update trouble

    Ok, I have an interesting result. I started the "Checking for updates..." process and let it run for about an hour. Still nothing. So I let it run overnight (about 8 hours or so) and when I came back I had this: http://i.imgur.com/wYHbN7N.jpg On clicking yes, it prompted me to update: http://i.imgur.com/2azb8kR.jpg This installed Genuine Advantage Validation Tool, and the package installer. Finally it took me to the update screen and offered all the expected updates. Thinking everything was now working great, I closed the window and tried again to get to Windows Update, and it's hanging at the checking for updates screen. I have some things to do so I'm planning to let it run for a few hours and see what happens. I just can't figure out what's going on now.
  8. Windows Update trouble

    Good idea. I'll let it run and see what happens. Maybe the trick will be to let it scan for update for at least 8 hours!!! I'll post back tomorrow with the results.
  9. Windows Update trouble

    Just checked...it's the correct version, 7.6.7600.257.
  10. Windows Update trouble

    I tried both of the fixes you suggessted (the first one I tried before) but unfortunately the site still hangs. The second one you sent (with the aggressive options) doesn't say if it found anything to fix, so I don't know exactly what it did.
  11. Windows Update trouble

    Thanks for all the info. Unfortunately, even when using the modified windows update agent you posted, the site still hangs at "Checking for the latest updates...". I think slipstreaming them like -X- mentioned is the way to go. I agree that something is definitely messed up on the MS side. However, something tells me that fixing Windows Update for XP before next April is far, far away from the front burner.
  12. Windows Update trouble

    Been banging my head against the wall for a few days now, so I figured I might as well throw it out here for the experts. It's mainly to satisfy my curiosity because I can't quite figure out what's going on. I was given an old system (Dell Dimension 3000) that would be needed for a family who just needed a basic computer. I wiped the hard drive and installed a clean install of XP Pro SP3 (Dell OEM disk). Everything seemed to go fine, until I tried to access Windows Update for the newest updates. I went from having the site refuse to load at all to hanging at "Checking for the latest updates...". I followed all the usual MS troubleshooting, resetting updates, clearing update cache, etc. Even forcibly reinstalled the Windows Update Agent to no avail. I went as far as reinstalling with full retail media (again XP Pro SP3) and had the same problem. Finding this to be strange, I installed the same copy of Windows XP in a virtual machine on my main system and ran into exactly the same problem. I've installed XP with SP3 a hundred times and never had trouble with Windows Update. The best part is, I went ahead and downloaded Autopatcher and downloaded all the post-SP3 updates as of Aug. 28. After they install, with the exception of Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications (which hangs), they install just fine, and now Windows Update works. Looking through Autopatcher, there really are no updates relevant to Windows Update that would suddenly fix whatever problem is going on with Windows Update. In the past if there was an update needed to make the WU site work, it would explain that and offer the download. I've replicated this on two PCs and one virtual machine. I don't mind doing a clean install and then using Autopatcher, but it's killing me to know why that seems to be the only thing that fixes Windows Update. Anybody notice this behavior, or have any thoughts?
  13. Hi everyone! I'm looking for some advice regarding MS certifications. My background is in biotech, so I haven't been working directly in the IT world. However I'm very proficient in IT work and run a small consulting business on the side, mostly because I enjoy it. Of course I don't have a lot of 'formal' IT experience on my resume, so I was doing some research on MS certifications in hopes that it would bolster my experience in this area somewhat. I'm not really in the market for IT-specific jobs at the moment but I think it would certainly help increase my credibility in this area. I had a voucher for the MTA Windows exam (which was somewhat recently opened to the public, not just students) so I figured I would give it a shot. It turned out to be very, very easy. There is also MTA in networking and security as well. Figuring that this is really a basic cert, I did some more homework and am looking at the MCSA Windows 7. It requires 2 exams, 70-680 and 70-685/686. Plus if you do them before January 2014 you also pick up a MCTS Windows 7 and an MCITP cert as well. After January, it's just the MCSA. So to get to my questions....does this seem like a good next-level cert? Can anyone recommend any prep materials for either exam? (Lots of mixed opinions out there on prep for these exams). Just looking for some thoughts and advice!
  14. Windows 7 and Windows Virtual PC with xp and 98

    To answer your question, yes, Windows XP, 98, etc. will run as 32-bit when using Virtual PC in Win7 x64.
  15. SpeedStep with Win7 on Latitude X300

    Yes, but it seems to ignore whatever I select. The multiplier and voltages stay the same along with the speed. I'm starting to wonder if this could have something to do with the chipset drivers...I downloaded the appropriate file from Intel, but it installs very quickly...usually when I install chipset drivers it takes a few minutes...but it seems like it just flies to the end of the install program. Perhaps they're not installing properly? I'm not really sure what else to try.