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  1. Hallo Jaclaz, reading what I wrote now is indeed a bit complex.The Xp I tried to install is a cd iso that used to be on my (now defunct) laptop and was fully functional.I folowed the instructions in MS virtual PC and the install started but stopped with the message ""CPQarray.sys is corrupt".I tried VMplayer which has a ëasy install"for MS OS's ,again it started to install and stopped with the same or similar error message.I have tried also to install onto a preformatted laptop with no OS and again get the same error message.The odd thing is that I never had this problem on my old laptop an older toshiba designed for XP,one thing may be important my desktop has 4Gb memory installed and I know that XP can't use more than 4GB. Anyway thanks for having a look at my mail.I will see if I can borrow a copy of XP from my neighbour and try that,I will let you know what happens. brian
  2. Hallo all, I have a desktop and a laptop both HP machines,both presently running win7-64. I want to install XP on both machines ( yes I know about win7-xp) in particular the laptop i want to use with car routes/maps and the software /hardware is primarily XP (32) based with often no win7 driver support. I have tried using virtual PC ,VMplayer and vrtual box each time I get the same message something like CPQarray.sys is corrupt. This is somewhat similar to a posting back in december 2006 see except mijn is cpqarray.sys (i cant remember if the letters were capitals or not),there is also some comment on th MS support pages relating to the first 1024 cylinders but I don't see the relevance. from trawling the web it looks as though this is a HP problem but as there is no reference on the hp website that doesn't help either. I am only a longtime user of Win and have no programme knowledge,does anyone know how to solve this problem thanks desperate Brian
  3. I am using DHCP and have tried the usual release reconnect cmd's check using IPcfg ,it shows DHCPis working I normally use a DWA-140 of Dlink and that says connected to my network,so it is connected but inoperative.
  4. Hallo all, my problem is that I have a good wifi signal as indicated by two different wifi adaptors (Using inSSIDer) but am unable to connect to the net neither FF or IE or thunderbird make contact.I suspect that I have a damaged or missing process for wifi-internet because I can internet using my wired lan.Any suggestions where I should look,I am no "geek"but an experienced user,I also have process explorer to see the "visible" processes but don't what all of them are. brian PS I have seen many such reports on google but no solutions generally. I forgot to say I temporarily disabled firewall and antivirus to no avail.
  5. win98 can't "see" the CD

    Here i am again,good news the install was no problem but I still don't see a CD on the device manager,I will physically remove and reinstall this device later today and hopefully it will appear.A second problem is a resource conflict between the NIC and the hard disk controller overlapping locations,how can I check which locations are free to manually reassign the NIC resources if necessary???.,here I will first remove the NIC and then reinstall. thanks
  6. win98 can't "see" the CD

    Hi all,I have tried a clean install on another PC and the installed win98 found the CD player there,after that I put the HD back in it's original PC but still no CD player found. I am now doing what as dandnsmith suggested I will report later how it went.
  7. win98 can't "see" the CD

    Thanks for your reply,the annoying thing here is that I have previously installed win98se on this PC more than once without problems so why it should suddenly "misbehave " is a big mystery,the CD recorder is a reputable pioneer dvd 106d with uptodate firmware,but not recently updated so that can be discounted as a source of problems. I am going to put the HD in another PC reinstalll win98se and then return the HD to its own PC and complete the install from there.
  8. pci card with ide/sata controller

    the PCI controller card was an inexpensive device,don't remember what ,bought it online.The hard drive is a WD,so no problem htere. Am going to try soporific's LBA zip as well as his autoload and update CD's. for win98.It will be a few days before I get round to it.
  9. pci card with ide/sata controller

    What I was trying to say is that according to the manufacturers manual that the card could be installed and was accessible to XP but for win98se the OS had to be already installed on an existing HD.I was primarily interested to use a 500GB disk which would be my primary disk and this proved impossible with this card controller.
  10. win98 can't "see" the CD

    Hello experts, Prior to doing an udate I formatted the Harddisk inserted my win98se CD and started the reinstall,all went well until the install process had to be booted from the HD,the files required to complete the install couldn't be installed because Win98 CD couldn't access the CD.In the event that this was a bad CD i tried again with my reserve CD with exactly the same result,I then tried with win98 (none se) same again.After this I installed Mandrake linux without any problems.This is then a problem peculiar to windows.Since the install CD was initially accessed DOS ? drivers the question is how does win "discover" plug and plays differently to LINUX?? Is there any other solution to this peculiarity???
  11. A word of warning on the PCI controller cards,I bought one but only discovered afterwards that the drivers for win98 could only be installed if win98 was already on the PC. On the box XP win98 and win2K were supported but in fact only XP would allow recognition from bios.
  12. @msbatch.inf

    Hi All, I have started once again to try and build this project CD,in the instructions is stated at 7) "input your windows product key info into @msbatch.inf-----" I am unable to find this file anywhere on either my win98 or 98se CD nor in the downloaded project files.,where am I going wrong??? thanks brian P.S how far away is 8 yearslater
  13. hello all,just to say that I can now access both my pendrives but only if they are already inserted at laptop startup!,I thought that they could be withdrawn or inserted "hot" and work,apparently not.but I'LL LIVE WITH IT.
  14. Hello again. I now have access to both pendrive and usb hard disk,I think that is because when I powered up these were active before I started the laptop!! I still have to try and get the network between this XP and my other win98 PC's up.From win98 I can see shared documents but don't have full access to all files,I know XP is differently organised so I will have to learn more about it.I presume there is a way of sharing as with win98 which will require permissions,more later.Thanks for all previous help. PS the pendrive was/is formatted from acronis. Brian
  15. Hi all, Now I am totally confused. Somehow or other all partitions were logical,i.e. no primary. I changed that to what it should have been,now have one primary and extended.XP "sees" these partitions as "raw",so I tried to format one partition from out XP as NTFS,this as usual failed. I am beginning to think that I will have to do a complete reinstall of XP,any advice hereover with respect to saving drivers setting data files etc??? My hard disk is 40GB and only as C with 35 GB free,I am considering formatting two partitions D,E as respectively ntfs and fat32 each of 10GB,any comments?? thanks Brian